Chinese New Year Hamper
Chinese New Year Hamper


There are various rituals to conduct during Chinese New Year as it is considered the most prosperous celebration in Singapore. The ritual among the Chinese celebration symbolizes many things that are thought to be the must-to-do ritual.

Lucky Chinese New Year Gift Baskets

How do you feel when receiving a basket full of goods during festive occasions? We are certain that your family and friends would be excited to give you a whole set of healthy foods and useful items.

CNY Hamper
CNY Hamper

A gift basket filled with delectable treats and auspicious items symbolizes wellness and prosperity, hence a perfect gift for loved ones to celebrate the Chinese New Year. A CNY gift basket is great for sending to relatives as a wish of prosperity and harmony for the year ahead. Sending a CNY gift basket is also great for a business associate to make a good impression.

When it comes to Chinese New Year, flowers and fruits hold special significance. Here are nine lucky fruits and flowers that are most often gifted and used as gift baskets at Chinese New Year.

1. Oranges – Abundance and Happiness

The orange is aligned with the yang (positive) principle and looks like the sun. Thus, oranges are a highly auspicious symbol of abundance and happiness.

2. Pomelos – Good Luck and Family Unity

It is imperative to have Pomelos, whether it’s green or yellow (ripened). Pomelos are used in cooking in winter, which is right before the new year. They are also acknowledged to bring good luck to the household. This fruit is also the symbol of family unity.

3. Grapes, Plums, and Kumquats – Good Luck and Prosperity

This is a group of fruits symbolic of good luck, wealth, gold, prosperity, and fertility. These fruits can be offered in Buddhist temples as holy servings and used in cooking, not to mention gifting among relatives.

4. Orchids – Fertility and Abundance

We know it is Chinese New Year when all flower markets or shops have an abundance of bouquets, pots, and arrangements of Orchids. And with limitless variety and colors! In China, Orchids have long been considered symbolic of ‘many children’ or fertility and abundance because their flowers are delicate, beautiful, and elegant. Orchids also signify refinement, luxury, and innocence. These CNY flowers make for valuable gifts in this season.

5. Peach blossoms – Prosperity and Growth

The peach fruit and its flowers are very important to the Chinese as they represent longevity. Also, peach blossom symbolizes romance, prosperity, and growth. This fruit is well known among single young people looking for love.

6. Plum blossoms – Endurance and Courage

These bright pink flowers symbolize perseverance and reliability – two traits essential to being successful in life. Plums can be found around this time of the year in parks and gardens. This is one of the most important symbolic flowers for the Chinese. It represents endurance and courage. The plum, along with orchid (purity), bamboo (uprightness), and chrysanthemum (humility), are so-called ‘the four nobles.’ 

7. Peonies – Richness and Peace

Peonies are a symbolism of feminine beauty, innocence, affection, and charm. They are also known as the ‘flower of riches and honor.’ Red peonies are particularly promising.

8. Pussy Willows – Growth and Prosperity

These are the buds on the willow plant, and they look very beautiful, almost like silk, giving out green shoots. The Pussy Willows are a sign of growth and represent the arrival of prosperity.

9. Narcissus or Water Fairy Flowers – Prosperity and Good Fortune

This flower is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The flower has a unique and delicate appearance. This flower is one of the most favorable during Chinese New Year as it can grow in a shallow dish of water and pebbles. They also have a lovely look and smell. 


Celebrate Chinese New Year With Some Basic Rules

Chinese New Year Lantern
Chinese New Year Lantern

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is traditionally China’s most important festival hence it is a week of an official public holiday. How do the Chinese celebrate the new year?

There are four main Chinese New Year activities : 

1. Putting up decorations

Every corner of the street where the Spring Festival is celebrated is decorated with red. Red is believed to be an auspicious color, so it is the main color for the festival. Red Chinese lanterns hang in streets, red couplets are pasted on doors, banks, and official buildings are decorated with red CNY decorations depicting prosperity.

2. Reunion dinner with family on New Year’s Eve

Chinese New Year is a time for togetherness with the family. The New Year’s Eve is the most crucial time. No matter where someone is located, people are expected to be home to celebrate the festival with their families.

3. Firecrackers and Fireworks

Setting off firecrackers from the first minute of their new year is one of the traditions in CNY. Fireworks have increasingly been added to the cacophony. Setting off firecrackers and fireworks is an imperative part of the CNY festival. 


4. Giving red envelopes and other gifts

The same as Christmas in other countries, people exchange gifts during the Spring Festival. The New Year gift-giving tradition is still strong even in rural areas and for older people. Still, increasingly younger people prefer to be given red envelopes, which can be by hand or electronically.

Chinese New Year celebrations are carried out in line with the hope of good things for the upcoming new year. However, something is taboo during the Chinese New Year. This prohibition embodies the beliefs, hopes, and worries of the Chinese people. It is forbidden to speak negative words, not to break glass or ceramics, not to sweep, not to use scissors and knives, etc.


