Chinese New Year Flowers
Chinese New Year Flowers

2022 is almost here. In Asia countries, to enliven what will come in the future, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival or many people way more familiar with Lunar Year is about to held where people usually go on holiday, unlike the rest of the world. This special event makes Lunar New Year becomes one of the biggest anticipations for those who celebrate it every year. In 2022, the celebration will fall on Tuesday, February 1st with a tiger as the animal sign. Participants will be busy preparing decorations by using various items, such as flowers and fruits that contain significant symbolism that bring luck.

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Buy Chinese New Year Flower in Floweradvisor

Facts about Chinese New Year

Facts about Chinese New Year
Facts about Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebration has a rich and long history behind it. Identical with the color of red and golden during the event, Chinese New Year or CNY is celebrated in several Asian countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. CNY has been one of the major events of the year where over 2 billion people celebrate it in some ways.

If you think CNY always takes dates at the same time, you’re wrong because each year, the schedule is different, it changes regularly. However, it always falls between January 21 until February 20 depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Not only identical with the color choices that consist of red and golden, CNY always starts with a new animal’s zodiac year. These 12 animals are tiger, rabbit, rat, ox, dragon, horse, snake, goat, monkey, dog, rooster, and pig.

One thing to note about this event is that red becomes the color that is mainly used as a part of the decoration. There’s a reason behind it that many people believe will bring luck by using red color as the decorations, so that’s why participants of CNY like it.

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Why do red decorations appear everywhere during Chinese New Year?

Decorations for Chinese New year
Decorations for Chinese New year

After reading a few facts regarding CNY that will be here soon, what do you think? Are you curious why this event is always identical for its red decorations?

Well, as we mentioned above, for Asians or more specifically, Chinese, red is a lucky color especially in China. This color represents positive energy, for example, happiness, beauty, good luck, success, vitality, and good fortune. With red decorations that appear everywhere during the event, the hope for a brighter future is big.

Becomes a public holiday in Hong Kong as the event’s hometown, a lunar celebration consists of beautiful decorations that pop up across the city, making the public area or each participants’ house filled with red color as the decorations. Here are the best items to choose to celebrate Chinese New Year 2022.

  1. Red lanterns

There are plenty of CNY decorations that often being appeared during the celebration. For example, you may find red lanterns that are oftenly used during the festival. These lanterns usually hung outside the business area and home door from the beginning until the end of the event.

  1. Red firecracker

Not only lanterns, but during the CNY, red firecrackers will also be hang outside of many business establishments. This decoration represents a happy festival because they are loud, perfect to start the new year with a bang.

  1. Red pockets

Anything related to red is pleasing the eyes on CNY. Red pockets that include money cash are not an exception. Red pockets usually gifted to young children and unmarried youth from their parents or relatives.

  1. Specific fruits

Chinese New Year is the best moment to gift someone you love, for example, your family and colleagues. Participants usually use specific fruits as a part of the gift idea. With the symbolism it has, mandarin orange is the most popular fruit that will re-appear as the CNY begin.

  1. Flowers

We all know that a flower is beautiful. Besides its beautiful petal, a flower also represents the meaning behind it. Some specific flowers are great for lunar celebrations because of the meaning behind them that symbolize fortune.

Flowers for Chinese New Year 2022 that bring luck

Flowers that bring luck
Flowers that bring luck

Since Chinese New Year 2022 is nearly here, you must start picking up what items to choose for celebrating this one of the massive events for Asians.

Decorating China New Year is interesting because you can play with various items, not only these five we’ve mentioned earlier. Here is the suggestion of flowers you can consider choosing.

  1. Orchids

Identical for their purple petals, orchids represent beauty, elegance, and delicacy. As a part of flowers that are great for a gift, in China, orchids are well-known as the symbol of having many children or fertility and abundance. Orchids are such a valuable gift that perfect for this season.

  1. Peach blossoms

Considered as the sacred flower in China, peach blossoms stand for prosperity and growth. This little beauty is one of the most popular flowers for decoration because it can add color to the room perfectly.

  1. Plum blossoms

Sending someone plum blossoms on Chinese New Year is what we suggest you do since they symbolize perseverance and reliability, two of the essential things to be successful in life.

  1. Peonies

Your Chinese New Year 2021 won’t be completed without peonies that signify feminine beautify, affection, innocence, and charm. As one of the flowers that contain meaningful representation, peonies in red color are auspicious, great to bring luck in 2022.

  1. Pussy willows

Prosperity is what people seek in their life. During Chinese New Year, you can also use pussy willow as a decoration item or send it to your beloved ones because of its growth and prosperity meaning behind it.

  1. Water fairy flowers or narcissus

There are plenty of flowers that represent prosperity. Among those species, water fairy flowers or narcissus that belong as the most auspicious flowers in China are perfect to show the hope of good fortune and prosperity in the future.

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