Are you having too much stress these days? Lots of stress is making you unnerve and closing all the doors of hope? Please stop burning the candle at both ends as aromatherapy is there to give you a leg up. It is a pure enemy to your anxiousness and depression. You can take aromatic sessions at clinics. But if you are not sure about the clinics then your home sweet home could be a perfect pick too.

Aromatherapy is a blend of two words, one is the aroma which means fragrance and fragrance can change your mood in seconds. The second word is therapy which means to cure. Thus, healing a problem with the help of an aroma is called aromatherapy.

Let’s know more in-depth.

What is Aromatherapy?

  1. Aromatherapy is a natural procedure built on making use of essential oils. The essential oils are taken out of fresh plants and flowers for a healing purpose. It is a holistic remedy treatment to encourage the healthiness and well-being of an individual. 

2. Aromatherapy is like a buddy in treatment form. It is also famed as essential oil therapy. It takes the help of aromatic essential oils to boost the health of the body, mind, and soul. It elevates both mental and physical health.

3. Aromatherapy is seen as both science and art. Using blooms and plants makes it efficient in the field of science and the healing quality of the mind is an art in itself. Lately, it has made its name in the field of medical sciences. 

What’s there in Aromatherapy?


The substances used in aromatherapy are not scents or perfumes prepared using chemicals. They are labile substances plucked out from different parts of plants that have healing qualities. Henceforth, not all smell emitting substances are used as an essential oil. Some parts of blooms and plants are termed as an essence, they tend to become essential oils.

  • History of aromatherapy: It is there with us for thousands of years. Classical cultures of some countries such as China, India, Egypt, to name a few used aromatic components of plants and blooms in balms, bath soap, oils, and resins. These natural materials were assisted in religious and medical uses. They are recognized experts in the both physical and psychological fields.

The term “aromatherapy” was invented by Rene Maurice Gattefosse who was a French perfumer and chemist. He is also famous as the “Father of Aromatherapy”.

He brought the curing potential of lavender to light that it heals the burns.

Benefits of Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a bundle of benefits and brings an abundance of serenity with it. If black clouds are hovering around your roof then aromatherapy brings a rainbow to your head.

Let’s run eyes over the benefits aromatherapy gifts to a person:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety: If your mind is undergoing a race of stress and anxiety. You feel all chaos around you and lose all hope. Get a grip on yourself by aromatherapy and experience a new soothing episode of your life. Sayonara to all the anxiety and stress by taking the therapy.
  • Manage pain: If your body is hurting you for a few days then it’s time for aromatherapy as it can kill the pain and make you all active again.
  • Improve the quality of sleep: You wanna escape from reality but your sleep is not cooperating. Or you are stuck in a phase where you are experiencing sleeplessness, chillax as all you need is the essence of the lovely plants and flowers. It will heal all your pain and make you sleep better than ever.
  • Soothe sore joints: Your knees are killing and you don’t have the clue what to do? Eaten all the prescribed medicines still it is stuck with you. Well! aromatherapy is not gonna let you down. Try it and make your joints pain-free.
  • Cure headaches and migraines: Suffering from intense headaches and can’t bear it anymore! Do not lose hope as the curing agent is going to ease your pain. It is a buddy who is there for you in your pain.
  • Alleviate side effects of chemotherapy: If you are undergoing chemotherapy then aromatherapy will reduce the side effects caused by it.
  • Ease discomforts of labor: You are excited to welcome the love of your life. Labor pain occurs as a hindrance and hampers your excitement. Without a doubt go for aromatherapy and soothe your mind and body.
  • Fights bacteria, virus, or fungus: We are fighting a pandemic, and virus, bacteria, and fungus are its strength. Aromatherapy helps you to combat these evils.
  • Improve digestion: Your tummy is upset and the roller coaster is going within it. Aromatherapy knows how to make your tummy grin. Reduce your tummy pain and go all fit through aromatherapy.
  • Boost immunity: Health is the greatest treasure one can have. Lift up your immune system with aromatherapy and keep the enemies of health at a bay.

Cheap way to do Aromatherapy at home:

Aromatherapy in a clinic can cost you a fortune. Why strive for therapy outside when you can do it in your own abode. The best way to make your ambiance aromatherapeutic is to fill your house with fragranced candles and flowers. To soothe your nerves you can collect the essence of blooms such as lavender, orchids, lotus, calendula to name a few. Blooms might not be a good pick for you as it can take time to arrange the flowers for the aromatherapy.

Do not throw up the sponge as candles are waiting for you to pick them up. What a great idea isn’t it? Therapy with scented candles, just thinking of it makes the senses go all aww.

Let’s see which blooms and candles can assist you in Aromatherapy:

  1. Lavenders: Lavenders have the power to reduce your anxiety and to improve your sleep cycle. They can become your best roommate as there will be no demand from their side. Only they are there for your mental health. Their scents have a calming aura that will take you to serenity. If you are thinking of getting lavender, then please don’t hesitate. They are great. 