Popular Festive Chinese New Year Hampers

Preparations around Chinese New Year can be very busy, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this joyous occasion with your beloved family, relatives, and friends. 

For those who enjoy a delicious celebratory treat at this time of the year, Gift Hampers are perfect for you! Who doesn’t love a hamper packed with goodies?  

Here are the best and cheap CNY hampers in Singapore :

1. Her Flowers

Her Flowers create popular hampers by creating collections covering all festive occasions in Singapore, including Chinese New Year. Their CNY hampers look timeless and simple, but the quality of the products is top-notch! For instance, they offer a deluxe CNY fruit basket filled with fresh orchards and lucky fruits that can help attract blessings to the recipient’s household. They create a Good Luck hamper filled with lucky treats to attract auspicious energy to the receiver’s home. Their CNY hampers price range only SGD 55 – SGD 165 and come with free same-day delivery in Singapore if you order before 3 pm.

2. A Better Florist

A Better Florist can craft impressive gift hampers according to your personal touch. You can send fruit, tea, wine, chocolate, and fresh flowers with a personalized message to complete the package. The auspicious red color is incorporated in the packaging to symbolize prosperity. Red wine or champagne can be added to the hamper for a touch of luxury. Their price range only SGD 65 – SGD 165 for a medium size. Here is a piece of good news if you decided to become their customers: their same-day delivery of hampers and fresh flowers is free all year round!

3. Eun San Yang

Eun San Yang has wide-ranging products for Chinese New Year, so that you can mix up the products according to whom you would like to send it. The price range is SGD 22.80 – SGD 898.00. Suppose you are looking for something for your bosses and clients. In that case, you can choose their Imperial Treasure Boxes with stylish packaging and premium food items. You can include glassware in the hampers to wish relatives, friends, and grandparents luck and prosperity. Eun San Yang’s CNY hampers are specially-crafted and come with exquisitely sculpted glassware beautifully curated by talented artisans. This item is an elegant touch and an auspicious token they can display in the household.

4. Gift Hampers

The Chinese New Year selection from Gift Hampers can provide you a hamper with a little of everything. For instance, they provide a luxurious CNY hamper that has all the customary CNY items like abalone, the essence of chicken, organic tea, and ginseng. The packaging looks phenomenal, with lots of red tones along with decorative CNY touches. To get your CNY to hamper delivered on the same day, order before 1 pm. Their price range between SGD 58 – SGD 368.

5. Angel Florist

Interestingly, Angel Florist has been around for over a decade to craft both modern arrangements and traditional hampers for the Chinese New Year occasion. They provide their customers with Mandarin Orange Baskets, a lucky fruit and traditionally given as gifts during CNY. Then, they have Evergreen Tower Hampers if you want to go all out during a CNY corporate event or a huge occasion. This hamper is a guarantee to stand out among other hampers. There is also a more practical hamper that is worth SGD 99 and below.


Lovely Lunar New Year Hamper Singapore

Chinese New Year hamper is an essential part of this celebration. Apart from the greetings, a Chinese New Year will share happiness in the most prosperous life. Suppose you go to Singapore to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In that case, it is highly recommended to think that people with different relations do not share something in common.

Here are some recommendations for when you intend to choose the right hampers as gifts. 

1. For Your Future or Present In-Laws

You need to be smart in choosing your partner’s parents’ gift for the Chinese New Year. Most of the time, they prefer healthy products that suit their health and later represent fertility and mortality.

Here, you can serve them with a combination of egg rolls and the bird’s nest. Another option to consider is giving them healthy food supplies such as red dates, nonya kueh, and delicious crackers. You can also serve red wine, so you can show through its respect.

2. The Co-Workers

As you wish prosperity between you and your co-workers, you need to think about starting the new year most perfectly.  In line with the Chinese New Year hamper, you can send your colleagues with some items that later bring significance during the celebration.

If you are looking for a perfect combination to give a bottle of tasty cognac, you can choose the black sea moss, abalone, bak kwa, and the most delectable prawn rolls.

Chinese New Year Hamper Singapore
Chinese New Year Hamper Singapore

3. For The Loved One

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the loved one’s position in our heart should remain important to consider. If they are sweet-toothed, you can give them guilty pleasure snacks such as nonya cookies, pineapple tarts, bak kwa, and chocolate gold coins. Those would be the perfect choice to share the sweetest of the moment at the beginning of life.

4. For Our Vegetarian Friends

Remember your relatives who are walking on a path towards a healthy life by being a vegetarian. As you think hard about the right Chinese New Year hampers for relatives and loved ones, vegetarian people, should not be left behind. Are you lacking ideas about which items you can put in the hampers? You can consider some options such as teas, E ben vinegar, and some fruits. Also, you can give them the Japanese flower mushroom for medical purposes. 

Different ages and relations have different tastes when it comes to Chinese New Year hamper. It is highly important to think about that when choosing a gift during the Chinese New Year celebration.

As Singapore is one of the perfect places to celebrate, some considerations above are available there. Just sock away some money and get those things and present it to the right person who has been with you during the life span.