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    Those Valentine’s Day roses given by your loved one must be very memorable and meaningful. That’s why it must be sad to see that the roses begin to wilt and not fresh anymore. But, you do not need to be worry because there are ways to preserved flowers which are able to make your flowers last longer.

    Preserved Flowers Singapore

    If you think that preserving flowers is complicated, you may be wrong because it is very easy and you can even use a home remedy to make it. If you have not believed it, let’s check this out!

    Use Soda

    The first tip is to use soda to make your flowers last longer. If there is soda in your fridge, don’t throw it away when you don’t want to drink it anymore. Just pour one-fourth cup of soda into water and use it to change the water in your flower vase. The sugar contained in the soda will be able to make the blossom last longer.

    For suggestion, if you use vase clear to save your preserved flowers, it is better for you to use clear soda so that the water remains clear. But, if you are okay with the water change its color by using soda with blue or red color, you can go on with them.

    Use Hair Spray

    Second, there is also hair spray which will be helpful to make your flowers last longer. Do you have hairspray that you use to style your hair? Yep, just use that one to make your special flower bouquet remains beautiful and fresh.

    Just like your hairstyle which will stay still thanks to the hairspray, your flowers will get that feeling too. Simply stand a foot away from your flowers, then give them a spray quickly. To make a perfect one like preserved flowers Singapore offered by the top online florist in Singapore, spray the hairspray undersides the petals and leaves only.

    Use Apple Cider Vinegar

    Another home remedy is very useful: apple cider vinegar. If you have this remedy in your home, take your apple cider vinegar and follow these methods. First, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons sugar into the vase water before you put the flowers into the vase.

    To make sure that your flowers can stay longer, change the water which has been added by apple cider vinegar and sugar every few days. It will make your preserved flowers stay beautiful.

    Those are some of the ways to make your meaningful flowers stay longer and beautiful. In case you don’t want to engage in a situation where you can do all of the things above, you can consider buying preserved flowers in glass Singapore which has been made through special methods to make the flowers maintain its freshness and beauty for several years.

    Once you buy this kind of flowers from the market, make sure that you treat them well. Don’t water the flower; avoid them from humidity, direct sunshine, and also high temperature. Now, grab your preserved flowers fast from FlowerAdvisor the best online florist Singapore.