Shades of Black Roses
Shades of Black Roses

Over centuries, roses known as one of the most beautiful and loved flowers on earth. Many would associate its beauty with various things that are usually special, such as special days, special moments, special places, and even special people. The beauty of this magnificent flower is more than just appearance to the eye because of its ability to emit beautiful positive feelings. 

Most people would describe roses as the flower of romance. Many are already familiar with this “sacred weapon” for love confession. Besides confession, this bloom is also used as anniversary gifts or congratulatory gifts. With beautiful petals and delightful fragrances, it is only possible for the flower to be well-received by others.

Another charm of roses is that you can find them in a variety of colors. Starting from the romantic pink roses and red roses, the joyful yellow and orange, the innocent white, the alluring blue and purple, and the mysterious black. Have you ever heard or seen about black roses? 

Black Roses

Black Roses
Black Roses

The popularity of these roses climbed to the surface back in the 19th century during the Victorian era. Back then people would use flowers as a tool for communication, and each flower symbolizes a specific meaning. Back then, black roses are usually attached to grief, sorrow, and revenge. Even now, in numerous shapes of art, black roses are used to symbolize unfortunate events, tragic love stories, betrayal, and the dark side of a person. However, there are many positive messages this flower represents, and over the years, the beautiful flower has been viewed in a more positive light.

1. A New Step, A New Beginning

Just like how summer turned into winter, life changes are inevitable. Whether as a stepping stone or an achievement, almost everyone needs to face changes in their lives. You can give a this rose to appreciate their effort or bravery for taking a new step. You can also send this bloom as a sign of appreciation for starting a new beginning. Last but not least, you can show your support through this flower for your special ones because facing changes could be exhausting and overwhelming and it’d be nice for them to know that their close ones do care and support them.

2. Optimism

You might not expect this flower to carry an encouraging message. The color black doesn’t always associate with sorrow and despair. You can boost someone else’s confidence through black roses. So, if you want to send someone a bouquet of these roses to encourage a friend or a partner, worry nothing because it is appropriate. 

Shades of Black Roses

All About Black Roses
All About Black Roses

You can also combine it with various shades of roses because black is a neutral color that easily blends with others. You can add letters to express your intention better or try these combinations below:

  • As an appreciation gesture, three roses is the appropriate amount.
  • To show care and a sign of kindness to your lover, five bunches of this flower is enough.
  • Seven bunches of this bloom are perfect to express a strong devotion between married couples.
  • As a sign of apology or a request for forgiveness, sending nine black roses would be appropriate.
  • As an act of gratitude for a harmonious marriage, you can give eleven black roses to your lover.
  • If you want to give this flower to express your admiration, fifteen stalks would be the right amount.
  • Twenty stalks might sound a lot, but it’s never too much to symbolize everlasting love and loyalty.

After knowing about the messages it delivers, you might have already put black roses on your wishlist. However, do you know where to find black roses? can you encounter these flowers in nature? are they naturally black?

The answer is no and you can’t find a black rose in nature. You might find a few roses with a deep shade of burgundy, such as black magic rose or black baccara rose, or a very dark purple shade just like the midnight blue rose, but none of them are truly black. 

Therefore, if you do desire to obtain black roses, you can get one through florists shops or online florists. It takes special cultivating and flower tinting skills to create black roses. Not every rose could turn into the enigmatic black rose, in this case, white roses are the preferable ones. 

Due to the impossibility to encounter a black rose in a rose field, the word untouchable, edgy, and extraordinary are tied with this flower. Therefore, the black rose would be an exceptional gift. The color black has a luxury value that many bright colors don’t have. This flower would stand out as a decoration in simplistic rooms and classy events.

Many people are drawn to this rose because of the enigmatic message it conveys. This rose can also represent a tragic love story, representing separation, the end of a relationship, or unresolved feelings of love. On the other hand, this blossom can also represent encouragement to keep battling. These two things are contradictory, but they both represent the same thing: a genuine emotion that we want to share with others who matter to us. If you’re not confident enough to send someone a bouquet of black roses, try to combine with other colors, such as:

Black Rose
Black Rose

1) White 

Black and white is such a classic combination. It never goes out of style and will always stay relevant. Out of all white flowers in nature, white roses and white tulips might be the most suitable option.

2) Pink

Add a little bit of a romantic vibe with a spark from pink flowers. Pink carnations and pink eustoma would be the perfect company for the black flower.

3) Red

Red, the color of passion and admiration, definitely couldn’t go wrong with black. You might choose red tulips or red roses to be the extra addition to your bouquet.

4) Purple

To engrave the mysterious and alluring presence even deeper, purple would be the best option. There are plenty of purple flowers out there to choose from, such as lavender.

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