Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake


Nothing is more sun when we have a birthday, and when some people are excited even more than you. Receiving prayerful congratulations, some gifts, and of course, a birthday cake is something that we always await for till we grow old. If that’s what we feel, other people are also certainly looking forward to the same thing. It would be great to make our nearest people happy because we remember their birthday and surprise them.

Giving a cake that we make ourselves for the special person who is celebrating his/her birthday is more satisfying. But unfortunately, not all people are proficient in making cakes. Thanks to the cake shops that help us provide the best cakes for special people. However, before sending the cake for giving a surprise on their birthday, you can do these three steps below.

First, When we want to send birthday cakes to those celebrating their birthdays, we can contact the delivery service that is now widely available. Instead of using general delivery services, we can specifically use a special delivery service to deliver birthday cakes. Of course, different from general delivery services, courier delivery specializing in delivering a birthday cake has a different standard. The birthday cake can be ushered with more caution.

Of course, we do not want the cake that we send to be received in destroyed form and not beautiful anymore, right? By choosing a special courier in the field, the cakes we send can be kept in a special place with cooling and maintained security. When the receiver opens his birthday cake, he will be very happy to find the birthday cake received in a form that is still so perfect that he may not have the heart to eat it.

Second, choosing a birthday cake delivery service cannot be arbitrary. We must know they have been tested and have many reliable testimonies. One way to find out if the service is the best is, of course, by getting recommendations from people who have used their services. Besides, we can also check social media or their site.

Give the cake to a special person; of course, we also have to choose an extraordinary way. Therefore determining the way of delivery cannot be done with the ordinary course. Even birthday cake delivery services can help us make small surprises when we cannot do it because of the office’s work activities.

Third, usually, birthday cake delivery services are affiliated with the leading pastry shops. As a professional pastry shop, they surely want to satisfy their customers by providing perfect inter-service. It could even be an inter-service, including free facilities that we can use when ordering a birthday cake. Therefore make sure we choose a professional cake shop and provide various delicious cakes and have unique and diverse designs.

Choosing a birthday cake can be like choosing a  partner. There is a simple-shaped cake, but it feels unforgettable because it’s so delicious. There is also a cake that looks amazing too but it feels so usual. Of course, there is also a beautiful cake on the outside at once delicious inside. Which one do we choose? Of course, it is according to our needs. We have to choose the best place that provides all our needs to order a special cake for the most special person.

Which Cake Is Best for Birthday?

Best Birthday Cake
Best Birthday Cake


A birthday is always eagerly awaited by people in the world. They always flutter as they think about what surprise they will get on their birthday. Furthermore, it is incomplete if you celebrate it without a birthday cake. So many kinds of birthday cakes that have a different flavor or are used as birthday cakes. Here is the best cake to celebrate a birthday :

1. Red Velvet Cake

The first birthday cake comes from Germany. Despite native to Germany, red velvet cake is way more popular in the United States. The main attraction of red velvet cake is its reddish color. Besides, the taste is also unique because it has a sour, savory, and sweet taste that combines with a mixture of cream cheese in the spread. Red velvet has been popular as a birthday cake in many countries in recent years.

2. Black Forest Cake

Same as red velvet cake, this cake is from Germany, more precisely in Schwarzwald. Black forest cake is a timeless cake, even though many new variants of cake have popped up. This black forest cake is always on display in every cake shop. They have a sweet taste and soft texture. The cake consists of four layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with cherries and cream, then covered and garnished with more cream, cherries, and grated chocolate. The grated chocolate on top makes this cake called a black forest.

3. Basic Chocolate Cake

This basic chocolate cake is from the United States. Chocolate cake is a favorite birthday cake for those chocolate lovers. The main ingredient for this chocolate cake is only cocoa powder and chocolate bars. After a chocolate sponge cake is cooked, split them into half. She then filled the cake with chocolate jam or ganache before being doused with melted chocolate.

4. Korean Butter Cream Cake

The Korean wave (including K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Food) has spread all over the world. Recently, Korean buttercream cakes have become popular in many countries. They are known for their bright buttercream pastel colors and cute decoration shapes. Usually, Korean buttercream cake also has a greeting written on it.

5. Fondant Cake

Usually, this cake is made for children’s birthdays. Because fondant cakes are usually formed into various kinds of characters or shapes. The type of fondant to make a fondant cake is a rolled fondant. So, you can customize the shape of the cake. 

6. Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu is typical to Italian, and they are usually made for dessert. However, nowadays, tiramisu is widely used as a birthday cake. Classic tiramisu consists of layers of lady’s finger dipped in coffee, mascarpone cheese cream, and cocoa powder on top. While the birthday cake, tiramisu replaced the lady’s fingers biscuit layer with a sponge cake. 

Choose which cake is best to celebrate your beloved birthday. And make a birthday surprise for her. 

What are The Three Types of Cake?

Birthday Cake Types
Birthday Cake Types


When we talk about a birthday cake, we can’t forget the texture of the base cake. Three base cakes used as a birthday cake are a sponge cake, a pound cake, and a chiffon cake. Let’s start to know more about them :

1. Sponge Cake

Sponge cake has a soft texture and tends to be hollow like a sponge. It belongs to a foam cake category. They are known as a Swiss roll. Only five ingredients are needed to make a sponge cake. They include egg, sugar, flour, emulsifier, and margarine/butter. This type of cake requires an emulsifier such as cream of tartar, baking soda, or baking powder to make it rise properly. Besides, the butter/margarine must also be melted first.

