Hydroponic Singapore
Hydroponic Singapore

Gardening is fun, but it can also be exhausting. What’s worst, the arrival of pests made everything chaotic. Pests are the biggest enemies of gardening because they can ruin all the work we put into our plants. For this reason, smart solutions are needed to prevent plants from dying due to the existence of pests. One way that is suggested is to use the hydroponic. This method can be done anywhere and by anyone. If you are in Singapore, the hydroponic method of planting is suggested to make gardening activities far from stressful.

About hydroponic Singapore

Hydroponic Singapore
Hydroponic Singapore

There are many ways to get the look of the garden we want in Singapore. Do you want a garden filled with varieties of green plants that are pleasing to the eye? Of course, this is the dream of all gardening lovers. However, the problem is, some things can bring the plants in the garden to the damages. Pests are one of them.

If you are looking for a solution on the internet, you may find some articles that advise you to do the hydroponic method. Known easy and efficient to be applied, then what exactly is hydroponic? Why do many gardeners highlight this trick as their favorite?

The word hydroponic, if we translate it, it comes from Latin. Hydro means water, while Ponic means work. However, in reality, this meaning is way different in gardening. In agriculture, hydroponics refers to planting by using water as the main medium for any plant to grow. The use of this trick automatically replaces the soil that was previously the main ingredient when it comes to gardening anywhere including Singapore.

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History of hydroponics

Who thought that this procedure of planting without using soil had been discovered thousands of years ago? Yup, the method where you don’t need to use soil if you want to create a variety of beautiful plant creations in your garden has been found since the 16th century. Isn’t it interesting?

From the 16th century to the present, hydroponics rapidly continued. Not only in western countries but Asian countries including Singapore also familiar with this technique. Hydroponic Singapore is one of the examples where you can easily learn and apply it to the garden you are building right now

The rapid development of the planting system without soil makes it easy for us to find information about hydroponic along with the steps to do it. Thanks to anyone who had come up with a genius way to prevent plants from pests!

Benefits of doing hydroponic in Singapore

Benefit Doing Hydroponic
Benefit Doing Hydroponic

Talking about this procedure in the world of gardening, of course, many people have discussed its advantages because this efficient way is very popular all around the world, so in Singapore. The idea to plant various types of house plant by using water media always gives you more benefits. Are you interested to know what are of benefits of doing hydroponic in Singapore? Check them below!

  1. Cleaner

Do you ever feel lazy when it comes to planting something in Singapore? Soil often makes the planting process tiring and troublesome because of the large amount of messy soil. By using water, say no more to messed up soil that happened in your garden.

  1. Free from pests

One of the reasons why the hydroponic in Singapore technique exists is to prevent a plant from dying because of the population of pests that like any house plant a lot. Pests are herbs’ biggest enemy.

  1. Can be done in a narrow area

Currently, do gardening in a narrow area is not an obstacle. Because of this technique, you don’t need a big pot or a large land to plant to grow any herbs you want. It’s beginner-friendly!

  1. No need to use pesticides

What’s the purpose of plant herbs in your mind? If it’s for your consumption, applying hydroponic in Singapore is the best way to keep the nutrition of the herbs high. It happens because pesticides are not needed.

  1. Can be harvested anytime

Do you want fast results when gardening? By using this technique, the plants ripen quicker, so you can harvest them anytime you want.

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What plants are suitable for hydroponic in Singapore?

Plants That Suitable for Hydroponic
Plants That Suitable for Hydroponic

After knowing some facts and what benefits you can get by doing hydroponic in Singapore, are you interested in directly practicing hydroponic in Singapore to create the beautiful garden you want?

Before that, you must know that not all plants are suitable for hydroponics. Here are some types of plants that we suggest you try by using this technique.

  1. Vegetables

The technique of planting by using water is suitable for various types of vegetables, such as mustard greens, spinach, cabbage, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, chilies, cucumbers, beans, and many more.

  1. Flowers

Do you want to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that fulfills with flowers? Plant roses, marigolds, orchids, and other flower species can satisfy you if you choose the hydroponic technique.

  1. Fruits

Unlike vegetables and flowers, the type of fruits that can be applied using this technique is limited. Planting without soil will work the best on bananas and watermelon.

  1. Herbs

Herbs are perfect for traditional medicine or ingredient in the food. Herbs, such as parsley, mint, basil, chives, and others can be grown successfully without using soil during the planting process.

How to set up hydroponic Singapore?

How to Set Up Hydroponic Singapore
How to Set Up Hydroponic Singapore

Hydroponic is a technique that can be applied anywhere, as we mentioned above. Hydroponic Singapore has become one of the most popular techniques in this tropical country.

Because Singapore is a country with a tropical climate with a high amount of sunlight throughout the year, this planting technique without using soil will work well since you must expose the plant directly to the sun.

Furthermore, if you want the result of the plants to be more fertile, you can install a small greenhouse in your garden in Singapore, so that this hydroponic Singapore technique will produce healthy plants. You can also install drained containers and pipes that stick to the wall.

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