Feliz Navidad! The most wonderful time of the year is here once again. Christmas songs are being played all the time along with red and green decorations popping up everywhere you go. You heard your friends talking about how fast this year went and how it’s December already. Schools and universities are on a break and if you’re working, you start to notice people talking about their Christmas plans. Maybe you started to realize that more people are taking leave as it gets closer to Christmas Day.

Well, it’s because Christmas only happens once a year and nobody wants to miss the fun! Whether that’s going on Christmas shopping, booking Christmas dinner, or just having fun with your loved ones on Christmas Eve, everyone just wants to celebrate Christmas properly. What are you planning to do this Christmas?

This year is the third Christmas since the global pandemic started and many of you probably think that nothing is the same after the pandemic. We agree with you and we believe that many people around the world are thinking that too. The once-robust shopping malls are slowly starting to open up, but that one store that was once full of Christmas decorations closed down for good. That one restaurant where your family has Christmas dinner every year is no longer operating. 

Christmas might not be the same anymore these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home and give up all of your Christmas traditions. You could still do Christmas shopping, dinner, and even go on holiday. It’s almost the end of the year after all and you surely deserve it. Just be mindful of your surrounding and bear in mind things that you no longer could do.

Speaking about the holiday, how’s your Christmas vacation plan going? Have you decided on a destination or do you prefer to stay at home to avoid the crowd? Some of you are probably thinking about staying in Singapore because overseas vacation is not possible for you. You probably don’t have enough time or it’s outside your budget for the year. However, a Christmas vacation in Singapore does not need to be boring. Here are some ideas for your vacay to stay cool despite Singapore’s heat. 

Singapore’s Vacation Ideas Without Leaving The Country

1. Hotel Staycation

Yes, you guessed the first one right. What’s better than spending Christmas Day in a nice hotel room? There are tons of hotels in Singapore from boutique to luxurious ones. During the Circuit Breaker, you must know at least one person who did staycations all the time. Maybe it’s you who did staycations every other weekend. Well, why not do that again? After all, there are plenty of hotels you have not tried yet. Go all out and dine at the hotel. Don’t forget to order fresh flowers to make your dinner even more unforgettable. 

2. Try a Unique Dining Experience

You probably heard about Dining in The Dark many years ago, but never actually got around to trying it. Well, why not try this pitch-black experience this Christmas? You are going to have a lot of fun guessing what you are eating. If dining with the lights on is better for you, try going on an immersive dining experience where you will eat following the footsteps of Around The World in Eighty Days. A fan of marine life will appreciate dining at the world’s largest oceanarium where you’ll get to watch undersea habitats that will be impossible to do unless you get on a submarine. Thinking to take it up a notch? Order a Christmas cake from Flower Advisor and enjoy it as you watch fishes swim beside your table.

3. Be a Tourist in Your Own Country

Ever wonder why travelers from all over the globe continue to visit Singapore today? Why not pretend to be a tourist for the day and explore the country as you’ve never been before? Visit places you normally think as too touristy such as the Merlion, Singapore Flyer, or Gardens by The Bay. Now is the best time to visit those places because international tourists are not yet back in full force. Discover your home country and see from the perspective of a visitor why Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

4. Go On an Island Vacation

Yes, it’s not a typo and we really mean an island vacation. No, we are not talking about Sentosa. There are about 10 islands in Singapore where you could spend a day at-without a passport! Visit Lazarus Island for sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that make you feel like you’re in Bali. Coney Island was once planned to follow that famous theme park in NYC but it never went through. Instead, you could now walk among the greenery while bird-watching. Looking to stay overnight on an island? Stay at St. John’s Island and watch marine life surround you as you dip in the water. Not looking to get wet? Go on a trek and catch a view of the skyline

5. Kid-Friendly Vacation for Little Ones

The kids are on school holiday and you can’t leave them out of the fun. Close the year staycation with your family at kid-friendly hotels. Book a family getaway package and the kids could get an activity map, stickers, and postcards to keep them excited. Look for hotels with an awesome outdoor and indoor playground or pool. Even better if they have a baby pool too. If it’s possible, book a theme room at a boutique hotel and the kids will never want to leave the room!

Whatever and wherever suits your fancy to go on a Christmas vacation this year, remember that you don’t have to go overseas just to feel like you’re on a holiday. Staying close to home, getting your loved ones great Christmas gifts, and exploring new things could also be a vacation. Remember that a good vacation doesn’t have to be expensive either.  After all, it’s a good company that makes every vacation worthwhile.