2. Butter Cake 

This basic cake is a classic cake from the United States. Butter cake uses several types of fat, which is butter or margarine, with a more composition. to make a cake rise well, baking powder is an addition.

3. Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake has a soft texture. To make this cake, the egg white and sugar should be beaten together until it is stiff. It means that you have to use a high-speed electric mixer. Meanwhile, the egg yolk is beaten separately with other ingredients. After that, put the two dough together, then mix them evenly.

The best cake for a birthday cake is a pound cake. Because they have a dense texture, they will not deflate quickly due to being smeared with buttercream. But, the choice is always yours.

What is The Difference between a Sponge Cake and a Regular Cake?

After knowing the types of cake, you will surely think, “Are all the types of cakes the same?” And what are the differences between a sponge cake and a regular cake?

A regular cake is known as a pound cake. So, here is the answer to your curiosity :

1. Texture

A sponge cake has a softer texture like a sponge. While a regular cake is the densest cake, so it dries easily when left at room temperature.

2. Taste

The taste of a sponge cake is mild. At the same time, a regular cake tastes richer and buttery. So if a foam cake wins out on a light and fluffy texture, butter cake wins for its rich and deep taste.

3. The Ingredients 

The ingredients that are needed to make a sponge cake and a regular cake are the same. They are wheat flour, eggs, butter/margarine, and sugar. The difference is the use of butter; pound cakes use butter more than sponge cakes.

4. How to make

The first step to making a sponge cake is to beat the egg whites and sugar with a mixer at high speed to become stiff like a meringue. Then add the flour and mix well. Last, add the melted butter and pour it slowly while stirring, turning up and down.

However, the first step to making a regular cake is to beat sugar with butter until fluffy, then add the eggs, flour. This dough doesn’t expand like a sponge cake; you need to stir the ingredients with a middle-speed mix until they are soft.

Which Country is Famous for Cake?

Scotland is the country that is given the nickname “the land of cakes.” The nickname was given to them because of their famous oatmeal cake. After they got that nickname, there are so many must-visit places for every dessert lover. Scotland is very popular with tourists because of its culinary experiences. They became a dreamland for every dessert lover or foodie at heart.

11 Personalized Birthday Cakes

Peronalized Birthday Cakes
Peronalized Birthday Cakes


It is everyone’s wish to have a birthday cake with the shape or decoration that they like. Therefore, when your loved one’s birthday is near, it is best to order a personalized birthday cake that describes them. Although you can directly buy it at a cake shop, a personalized birthday cake is different. There is satisfaction and pleasure in a personalized birthday cake. If you are confused about personalized birthday cake ideas, here are some ideas that can be your inspiration:

1. Birthday Cake with Name

A birthday cake with a name on it is the birthday cake that people love the most because it makes us feel that the cake belongs.

2. Birthday Cake with Photo

This birthday cake uses an edible printer to print the photo on the cake. They often give this kind of cake to their beloved one. You can also give a birthday cake with your name and photo on it.

3. Doggy Birthday Cake

Not only humans can celebrate their birthday. Dog’s birthday can also be celebrated! You can order a birthday cake in the shape of your pet dog. Or you can search it online for “a birthday cake for dogs” and buy it.

4. Character Birthday Cake

Character Birthday Cake is dedicated to kid’s birthday cakes. The birthday cake will be shaped according to their favorite character. It is using a lot of rolled fondant for decoration.

5. Corporate Birthday Cake

You can also personalize a birthday cake to celebrate your corporate birthday.

6. Hidden Gift Birthday Cake

Hide a diamond ring in it and celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday romantically! It will be a double combo of happiness for her if you propose to her then.

7. Birthday Cake Flower Shaped

Girls like this type of birthday cake. I mean, is there a girl who doesn’t like cakes and flowers?

8. 2nd Tier Birthday Cake

This will be the right choice to celebrate your 17th birthday. Wearing a beautiful gown, and you be the princess on your birthday.

9. Birthday Cake with A Gift

When you don’t have time to buy gifts and birthday cakes for your friends, you can buy it online. Choose a set of birthday cakes with gifts, specify the recipient’s address, and make the payment. Suppose you don’t know what website sells a birthday cake. Type “birthday cake near me,” and all options will appear immediately.

10. Birthday Cake for Girls

Usually, girls’ birthday cakes are decorated with cute things and bright colors. Pink or pastel colors are the main color on birthday cakes. A barbie doll is a must set on a cake.

11. Birthday Cake for Boys

While birthday cake for boys use dark colors and tend to be simple, they don’t put on much decoration.


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Cakes with Meaning

A cake is a dessert made with a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and fat by baking it in an oven. A long time ago, cakes were used for religious events. Today, a cake is used to celebrate any occasion, like weddings, engagements, anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays. So, a cake is a symbol of celebrating an occasion

Celebrating birthdays with our loved ones is the most beautiful birthday gift. However, it isn’t complete if you celebrate it without a birthday cake. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just singing a birthday song, making a wish, blowing the candle, cutting the cake, and giving them to our loved ones is a perfect celebration.