Bridal Bouquet We Need to Know
Bridal Bouquet We Need to Know

Marriage is an event that most people anticipate the most in their entire life. Walking at the altar with someone you love is everyone’s big dream. That’s why before the couple is eager to hold a wedding party, they have to ensure all the preparations go well, including preparing a bridal bouquet.

What is bridal bouquet?

What is Bridal Bouquet?
What is Bridal Bouquet?

A wedding party is the best day for any lovey-dovey couple who finally stepping into the new chapter of their relationship. To make it perfect, a wedding party needs many things to wrap up.

The brides usually will be dressed in an extravagant white gown that looks mesmerizing in the eyes. It takes months to finally get the gown any of bride wants. Later, besides the beautiful gowns, brides also need a companion in their hands while walking at the altar, bridal bouquet.

A bridal bouquet is a symbol of the beauty of elegance. This thing goes further than only accessories to complete the bride’s look but also stands as the wedding’s highlight. It tells a story and becomes an item that catches many eyes during the wedding ceremony.

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History of bridal bouquet

History of Bridal Bouquet
History of Bridal Bouquet

If you ever attended a wedding party or at least saw it in a movie, you must be realized that almost all the brides got bridal bouquet in their hand. Do you know if this habit has been existed for a long time ago? Here, we tell you the truth.

The history of bridal bouquet, an item that consists of a bunch of beautiful flowers crafted until it becomes a flower bouquet starts with the fact where it was used by Ancient Greeks and Romans to prevent bad luck during a wedding ceremony.

At that moment, a bridal bouquet didn’t appear as we see it nowadays. It consisted of herbs and spices that were associated with purity, fertility, and new beginnings as the couple who married stepping their new chapter of life.

As time goes by, there was an improvement in how a bridal bouquet looked. During Victorian Era, herbs and spices were replaced by flowers. Queen Victoria was the one who popularized a flower bouquet as a bridal bouquet that we see today.

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What does a bridal bouquet symbolize?

Bridal Bouquet Symbolize Wedding Ceremony
Bridal Bouquet Symbolize Wedding Ceremony

The long history it has makes a bridal bouquet something extraordinary. There are some meanings in a bridal bouquet that lead it as an item that always appears when it comes to a wedding ceremony.

Do you ever wonder what kind of message or symbol that a bridal bouquet wants to deliver? First, as we mentioned above, a flower bouquet for bridal reflects new beginnings, purity, and fertility that suits well with what any couple wishes for their marriage.

Second, flowers themselves have been well-known as something meaningful, perfect to showcase many expressions, symbolize undivided love, loyalty, hope, and trust. This is the reason why a bouquet that is being carried by brides never out of date, even in this modern-day we’re living now. 

In addition, due to the variety of symbolism of a wedding hand bouquet, brides in Singapore and other countries usually pick out a flower bouquet that matches their style and preferences. So, don’t be surprised if between one wedding ceremony to another wedding ceremony use a different type of flower bouquet.

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How to choose the perfect bridal bouquet?

Becomes brides companion for their special day, the demand for a wedding bouquet is always high. You can get it anywhere. But, the point is, how can you the perfect bridal bouquet among those beautiful flower bouquet that looks appealing in the eyes?

Here are some tips you can consider to try if you still have no idea on how to up the perfect wedding bouquet for you.

  1. Always choose a bridal gown before the bouquet

The first thing you have to do is harmonizing the color between a bridal gown and a wedding bouquet. For this, you need to prioritize the bridal gown. Make sure that you have already got a specific color of bridal gown in your mind to make it easier to choose what kind of bouquet matches the gown.

  1. The size of the bouquet is matter

Everyone has a different kind of body shape. If you’re a small-sized lady, avoid choosing the over-dramatic bouquet that will steal your whole appearance as the bride. Even though the wedding bouquet looks captivating, always take note to choose the bouquet that its size suits you well.

  1. Into a limited budget? Go pick up seasonal blooms by yourself

A budget has been many couples’ biggest consideration when it comes to a wedding party they want to hold. If you and your partner are on a limited budget, picking up seasonal flowers is highly recommended. You can find out what flowers that are in season at the moment.

  1. Match the bouquet with personal style and preferences

Flower arrangements never go wrong when it comes to a wedding party. As an item that gives a finishing yet personal touch to the bride, always match up the bouquet with the bride’s personal style and preferences. If you run out of ideas, you can leave them to FlowerAdvisor.

FlowerAdvisor, the best place to get a bridal bouquet in Singapore

Marriage is many people’s biggest dream in their life. After finding out everything you need to know about a bridal bouquet, is there any plan to hold a wedding ceremony in your mind?

If so, you might face difficulty getting the perfect wedding bouquet for you. Marriage is a life-long commitment of love and trust that needs to be well-organized when it comes to the ceremony. Among those preparations, a flower bouquet for the bride is not the exception.

For this, you can consider ordering the beautiful bridal bouquet from FlowerAdvisor, the online florist in Singapore that provides a variety of flower bouquets with beautiful designs that will captivate the look of the bride.

FlowerAdvisor offers a same-day delivery service across Singapore to ensure your order arrives quickly, so you don’t need to waste your time while FlowerAdvisor ships your order to your address.