All Anout Birds of Paradise
All Anout Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa. The name Bird of paradise came from its presence that appears like a wonder in nature, a paradise on earth. This flower is also listed as one of the most popular exotic or tropical flowers. With a unique combination of green, orange, yellow, red, and blue, it’s not easy to take your eyes off the sight of this majestic flower. 

What Makes Bird of Paradise Unique

The Unique Birds of Paradise
The Unique Birds of Paradise

The shape of this flower may be unusual. Because unlike other flowers with small and layered petals, the petals of this flower imitate a flying bird. Therefore, the bird of paradise would be a unique decoration. It is also easy to put birds of paradise on display due to their long stalks. This flower would look amazing both in a short and tall vase. 

Bird Paradise as An Indoor Plant

Birds of Paradise for Indoor Plant
Birds of Paradise for Indoor Plant

Many people love to grow and take care of their plants inside of their house. Besides being a beautiful decoration, the presence of an indoor plant would also improve the air quality in the room.

Bird of paradise is highly popular as an Best Indoor Plants for Your House. It could light up the room’s atmosphere and bring tropical touches to your house. The wide and glossy leaves would add tropical touches to the room. 

Indoor plants also have many benefits. It helps people to feel relaxed, relieved from stress, and increase productivity. You can place it in the living room, dining room, and even bathroom. 

Bird of Paradise as Indoor Plants, Growing and Maintenance Tips

This plant is easy to grow and care for, making it suitable for beginners. This plant does not necessitate a lot of maintenance. As long as you give the plant what it requires, it will thrive and blossom. This flower, like any other plant, need sunlight, water, and soil to bloom. Here are some recommendations for the plant’s needs, such as sunlight, water, and soil humidity.

1. Sun Exposure

This tropical flower requires a lot of sun exposure. For optimum growth and blossoms, place the bird of paradise in full light. The only exception is in the hottest parts of the country, where partial shade shields plants from the sun and heat. Full-sun plants are shorter and have smaller flowers, whereas part-shade plants are higher and have larger flowers. Approximately six hours each day should suffice; nevertheless, don’t forget to set aside a shaded location for the plant later on.

2. Soil Humidity

To thrive, the bird of paradise requires moist soil. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that the soil is well-drained yet not overly so. Please keep in mind that the plant dislikes moist soil because it might lead to rotting roots.

To prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on the plant, don’t overwater it. You should not neglect the plant and allow the soil to dry out.

3. Soil pH level

This plant, in addition to a particular level of humidity, requires fertile, rich, somewhat acidic soil with good drainage for optimal growth and flowering. Before planting, amend the soil with compost or other organic matter. Planting this flower in an area with poor drainage is not a good idea.

4. The Plant Placement

Place your indoor bird of paradise in the brightest part of the room. The sole exception is when the heat is extreme, such as in a sunroom, indirect light is preferable. Increase the quantity of light exposure if your plant’s leaves are yellowing.

Birds of Paradise Symbolism and Meanings 

Birds of Paradise Symbolism
Birds of Paradise Symbolism

1. Liberty and Opportunity

As previously stated, this flower looks very similar to a flying bird captured in motion. The long stem and bright petals resemble the head of a bird with a sharp beak. That’s why this flower is a symbol of liberty or freedom, as well as an opportunity and a new chance.

2. Faithfulness

This symbolism is also related to the shape of the flower. Most birds in the animal kingdom are loyal only to one partner, also called monogamous. Therefore, the bird of paradise is a perfect give to express your loyalty and devotion to your lover. Whether as a birthday gift or an anniversary gift, this flower would be the perfect option.

3. Happiness

Unlike the previous symbolism that linked with the shape of this bloom, this symbolism linked to a different aspect of the flower. Bird of paradise exists in various cheerful colors. One stalk even consists of multiple colors. That’s why this symbolism was born. The color of this flower is a reminder for those who laid a gaze on it to be happy and stay encouraged.

4. Luxury

Bird of paradise is also the symbol of luxury and glamour. The beauty of this flower is something out of the ordinary. Which makes this flower has an appeal that draws people’s attention. 

5.  Paradise

This symbolism is quite literal since it’s taken from the name of the bloom. This symbolism is to remind us that we have a paradise on earth, a kind of beauty that must be protected from any harm and danger.

6. Uniqueness 

The shape of this flower is so irregular compared to other flowers. Therefore it is appropriate to use this flower as an act of self-appreciation of your uniqueness. 

Bird of Paradise as Decorations

This official flower of Los Angeles is highly suitable as decoration, especially interior decoration. So, if you desire to have tropical touches for your house, this plant is the perfect option for you. If you have limited space, you can cut the blooms and bring them indoors to beautify your house. The possibilities are endless. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, or at the side of a pool. Or you can grow them inside as an indoor plant if you have enough space. With all the benefits indoor plants offer, such as improving your mood, lowering stress, increasing focus and productivity, keeping the lovely and mesmerizing bird of paradise as indoor plants is very worth considering.


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