Winter Flowers Variety
Winter Flowers Variety

Winter is the best time to be relaxed with hot chocolate in your hands. Due to the cold weather, plants are usually stopped growing during this period. However, different from other plants that are impossible to bloom in cold climates, these flower plants show the beautiful petals they have as they bloom perfectly in this season.  Coldness won’t affect them, so you can continue gardening if you get these flowers in your place. Are you curious about what flowers bloom beautifully during the snowy season? You’re about to know more through this article. Isn’t it interesting? Well, here you go!

What happens to a flower in winter?

In Winter, Flower Usually Vanish
In Winter, Flower Usually Vanish

Plants grow the best in spring until they bloom in summer. All summer produces sunlight and a good supply of water needed by plants that are busy making yet storing food to ensure they’re growing well. But, what about winter? Do the plants still alive or die in that season?

If you like gardening, you must realize that most plants are dead during the cold season. Some plants, including many flowers that are classified “annual” that refer to the one only growing season they have will die during winter. They die when this season occurs, but that doesn’t they are completely disappearing.

Yup, they may die but their seeds remain, ready to sprout again once spring comes, that’s the cycle of their growth. Further, do you know that flower plants know that winter is coming? When the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, the beautiful color of the grasses, shrubs, and even trees are slowly faded into browns, grays, and tans.

Flowers are waiting for winter to vanish, so the weather could be warm again. During this time, you won’t meet any of the petals that bloom. Flowers will fall asleep until the right time to make them awake again. That’s what happens to flowers in winter.

Type of winter flowers that bloom beautifully even in cold

Flower That Grow on Winter
Flower That Grow on Winter

Although most flowers will die in the winter, who knows that some flowers will stay alive instead of die. If you never realized before, here is the truth of winter flowers.

Even during the coldest days of the year that makes you won’t leave your house, you may be surprised knowing that many winter flowers are going strong in coldness. Winter flowers don’t wait for spring to showcase the beautiful petals that people love the most. In heavy climates, many winter flowers are great with cold temperatures.

Do you have any plan to add color to your garden that won’t fade during the cold season? Now, make your list based on beautiful winter flowers that can give you a captivating garden that won’t fade in any season. Let’s check them out!

1. Winterberry Holly

A flower is beautiful. We can’t deny that fact. Any type of annual flower is great to be in your garden, but if you want petals that stay alive even though the climates in your region are heavy, especially in the cold season, you can choose winterberry holly. This one of winter flowers grows with bright red berries that add a beautiful cherry color to your landscape.

2. Daphne Shrub

This gorgeous plant grows in warmer climates, but it can also hold cold once the winter season appears in December until January. Becomes a part of winter flowers, Daphne Shrub is identical for its pink or white petals that contain a sweet yet fruity scent.

3. Hellebores

They may look fragile, but the fact is hellebores are very strong. Yup, the stunning Hellebores flower blooms beautifully in early winter for some cold regions. Once they bloom, the petals are ready to catch your heart.

4. Mahonia

If you want to add color by winter flowers, you can go straight for Mahonia. This large plant sparks radiant yellow color on its petals. A mahonia usually appears in late fall to early winter and can stand with the snowy season.

5. Pieris Japonica

You may be amazed to know that Pieris Japonica is becoming a part of winter flowers. This beautiful plant is popular with the gorgeous combination of white and pink blooms that surprisingly appears once winter comes.

6. Daffodils

The next type of winter flowers becomes the first sign of spring. However, daffodils are versatile because not only in the spring season, they also grow perfectly in the snowy season, depending on where you live. They will begin to bloom in February or late winter.

7. Violas

It’s so good to know that most of the flowers that grow in cold regions come from plants that produce beautiful petals. Violas are an example. In mild climates, violas can hold cold temperatures many times. Belong to winter flowers, violas will pop up again next year. 

8. Camellia

Camelia Winter Flwoer
Camelia Winter Flwoer

The appearance of camellia covered with snow makes this flower looks aesthetically pleasing. Bloom in the late snowy season to early spring, ensure to choose the winter-blooming type of camellia since many varieties bloom throughout the year.

9. Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most popular flower types. Winter jasmine is the variety that blooms in the late snowy season. Different from other types of jasmine, winter flowers of jasmine don’t have a fragrance, but they can hold cold during the winter season.

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10. Pansy

Pansy has the same characteristic as violas where those two produce brilliant colors during the early stage of spring. Pansy can survive in cold climates regions especially in winter. The petals will bloom regularly, sparking a beautiful color, perfect to level up your garden.

11. Witch Hazel

Not only beautiful, but this type of winter-friendly flower is also often being used for cosmetic purposes. A winter-flowering variety of witch hazel stays alive even in the coldest climates.

12. Pussy Willow

Tiny and gorgeous are two words to describe Pussy Willow. Takes part as a fuzzy flower, pussy willow is adorable. Many people use this variety of winter flowers as a house plant that will brighten up the look of a kitchen table.