We adorn ourselves with different kinds of ornaments for special occasions. Gold, silver, diamonds, and rubies are the quintessential choices for jewelry to make us look ready for a celebration. However, some occasions require out-of-the-box accessories to brighten up the event. It’s time to elevate an event with quirky choices. Why not set aside conventional and cliche ornaments and try something unique? We are talking about wearing flowers. 

Many award-winning designers have created quirky jewelry options using flowers and plants. You might have noticed many aesthetic social media pictures filled with people wearing floral charms. Celebrities and models can be seen wearing exotic flowers on popular fashion shows. 

While floral designs are popular for jewelry, a flower can also be a piece of jewelry. You can also hop on the trend train and try flowers for your next ensemble. Don’t know how? Do not worry, we will talk about different flowers and occasions to try to wear flowers.

Occasions to wear flowers

Flowers are a must for any occasion to make it grand and memorable. Can you even think of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, and festivals without the presence of any floral arrangements? We don’t think so. Here’s an idea to uniquely incorporate flowers in your event: wear them!

Here are some of the best occasions for wearing flowers:

1. Graduation

A graduation is a life-altering event in any young adult’s life. It marks the journey of an individual from the confined walls of a university to the real world. 

This momentous occasion should be celebrated with bright and vibrant congratulatory flowers, like sunflowers or purple roses. You can upgrade your graduation gown by adorning a beautiful rose pinned on your gown or as a corsage on your wrist. As a side benefit, you will smell like a fresh bloom on this joyous occasion. Wearing flowers on this day will also bring you good luck and positivity in your life. 

2. Baby shower

One thing that is non-negotiable for any new mom-to-be is to feel extra special and loved. What better way to make her special on this occasion than by adorning her with adorable flowers?

Celebrating the beginning of a new life requires elegant flowers like carnations, tulips, carnations, jasmines, and roses. As childbirth is one of the strongest moments a woman goes through, she needs a lush floral crown to remember this grand occasion. 

A floral crown also helps to add an element of nature to this occasion. Why stop at a flower crown? Surprise the new mom with charming floral necklaces and earrings that will create a memory she will cherish forever. 

3. Festivals

Flowers are an integral part of festivities and celebrations. Can you even think of any festival without that alluring smell of fresh flowers? While decorating your house with flowers at festivals is fun, you can add-on to this fun by including flowers in your outfits or hair.

You can channel your inner goddess by wearing graceful flowers like daisies, roses, and sunflowers in your hair in unique ways. Think of the fashionable pictures you can click with your family and friends while looking like a model straight out of a magazine cover.

Moreover, even modern festivals like music festivals are known for floral-themed fashion ensembles and outfits. You can look like your favorite celebrity by wearing your favorite flowers to any music festival or party. Make a tiara out of your favorite flowers, and you’re ready for any fun event.

4. Weddings

How can we talk of flowers without mentioning weddings? Weddings and flowers enjoy an unbreakable bond with each other. While weddings are traditionally elevated with floral arrangements and wedding bouquets, there’s another way to add the charm of flowers to your special day.

If you’re a bride who likes to experiment, ditch your crown or veil with a floral headpiece to bring out your wild and beautiful side on your wedding day. However, if you are getting married in summer, you can add delicate flowers to your braid to make you look majestic and royal. White filler flowers are ideal to add to your braid for weddings and engagements. 

We can think of a bunch of ways that you can add flowers as an ornament to your wedding. Themed-floral jewelry will leave you looking drop-dead gorgeous and your partner charmed. On the other hand, your bridesmaids can accessorize their look with a floral corsage, earrings, and necklaces. 

Ask your guests to add any floral element to their outfits, and you have your fairytale-themed wedding to cherish for eternity. 

5. Birthdays

The very last occasion on our list is a Birthday. This event calls for fresh and lively flowers. Whether you decide to tuck a flower to your head or make a beautiful tiara, its sweet alluring scent will fill this occasion with positivity.

Floral tiaras are perfect for young children and girls to click adorable pictures to add to your family album. Throw your birthday girl with a floral-themed birthday party to make her day. An excellent activity to make the birthday party fun would be a tiara-making event or competition for the young guests of the party.

