Famous flowers in Singapore
Famous flowers in Singapore

Everyone finds solace in nature, and flowers are the path to serenity while walking in the warmth of beautiful scenery. Flowers are an absolute game-changer, as they are the rhythm of the ground, and no one can say no to music. The natural form of music is calm amidst the chaos. Suppose you are returning from a happy holiday and Monday blues have knocked on your door. From tomorrow you and your office and life will become cliche as usual, but how do you feel when flowers are hanging with a gentle smile on their face? A bunch of florists have arranged exotic flourishing blooms on their stall and leave you giggling by witnessing the hues and blushes of flowers.

Flowers are the only exotic stoppage in the route of sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc as they are the one who brings grace and peace, they show love, care, and warmth. If your buddy is angry or feeling blue, and may it’s not their day, then you should not leave them alone, you are obliged to make them smile, now the purest form of love is present in blooms, and giving your buddy their favorite bloom on their bad days can turn their anxiety into gaiety.

Flowers are the best gift for the Earth. And they make good gifts too, they can be given on various occasions and events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and thanksgiving etcetera as a token of love to your nearest and dearest ones. They can be transformed into beautiful ornaments too, one can use them on a hair bun, make floral earrings, floral bangles, and many more. They are the ultimate source of decorations and adornments for houses, hotels, or any type of building.

Flowers can make your home look like a piece of heaven just by being there, and make any party or event look more exquisite by being a part of the decoration or as a present. It is not necessary to use various flowers to look beautiful, only one flower can be the showstopper too. Flowers are not meant only for happy occasions, they are there in your sadness too. They are used as wreaths to say peaceful and respectful goodbye to the departed soul. One can bring a floral bouquet to the person who has left for heaven. 

One can decorate their home gardens with blooms too, they will look like shiny tiny stars blossoming charmingly at your abode. They are the most unique creation of God. Not only they are the epitome of beauty but also present in abundance, you can choose from a plethora of flowers, plus can also categorize them with hues and fragrances.

Singapore, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is also a lover of flowers, and people here exchange a plethora of flowers as a token of love every day.

Wanna know about the most priced and precious flowers which are adored in Singapore, let’s talk about them in-depth.

Top Ten Flowers in Singapore:

1. Rose: 

rose the most famous flowers in singapore
Rose the most famous flowers in singapore

Also known as the flower of love, it symbolizes warmth and fondness. Do you know that roses are the birth flower of June, they are the classic feeling of love? As it has been profoundly said by Antoine de Saint- Exupery, It’s the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important… People have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose.”

This flower has been with us for ages, and they’re so many feelings attached to this flower. We, humans, are always in awe of this exquisite bloom. Just the thought of gifting a rose to someone brings an abundance of feelings & emotions and brings more sense to the purpose of gifting it to the dearest one. They make an ambiance graceful by just their presence and heavenly fragrance. If you are thinking of getting your lover a nice gift then my dear bud, roses are the best option for expressing your love, admiration and happiness, and other intimate emotions. They are the ultimate beauty to behold forever. They also come in exciting hues and each hue has something different to say. Let’s read about them.

Red Rose: Red is the color of love, and red rose is the traditional way of saying I love you. This flower symbolizes romance, warmth, perfection, and perfect beauty.

Orange Rose: This flower is a little bright and flaming which represents life, energy, dedication, and enthusiasm. Suppose your friend is starting a venture ins ports, dance etcetera, you can congratulate them with these fierce orange roses.

White Roses: White is a symbol of purity and peace. White roses have a strong connection with new beginnings and marriages, brides used to carry white roses in their hands while walking down the aisle.  If your near or dear ones are starting something fresh, or maybe leaving a place, then white roses are suitable for congratulating on the new venture too, bid a good farewell. 

2. Tulips: 

Tulip Flowers
Tulip Flowers

As the name of this flower is pronounced lovingly, this flower is also a representative of love in the world, and it also comes in a large no. of varieties. It is not only love that this flower symbolizes. Tulips also represent imagination and dreaminess. Tulips are also the bloom reserved for the eleventh wedding anniversary as a symbol of devotion and true love. Do you know tulip derived its name from a Persian word, “Turban”? Because when it blossoms it looks like a turban. The most classic definition for tulips is perfect love or deep love, it has been said that tulips are the very first flower to bloom in spring and it also symbolizes fresh starts.

Tulips also come in a wide range of hues and have divergent meanings.

Pink Tulips: They symbolize confidence, strength, and happiness. If someone is nearest to your heart and you want to wish them happiness and bless them with confidence then give them a hamper of pink tulips, this will make them happy and confident at the same moment.

