Peronalized Birthday Cakes
Peronalized Birthday Cakes

Imagine, if nobody had ever invented sweets in this world! How miserable would we all have been, right? No matter the situation, sweets are always a comfort food that never disappoints. Whether we are happy or sad, sweet dishes are our constant companion.  We can’t talk about sweets without mentioning one of the most popular sweets in the world- cakes!

Interestingly, almost every culture and country has different versions of cake. For instance, Germany has Strudel, shaped like a roll and often decorated with fruits. Austria’s version of a cake is called Sacher Torte, made with jam and chocolate with mild sweetness. In India, Barfi resembles a cake. This dish contains milk, dry fruits, sugar, and coconut. 

It’s clear how every country is fond of cakes and creates its unique version according to their taste. Cakes are trending as one of the most popular gift options out there. Luckily, we have a plethora of cake options to choose from, according to the occasion and the recipient’s taste. Even Singapore has given a twist to cakes with its green-colored Pandan cakes that are fondly enjoyed throughout the country. 

There are many occasions where cakes are desired and compulsorily graced with. The choices are plenty when it comes to the kinds of cakes that you can give someone. Let us dive into the different kinds of cakes that you can choose from.

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1. Bento cakes

Bento cakes are also sometimes called lunchbox cakes due to their size. Its miniature size makes it a perfect element for aesthetic social media pictures. These cakes originated in Korea and were popularised around the world amidst the Hallyu wave. Bento cakes are known for their minimalist designs and their ability to fit in tiny takeout containers or lunch boxes.

These cakes are perfect for a single person. At times when you are craving a cake but cannot finish an entire big cake, a bento cake is a perfect solution to this. Moreover, such cakes are also ideal for celebrating small moments of accomplishments, self motivation and acts of rewarding oneself.

2. Customized cakes

Large celebrations and important milestones call for a perfect customized cake. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, and promotions are major life events where a customized cake can be the ideal gift. 

Adding a personalised touch to cakes can make the celebration more memorable. Furthermore, customized cakes come with many options like adding pictures, miniature figurines, flowers, favorite candies, etc to the cake.

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3. Mousse cakes

Mango Mousse
Mango Mousse

Sometimes traditional cakes can get too dense or too heavy for some people. In such situations, a mousse cake can come to the rescue. These cakes are specially prepared with whipped cream and give a light-fluffy texture to the cake.

They are light on the palate and are ideal for kids as well as adults. Some of the most popular mousse cakes are chocolate, lemon, strawberry, and vanilla. However, nowadays, thousands of renditions of mousse cakes are created to satisfy both savory and sweet cravings.. 

4. Cheesecakes

Oreo Cheesecakes
Oreo Cheesecakes

If you want to avoid flour, you can get yourself a cheesecake. These cakes are made with the help of cream cheese and sugar along with any other flavorings that might be required. It helps to give a different texture to the classic flour cakes. 

Normally, the base of this cake is made using crushed crackers or cake. However, the base is kept thin while the cheese filling makes up the major portion of this cake. Such cakes are ideal for people who are allergic to flour or who simply want to try something different than normal cakes.

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5. Pound cakes

Pound cakes are made using simple ingredients and without any major decorations. They are normally quite dense and are enjoyed with tea or coffee. These cakes are believed to have originated in Europe and are shaped like a loaf with mild flavors. The main feature of these cakes is the fact that they were normally made with a pound of sugar, flour, eggs, and butter. This gave it its name- pound cake. Such cakes make for a perfect gift inside hampers or to take to someone’s house while you are visiting them