Ben franklin has quoted, “Wine makes daily life easy, less hurried, with fewer tension and more tolerance”.           

Wine is a beverage that is made by fermented juice of grapes and it contains alcohol, wine can be made by other fruits too, such as apples, cranberries, plums, etc. but a typical “wine” is made up of grapes ( grapes used for wine are different from table grapes). It is a complex drink that takes a long duration of years to get exotic. Each and every bottle of wine has a science and history behind it. The older the wine is the more perfect it is.

Wine is not only a classy beverage but when it comes to health it is the most efficient and guilt-free drink too, as it contains many nutrients that are beneficial to our body and health.

A bottle of wine has no cholesterol and no fat! What a perfect excuse to open a bottle, isn’t it?

Some healthy nutrients the wine contains are:

1. Fluoride

Wine contains 40% of fluoride which prevents tooth decay.

2. Manganese

It is good for our brain, liver, and nervous system.

3. Potassium

It helps in keeping our heart healthy and happy.

4. Iron

Wine contains 5% of Iron which helps in delivering oxygen to the body.

5. Vitamin B6

It helps in accessing the energy in the body.

6. Phosphorus

It assists in strengthening the bones and improves digestion and aids the hormones of the body.


Wine is an exotic and premium drink that has been in use since colonial times. It was loved back then and it is being admired even today and will be till eternity.


Can you give wine as a gift?

Wine gift
Wine gift

Wine has been with us around for centuries. Whether it is a day of the festival or a day to remember, wine never fails to put a smile on faces. 

Wine is a gift for every situation. It is the most prestigious gift one can give on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, or on any special moment.

One can gift wine to their near and dear ones and also to someone you are not well acquainted with.

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Wine is the best idea for a gift because it never comes up with the pressure of using it at the very moment. One can sip it according to their mood and other most beneficial reasons for opting for wine as a gift:


1. It is never kept on the shelf for too long

You will never see a bottle of wine covered with dust. Wine is a beverage that no one wants to miss. It never lets anyone down. It gets easily consumed and it is rare as hen’s teeth to find someone who will say no to the wine or he/she never drinks. 

Wine is most bought and drunk during festivals like Christmas, new year, and many more.

If you are in a dilemma of what to give to your loved one on the special function, better not be because wine is there for you to cheer up you and your buddy.


2. It’s amiable

Whenever you want to spend quality time with your friends or family, keeping a bottle of wine with you will never let you down. Wine tastes better when it is being enjoyed in a company. 

Nothing is more prestigious than a wine to celebrate your long-lasting bonds. 

one should keep in mind that wine warms the body temperature and soothes our soul.


3. It leaves a good footprint

Wine is something considered as very stylish and cool, short it is a chic product. It is an ideal option for any sort of occasion, it leaves a great impression on the people due to its different qualities.


4. Wines are pocket friendly

Money is never a problem nor will it ever be, wine comes in all budgets even the exotic and premium wines are friendly to your budget. So stress less and chill out more.


5. Wines are precious

If you love to spend grandly on the gift, then nothing is more classy and expensive than a bottle of wine. Wine comes in varieties like red wine, prestigious sparkling wines, and vintages. You can go for Italian and  French wine, the person whom you will get the wine will surely have a classy and princely evening.


6. It is recyclable

Although it is rare and tough to find a person who doesn’t like wine, still if you got it wrong for someone, then better don’t be grumpy, because the person whom you have gifted it he/she definitely have parties to attend where they can pass on the “exotic” gift of wine and can represent themselves as cool as cucumber in the party. 


Drinking has become an integral part of the celebration, almost everyone appreciates and enjoys wine. Wine is an exotic gift to give on cheerful occasions like weddings, birthdays, valentines, date night, etc. Just have a sip of exotic wine and enjoy your evening with your beloved. Trying to get an older wine as a gift but keep in mind that the older the wine is the more expensive the rate is.


Types of wine to be gifted

There are three categories of wine: Red, White, and Bubbly.

Before you opt out of a bottle of wine, be on the safe side by knowing their preferences.

A person who is a great admirer of red wine may not be fond of white and vice versa. 


Stylish wine accessories and gadgets for wine lovers

Wine tools
Wine tools

Wine is a topmost beverage that never misses any party or occasion.

If you are a wine lover you must know how appreciable the wine accessories are and if you are in a dilemma of what to choose for your wine collection, then, Hakuna Matata as here you’ll put an end to your confusion about the accessories of wine.


1. Stem glass tray

It is a tray with holes in it in which you place the stems of your wine glass and an additional hole is there to put your thumb so that you can carry the tray with ease.


2. Tumbler

Tumblers are the soul of the drinks, the more stylish the tumbler is, the sexier your drink will be, and the more you will enjoy while consuming it. 


