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    The flower has its own language, which makes it has a quality to speak out something you want to express to someone. However, have you know what you are saying when you give a certain flower bouquet to someone you love or appreciate?

    Understanding certain flower meaning is actually helpful when you are choosing a particular flower to present to someone. In this case, you can simply match the meaning of the flowers and the moment you send it.

    In case, you need some ideas for the best flowers for your bouquet, here we have some of the most popular flowers that you may like to have and information about where to get them. So, check this out!

    Red Roses

    There is no doubt that the red rose is one of the most popular flowers used for many occasions. Everyone knows that this flower expresses love and desire. That’s why it is sometimes used by someone to say something like “I love you” and “Be mine”.

    Red Roses
    Red Roses


    If you are interested to get red roses for your loved one, there is a beautiful Terra Cotta Red Roses offered in Flower Advisor Singapore. This standing bouquet of flowers has six red roses which is arranged uniquely to make anyone who gets it amazed.

    White Roses

    Another kind of roses that is popular is white roses. As a symbol of purity and innocence, white roses frequently discovered in bouquets for a first-time bride. In addition, it is also common for white roses to express sympathy.

    As an option, you can get white roses in a bridal bouquet from Flower Advisor Singapore to complete your wedding day.


    For your flower bouquet, carnations can be a nice choice as well. Carnation is known to represent beautify and pride. Similar to roses, different color of carnation also has a different meaning. If you like to add carnation for your Valentine’s Day gift, it is recommended that you choose pink, white, and red carnations.

    For a product option, there is a beautiful Eight Days a Week with You – Red Carnations from Flower Advisor which can be an excellent gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


    Do you want to send your friend or your lover a bouquet of flowers for their graduation or something? Then, sunflowers can be a great flower to choose from. Having a meaning of new beginning and happiness, sunflowers becomes a nice gift to send for a special moment like graduation or Birthday.


    white tulips
    White Tulips


    Next, for your hand bouquet, tulips can be a nice choice as well. This is another popular one for declaring love since it is known to symbolize the perfect love. You can send Like a White Piano – White Tulips from Flower Advisor to show up your love to your lover by a bouquet of 18 white tulips.

    What do you think? Which flower that is most described what you are going to say to your gift recipient? Simply choose the one that is suitable for your occasion and let Flower Advisor Florist Singapore to help you with the rest. Good luck!


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