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    Flowers are often used as gifts to express love and care for someone that we love. Flowers also used for an ornament to add some color and dynamism to your house or even your garden. But did you know that each flower is unique because it has multiple varieties too? Living in an environment that tends to be tropical makes a lot of variation of flowers. In this phenomenon, you can take this opportunity to also grow one of it or even give it to someone that you love. If you’re interested to know what is the most popular flower in Singapore delivery, here are 5 most popular flowers in Singapore that you can read on.

    bouquet roses with teddy bear
    Most Popular Flowers


    Fun fact about orchids, did you know that certain species of orchids can last up to 100 years? Being one of the exotic flowers that fascinate most people, orchids have 30.000 varieties all over the world. That makes it a member of one of the largest plant families. The beautiful shape of an orchid makes it very popular to be a bouquet.

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    Who doesn’t know about this flower? As the most famous flower in the world, when we’re talking about flowers, roses are the first name that comes up to our mind. Despite roses have thorns, but the smell and the shape of it are so attractive. The Red rose also commonly known as the symbol of love. That’s why roses are so very popular flower in Singapore delivery.

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    Lily is a flower that symbolizes purity and refined beauty. In ancient Greek weddings, the bride wore a crown made of lilies and grain that symbolized purity and wealth. Meanwhile in ancient Egyptians marked the lily as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. However, in Chinese culture, the lily is a symbol of lucky charm, and white lilies commonly symbolize purity.

    Pink Lilies Table Flower Singapore


    What comes up into your head when you hear about a sunflower? sunflower identic with the yellow color that means warmth and happiness. The philosophy of sunflower itself means loyalty and happiness. Fun fact about sunflower, one of the reasons why sunflowers also marked as loyalty is because sunflower always follows where the sun’s rays go.

    bouquet sunflower singapore

    Baby’s breath

    Baby’s breath or gypsophila is a flower from the Greek. Gypsophila usually not classified in the popular flower list. This flower became more popular because it’s often combined with another flower. However, the baby’s breath flower tends to be combined with another flower because it makes a good philosophy from both of the flowers. Baby’s breath itself means eternal love.

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    Baby’s Breath


    Thus are 5 most popular flowers in Singapore that can be delivered from your place online to your lover or your friend. If you are interested in sending flower bouquets to your loved one or your friends who are in Singapore, Flower Advisory might be the answer. Flower Advisory itself is the best seller flower delivery in Singapore. To get more information about Flower Advisory, you can visit the Flower Advisor website by clicking this link You can also directly contact customer service on that page.



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