If your buddy or dear one is getting a little anxious day by day, give them a lavender bouquet or plant and see how immediate their anxiousness will say goodbye to them. Or else you can give them their favorite flower bouquet with a touch of lavender in them. It will alter their mood and bring smiles in a second.

2. Lotus: Lotus is known for their purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. With their purest essence, they help to reduce your anger and bring solace to your mind. It helps in getting deep in touch with your emotions. If you have insomnia then this bloom is going to give you the best sleep of your life. You are surely going to feel all relaxed.

3. Rosemary: It is famous for its revitalizing and refreshing aroma. It elevates the growth of hair. And helps in reducing stress and headaches. Get this essential oil for your lady luck and get yourself blessed with the fortune of love.

4. Calendula: This floral essence has an abundance of good habits. It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial qualities which will make you go head over heels for it.  It assists in curing wounds, soothing diaper rashes, and calming eczema. It is also famed as a role of antiseptic.

5. Orchids: Orchids are the most loved essential oil owing to their inspiring nature. They provide comfort to the mind and rejuvenate the heart. They are mostly used in personal and skincare which is why they are closest to women’s hearts. They help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin’s natural grace. 

Aroma oils are the calm in the chaos, whenever you feel disturbed without wasting any second go for aromatherapy. They are the ones that will give you the most precious gift, which is peace.

Aromatherapy candles:

Aromatherapy Candle
Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy candles open the path of wellness. They come in a diversity of fragrances and bring a plethora of solace with them.

Let’s have a closure at the scented candles:

  • Citrus candles: These candles are filled with the essence of orange, lemon, and grapefruit that assists in lightening up the mood and elevates the concentration of the mind.
  • Vanilla candles: These sweet and cute scented candles are so charmingly soothing which help in relieving stress.
  • Cinnamon candles: They are the warriors who fight with exhaustion, fatigue and take care of the nerves. They have a very captivating fragrance like freshly baked biscuits.
  • Sandalwood: The candle of its fragrance is said to cure depression and reduce irritation.
  • Peppermint: A fragrance that has its footprint on every home. Peppermint candles can ease muscle pain, headaches, and digestive problems.

Aroma candles help in various ways. It benefits people who have an upset tummy, PMS, blood sugar problems, distressed skin, joint pains, cancer, and mental health issues. These candles help to reminisce about the good old days.

Alternative of Aromatherapy:

You have difficulty in finding solace but still want to be at peace. Thinking of aromatherapy but maybe it is not your first choice? Then what else can you do? Don’t be sad as bathing with flower soaps might also heal your mind and body. Flowers are not only there for smelling purposes. You love to do something unique and interesting!

You can enjoy the blooms during your bath time. Confused? Don’t be, as you can sprinkle the petals of the exotic blooms in your bathwater. Flower soaps are the most unique way to get calm. Get your peace of mind all together by bathing in a flower soap. This idea is a bit exciting but no less than aromatherapy.

Gift of flower soaps: 

They can be used as a present too. If you are tired of giving the same kind of floral gifts to your loved ones, try flower soaps for a new and exciting kinda gift. Flower soaps are the scented soaps that come in the shape of adorable real blooms.

Top aromatherapy retailers in Singapore:

Singapore is a gem of a place. This place has an abundance of peace and greenery all around. Still, people are getting caught up with fatal evils such as depression, anxiety, stress, sadness, and other health issues. The life of people amidst the greenery is still chaotic and distressful.

Then how to overcome this situation?

Well, why take more stress on how to relieve stress when Aromatherapy is there for you. In this big place, it is a little challenging to find the best aromatherapy. 

Why Aromatherapy?


You have just had a long-suffering week and now all you want is rest and peace. How would you feel if when you put your first step in your home you get filled with an exotic fragrance? How exciting it is to have a bathtub full of warm soothing water and flower soaps kept beside it. It will surely create the most relaxing moment of your life. What are you waiting for?

Oh! okay got it you don’t actually have any clue from where to get the aromatherapy stuff? Don’t be furious!

Here’s a compiled list of aromatherapy retailers:

  • The smell lab: They have an exotic range of essential oils and other aromatherapy products. All their products are naturally made which helps to make you get back to your senses.
  • Massage supplies warehouse: If you run a business and want the product for your hotels and spas. Then they are the best choice for you. Not only do they carry the best varieties of essential oils but also supply the massage beds with other aromatherapy products. So cool!
  • Nila Singapore: It is a local and handcrafted brand. Their essential oils are all pure and captivating but trustworthy also. Not only do they spread love and fragrances but they also distribute the knowledge through their educational institute known as the Nila institute of aromatherapy.
  • FlowerAdvisor Singapore: You can get all your favorite aromatic flower soaps here. Not only do they get you the fresh flower soaps but also they bring it in its original flower shape. How exciting and unique it is to have flower soap in the shape of a flower. Their products are all fresh which will cleanse your soul and free your mind.

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