Even adults can wear flowers on their birthdays gracefully. Tuck a charming rose on the side of your hair to add a dazzling effect to your evening gown. 

Different kinds of ornaments made with flowers

Did you think that flowers are only for floral bouquets and table centerpieces? Well, you thought wrong. Many accessories and pieces of jewelry can be designed with the help of flowers. Here are some of them:

1. Headbands

If you’re tired of heavy and complex hairstyles, a floral headband is a perfect solution for you. The best part is that you can wear your favorite flower as an accessory. Exciting, right? Flowers like roses, daisies, carnations, and dahlias are perfect as the main element of your headpiece. 

However, if you are looking to elevate your headband, you can add some fillers like myrtle, baby’s breath, or ivy to make it look majestic and beautiful. You can buy your floral headband or make it at home using some wire, tape, and scissors. 

2. Necklace

We love necklaces, and if it is made of flowers, nothing can beat that. Do you know how simple it is to make your own floral necklace? All you need is some twine, floral tape, scissors, and your favorite flowers to create a flower-themed necklace.

Flowers like gerberas, lilies, orchids, and carnations make the perfect neckpiece for any occasion. Or you can use any flower available in your garden to make your jewelry. Flower necklaces are perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and mother’s day. 

If you are thinking of a unique gift for valentine’s day or anniversaries, you can gift a delicate floral necklace to signify your love and care for the woman in your life. 

3. Earrings

Small and delicate flowers like jasmine, carnations, and orchids can be beautifully remodeled as statement earrings. You can also use rose petals and daisies for a charming set of earrings. 

You can use some thin wire or glue to put your earrings together for a party, wedding, music festival, or baby shower. Make sure to tie your hair up to bring attention to your unique floral earrings. 

4. Statement piece

While jewelry is charming, not everyone is a fan of it. If you are someone who likes to keep things minimalistic and simple, you can opt for statement flower pieces. Simply, attach a single or a couple of flowers to your dress as a broach to brighten up your outfit. It will add a fresh take to your overall look without going overboard with multiple flowers. 

Roses, tulips, carnations, and sunflowers are ideal statement pieces that go well with most outfits. 

5. Floral braid

Summers can be exhausting. How about using flowers to keep you cool and smelling fresh at the same time? If you’re bored of tiaras and crowns, decorate your braid with small intricate flowers like baby’s breath and daisies to uplift your look and make you look charming. 

A floral braid will look perfect at weddings, birthdays, parties, and festivals. It is a great classy updo for different events. 

6. Floral bracelet

Floral bracelets or corsages are ideal for prom nights, masquerade balls, and parties. You might have seen countless rom-com movies where the male lead brings a floral corsage for the female lead. 

If you want to relive your movie fantasy, you can create your own floral bracelet with the help of some ribbon, and fresh flowers. You can also add beads and stones to your bracelet to give it a personalized touch. Use a combination of large and small flowers to make your corsage or bracelet. 

Make sure to pick the right flowers for any event or occasion. Different flowers convey different meanings based on their color and look. For instance, pink roses are perfect to express your admiration for a person whereas primrose signifies new beginnings. If you are thinking of wearing floral ornaments for your wedding, choose the flowers according to the theme. If you want to express royalty and elegance go for calla lilies or, choose peonies for prosperity and good fortune. If you want to express your grace, wear a jasmine crown or tiara. 

If you’re looking for the perfect flower to decorate your hair for your beach wedding, go for frangipanis or hibiscus. On the other hand, daisies are ideal to give a romantic and bohemian feel to the wedding event. 

Use Geraniums and pink carnations ideal for expressing your gratitude on 

Birthdays. They are perfect to convey your love and care, making them the perfect floral jewelry.  

While we always recommend using fresh flowers, nowadays, many people can be seen wearing preserved or dried flowers. Dried flowers can be more delicate than fresh flowers, which is the reason why people prefer to preserve them using a resin mixture. 

Whatever you choose, remember to always store your floral jewelry in a cold environment in separate boxes, or it might lose its freshness soon. Use it within a day or two to prevent the jewelry from losing its vibrant color.