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    Relationships always have up and down. Sometimes the couples are arguing, fighting, or even worse, they come to a break-up decision. But everyone must move on and start their fresh life. So, how are the simple ways to overcome it? Check this out!

    1. Cut The Contacts

    After it happened, you will need time to heal yourself. Cut all contacts that related to your ex. Don’t ever hang out with them for a time being. Most importantly, don’t try to be friends with them while you still have romantic feelings towards your ex. But, you can get back to them once you have completely healed our feelings. Just befriend with them like usual.

    2. Accept The Fact

    Accept that the relationship between you and him is over. Although it’s hard and you can believe that somehow both of you can get back together, just assume that you won’t. Because if you keep hoping, you will never move on from your ex. Also, stop looking for all the memories between you and your ex, like on social media, old pictures, and so on.

    3. Spend Time with Your Friends or Family

    It’s time to spend your quality time with your closest friends, or even your family. Share all your feelings to them and let all your emotions getting out. It’s an important step in the healing process.

    4. Be Productive

    It’s never wrong to get busy with yourself. Search for some new hobbies like floral design arrangements. By doing this, you will learn how to be independent and gain confidence. It will make you gain a positive mindset too by doing it

    5. Stop comparing

    Please keep in mind that it will be hard to find someone that similar to your ex. Because it will make you feel more frustrated. So it’s time for you to stop comparing. Try to find someone new and appreciate their personality. Who knows that he/she will be way better than your ex.

    6. Start Meeting People

    It’s time for you to move on and let go of the past. You need to start meeting other people. But, you shouldn’t rush yourself by starting a new relationship with him/her. Be excited to connect with new people and learn who they are. Just doing it slowly. Doing these things will perpetuate your feelings of misery and emptiness.