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    That feeling that is left unsaid must be frustrating for you. Now, it is your time to express your feeling and let her know that you love her. The flower has become a key element for proposing your loved one. When every flower brings its own meaning, choosing the right flower that says “I love you” is a must. Now the question is what kind of flowers that best for this occasion?

    Bouquet of Roses can be the most popular one given by a man to the woman he loves. But, you must remember that there is more than one color of roses available out there. Then, which one is the best one for saying you love her? Find the answer as follow!

    Red roses

    It has been for a long time ago that the red rose is considered the most romantic flower on the planet. It holds the meaning of love, beauty, romance, and perfection. It is surely the most romantic one to tell your lover “I love you”.

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    Red Roses


    Whether it is for proposing your love, for a gift on Valentine’s Day, or on any other special day, a red roses bouquet will be perfect to show how much you love the one who receives it. When you buy the flower, you can consider giving your lover a single red rose or several red roses arranged in a bouquet or glass.

    If you need a recommendation, there is Love You Forever – Red Roses product offered by Flower Advisor Singapore that has a beautiful, romantic appearance of 40 stalks of Kenya Roses. There is no doubt that your loved one will like it.

    Pink Roses

    If it is not a red rose then it will be a pink rose. The beauty and brightness brought by this flower are surely one of the best things that exist in this world. Similar to red roses, pink roses also represent love. In addition to love, it also symbolizes gratitude and appreciation.

    A bouquet of pink roses you find on FlowerAdvisor SG will be a perfect gift to say “I love you” to your fiancé or your wife on any special day like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It is also possible for you to give mothers day flowers to your mother for Mother’s Day to say how much you love and appreciate her.

    White Roses

    Who says that white roses are all about saying sympathy. In fact, white roses also hold an expression of remembrance and a new beginning. It is common for white roses to symbolize marriage. And a bouquet roses Singapore with white color will be perfect to say “I’m thinking of you”. It is because you love her that you are always thinking of her.

    That’s the three most romantic roses that will help you to express how much you love her. You can also consider creating a bouquet of flowers consists of a mix of red, pink, and white roses. As long as you work with a reliable Flower Advisor flower delivery Singapore, there is no doubt that you will get the best flower to say “I love you” to your lover.