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    Forget The Bad Past
    Forget The Bad Past


    Every people has a different past & storyline. There are good memories and bad ones. For the bad past, sometimes people only have the option to forget or to forgive. Forgetting a bad past is not an easy thing to do. Here are some tips that can be done to forget the bad past:

    1. Analyze All Problems

    A past that is hard to forget is a problem in our lives. When it is hard to forget the past, the first thing we can do is to be alone. Contemplate the problems that have befallen us without judging ourselves that we are guilty. Analyze all the problems that arise. Be sure that every problem always has a solution. So, reflect on what mistakes or problems that arise in you, then try to find a way out of the problem and try not to repeat the same mistake again.

    2. Take Wisdom in Every Problem

    Never regret any problems or decisions that disappoint you. Know that regret is not a professional actor at all. All decisions that exist in our lives, we ourselves determine. We cannot turn back time and control all things the way we wanted it to be. Regret is absolutely wrong thinking. Know and believe that every event will always be wisdom in it.

    3. Focus on your current life

    Thinking too much about the past will make your life a complete mess. Whatever you do now must all be done with confidence. Sometimes, remembering the terrible past makes us want to go immediately to the future, hoping the future can provide you more beautiful hope. However, being too focused on the future is also not that good either. Expecting a change is too difficult. Every change requires time. Be patient and always think positive, because positive thinking will lead you to do positive things too.

    4. Positive Thinking

    Positive thinking will keep you prejudiced about all the bad things that happen in your life. Be assured that everything that has happened is the best scenario given by God. Maybe with these problems, you can also take wisdom and learn something. By always thinking positively, a bad past is no longer a barrier to a better future. In addition, with positive thinking, someday any problems that might arise in our lives, no matter how heavy the problems, surely we will be able to handle and cope with it better than others.

    5. Find a friend to talk to

    If you feel that you are unable to bear the burden alone, then find a friend to talk to. Look for someone who you really trust- believe that he or she is able to keep a secret and is also able to provide solutions to the problems you are facing, not someone who judges all problems subjectively. The heavy burden that you borne will feel lighter by sharing your past with others. In addition, your heart will feel calmer too.


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