Yellow Tulips: Yellow Tulips are the best source of cheerful thoughts. If your dearest is feeling blue nowadays, and you have applied all the tricks to make them happy but your all efforts were gone in vain as they didn’t smile. You don’t take stress as yellow tulips are there for you and your sad buddy. Get them a bouquet of yellow tulips and look how an instant smile will appear on their face.

White Tulips: White tulips are a symbol of forgiveness. If you are holding a grudge against someone or angry about some issues, then my dear this is the time to forgive and forget. Life is short, be happy and live with peace of mind with everyone. If you want to tell that person you have forgiven them, then white tulips are your utmost go-to option, as they symbolize forgiveness. What are you waiting for grab a white tulip bouquet and give it to that person and see happiness coming into your life?

3. Orchids: 


Orchids are known for fascination, they are one of the most exotic flowers present on earth. Their name connects them with fertility, virility, and sexuality. They are the best flower to romance your loved one. As orchids are connected with fertility and elegance, orchids are also present in a diverse range of hues with diverse meanings. 

White Orchids: White orchids are the source of innocence and purity. These are the best gift to give on birthdays and baby showers. You can get a bouquet or hamper of white orchids for your buddy on their birthday. If your dear one is having a baby shower and babies are the epitome of innocence, get their parents a symbol of innocence in the form of flowers.

Pink Orchids: Pink is a color associated with females, and you get it right pink orchids represent femininity, grace, and joy. Want to get something for your female friend, grab her some pink orchids and gift her grace.

4. Lilies :

The purest flower found on Earth. And they also come in different varieties, of which the most famed ones are stargazers and Casablancas. Lillies normally grow in white, yellow, pink, red, and orange.

White lilies: They carry purity and virtue, and if you are attending a holy place, you can offer lilies there. If you are visiting a church white lilies are the best choice to take there.

Yellow lilies: Yellow lilies are there to say thank you if you want to say thank you or want to show gratitude towards someone and get them a bag of yellow lilies.

5. Sunflowers:

Sunflower Facts
Sunflower Facts

Sunflowers are the mirror of simple beauty, the most exciting fact is that their deeds are edible, and sunflower oil is a premium oil used in various things. The yellow color of the sunflower represents truth, honesty, goodness, and compassion. And they are widely used in wedding ceremonies because they also define loyalty, love, and strength. You have a wedding to attend, go with a hamper of sunflowers and brighten up the ambiance all there.

6. Gerberas : 

Gerberas are standard flowers, they have a long vase life and that is what makes them more lovable and the perfect choice to bring home. Do you know the Egyptian meaning of gerbera, “closeness to nature?” Gerberas are also present in a variety of colors. 

Yellow Gerberas: Yellow Gerberas are a path to cheerfulness and a source of celebrations. If your group of friends is meeting after decades, you can enlighten the mood by bringing a bunch of gerberas.

Pink Gerberas: Pink Gerberas represent admiration, adoration, or high esteem for someone. If your buddy is preparing for a new venture, congratulate them with a bunch of flowers. And boost their level of confidence.

7. Hydrangeas: 

Hydrangeas are famed as cut flowers and plants and can be a beautiful part of your Garden. It was first cultivated in Japan and is often called Ajisai. They usually come in shades of pink, blue, purple, and green. 

Pink Hydrangeas: Pink hydrangeas are sweet. And represents heartfelt emotion. If you are carrying the heavy baggage of emotions for someone, tell them with pink hydrangeas.

Blue hydrangeas: Blue hydrangeas are the epitome of frigidity and apology. If you are seeking an apology from your dear ones, then blue hydrangeas got your back.

8. Birds of Paradise:

Exotic flower to present in the womb of mother nature. They got their name derived from their shape, as they look like a bird in flight. These flowers are seasonal in nature and only bloom from September to May. They have a close resemblance with the banana plant, as they have a large fan-like leaf. They are also famed for their ninth wedding anniversary. If someone you know has a ninth wedding anniversary on the verge, get them an exotic hamper of birds of paradise. They are known for their bright orange, and blue colors, their blooms can also be found in white hues.

9. Peonies:

As the name suggests, so does their meaning, they describe love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty.  They are commonly given to express goodwill, and to provide best wishes, and joy. Peonies also have different shades; they came in white, light pink, hot pink, and pale pink for instance.

10. Baby’s Breath:

Scientifically, a baby’s breath is called Gypsophila paniculata. They symbolize eternal love, purity, and innocence. They naturally come in a white hue. They are the best decorator for the house, the best match if you want to see your friend after a long time, give them a bouquet of baby breath and tell them how much you miss them.

All these flowers are beautiful and unique, their sole purpose is to bring prosperity and happiness all around. Get these flowers on amazing deals with personalization through flower delivery Singapore.

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