3. Wine stoppers

The best accessory, it comes in a wide variety and there are tons of funky wine stoppers available out there, choose according to your and your audience preferences.


4. Bolder

The best thing about a bolder is that it is a multifunctional item, as it can be disguised as an ice bucket and a vase.


5. Wine openers

Wine cork
Wine cork

There are several ways to open up a bottle of wine, but the real lover of wine should not let their bottle of wine open with dullness, they sure have a range of wine openers and a preferred method. Wine enthusiasts have a better selection for opening up the wine from an electric corkscrew to mounted or lever corkscrews.


6. Wine aerators

Wine lovers offer their wine a preferable controlled and well-mannered environment to breathe. You can opt for simple and easy to carry bottle attachments. It is truly a useful gift set for your wine buddy.


7. Preservation

With the help of the right preservation system of wine, you can easily sample, sip, and can store the open bottles without letting them harm and making them stay out with impunity.


8. Wine traveler case

There is no suitable option for carrying out your exotic bottles of wine other than a wine bottle travel case. It provides a sturdy and attractive look and plus keeps the wine protected. There are a variety of wine carriers available in the form of tote, bags, carriers, and many more, which provides you an elegant and classy look while traveling.


9. Wine themed accessories

If you are a true lover and enthusiast of wine, then you must have a wine-themed t-shirt, caps, or beanies. You can also get customized watches and pens in the theme of wine.


10. Wine education tools

If you are an avid reader and a wine enthusiast, you can get an aroma kit, label savers, and journals that will let you remember all the good times with the wine.


Occasions for gifting a wine

Wine occassion
Wine occassion

It might seem tough to assemble a list of occasions to gift a bottle of exotic premium wine and its accessories. Wine is a classy thing to be gifted and to get. 

Don’t get too much stress, there are some of the finest hours which I bet you don’t have any clue and where nothing more is ideal than giving a present of a bottle of wine.

1. Valentine’s Day

Woah! A day dedicated to love, and what is more precious than love, nothing!

It is being said that “there is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved”. Indeed! And you can double up your happiness by celebrating the day with a bottle of wine along with the loved one around you. 

Wine would always go perfectly well and it romanticizes the ambiance around plus it goes marvelously with the cuisines and the decorations over the place.

You can select your choice of prime liquor by ordering it online and will get delivered on your doorstep.


2. House warming

If anyone is setting up their house of dreams and you get invited to share their happiness then a nice classic bottle of wine would surely get appreciated and will bring an exquisite smile on the people’s face. It will help people to share some cozy and gentle moments while drinking the wine together, and cause drinks to make good memories which are always cherished.

If you want fresh and chilled wine there are cold storage online which do alcohol delivery on the go. 


3. Date night   

Want a perfect passionate date night? A bottle of wine will have you covered. It Is always amusing to date someone and if you are thinking of a special date night with your partner, the wine will make the evening more pleasant and set up the mood full of love and amorous thoughts, as wine and romance are a  pair for ages.

4. Anniversary

If you are struggling to find an ideal gift for your spouse on the special day that holds a precious space in your heart and gifting a ring is too costly then you can opt for a bottle of delicious wine as it is the most romantic and pocket-friendly gift one can have. You can buy it online and select the premium variety.      


5. Birthday

It’s your buddy’s birthday and you want to give him/her a perfect gift then give them their favorite brand of wine as you know them better than anyone else. Chocolates and wine are the deadliest combinations for birthday gift delivery, you can get it for your buddy by ordering online. 


Best way to buy a wine

Wine is the classy thing that you should not buy from an unauthorized place because they may sell expired and rebottled wine and they might con you.

You can get your favorite bottle of wine by buying it from shops as well as from online stores.

 If you have a hectic to-do list and you don’t have spare time to get your bottle of wine from the shop, then don’t get in a fluster, you can choose your favorite wine brand and bottle on a fingertip and can buy it online from as they offer alcohol delivery Singapore on same day. 

They have a wide variety of premium and exotic wines and as well its accessories like chocolate and wine gift set, wine along with its accessories will boost up happiness.

God made only water, but man-made wine. Sipping a good wine with good cuisine and your loved one around you is the most luxurious feeling one can have and a quality time one can spend. 

If you are planning to give someone a notable gift then nothing is comparable to a bottle of exotic wine, there is a wide range of wines available to go along with your mood and preferences.

There are plenty of occasions which are notable to gift a bottle of wine, you can get a bottle of wine for your dear ones on their house warming, valentine’s day, anniversary. You can celebrate your buddy’s birthday with it and it will be cherished forever. 

As like a smile is the greatest ornament one can wear the same goes with a bottle of wine, wine along with a classy tumbler will elevate its pleasure.

Wines are available online you can save your time by ordering them on a fingertip through a trusted website like As in Singapore online alcohol delivery is the best option you can go for. In a country like Singapore, you can get your wine delivered on the same day.