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    Tying the knot is the most emotional moment ever. You might get really hyped up about your upcoming wedding. And you want to make sure that everything is flawless including the hand bouquet. Instead of having it made, why don’t you make your own hand bouquet? A few tips on making a hand bouquet might be handy.

    hand bouquet singapore
    Hand bouquet

    1. Pick Your Dress Before Making a Hand Bouquet

    A stunning hand bouquet should not outweigh your dress. It should be complementary to your dress and make you look mesmerizing.

    Your wedding dress determines the style, color, and shape of your hand bouquet. An exquisite hand bouquet does not have to be a huge one that is made for a sophisticated look. It has to be smaller than your waist. And sometimes a simple hand bouquet is more elegant than a complicated one.

    2. Get Acquainted With Your Flowers

    Some flowers bloom in certain seasons. If you are on a tight budget, you can avail yourself of seasonal flowers. During the summer, you will find peonies, lilies, roses, magnolias, sunflowers. Orchids, sweet peas, and lilies of the valley can be found in springs. Asters and daisies are stunning in the autumns, while tulips in the winter.

    You also need to consider how the flowers arrive when you order them. Peonies, for instance, arrive in bud meaning you will need ─ at least ─ one day to let them bloom before arranging them.

    3. Get Everything Ready

    You have picked the flowers of your choice for your hand bouquet. Now, it is time to make a hand bouquet for your wedding. Well, if you are a novice at arranging a bouquet, you will want to practice making your first bouquet several times before your big day. You don’t want to ruin it by holding an awkwardly arranged hand bouquet, do you?

    To make a hand bouquet you will need:

    • Flower shears
    • Floral tape
    • Ribbons
    • Flowers of your choice
    • Bouquet pins
    • A bucket
    • Water
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    Flower delivery

    The steps are:

      1. Remove all foliage and thorns.
      2. Trim the stems so that they are in the same length.
      3. Decide the “base” of your bouquet by bunching 4 flower stems up using floral tape.
      4. Leave 4 or 5 inches from the tape to the bottom.
      5. Add some flowers around the “base”, then bunch them up.
      6. Mix colors and textures to enrich the look of your bouquet. But don’t be exaggerating.
      7. If your flowers are ready, wrap the stems about 1 inch from the head of the flowers.
      8. Use the ribbons to wrap the stems until the floral tapes are fully covered.
      9. Secure the ribbon by using a pin.

    4. Check Whether Your Bouquet Is Camera Friendly

    It might be a useful tip. While arranging the flowers, you can stand in front of a mirror so that you can see the bouquet from various angles. You can also spot the flaw so that you can fix it.

    5. Stay Fresh for a Dazzling Look

    To make your hand bouquet stay fresh until the end of the wedding reception, you can get your sister or friend to cut an inch of the stems and pop it in the water.

    Many people think that making hand bouquet is arduous. But nothing could be further from the truth. You can make your own bouquet and find that making a hand bouquet is not that hard. In fact, it is so much fun.