Chocolate is such a gift that we can give on many occasions. For example is for valentine’s, birthday, anniversaries, etc. A chocolate gift pack or chocolate box is the best choice to give it to someone. You can give it directly to the person or send it to their house.

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Can I Send Chocolate to Singapore?

Chocolate Gifts
Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate is also a gift that is known as a compelling gift to make a better mood. That is why it is also known as a mood booster. Its sweet taste gives a positive impression and impact on the recipient.

So, chocolate is the perfect thing to give to someone as a gift. Besides, chocolate gift packs can also be used as a companion gift when delivering flowers to someone. I’m sure this gift combination will make the recipient very happy.

Do not waste your time too much just thinking about what gift you can send to them. Instead use your time to check Flower Advisor’s chocolate delivery Singapore. There are some types of chocolate gifts that you can choose based on the occasions you need.

If you need it urgently, we also serve for same day chocolate delivery. So, there are no more reason for you not to make them always happy with your gift.

What is the Best Chocolate for a Birthday Present?

You should choose the best kind of chocolate for a birthday present and pack it in a box with flower designs, ribbons, or even a small teddy bear.  The chocolate will look more beautiful and gorgeous. I’m sure the recipient will be very happy and impressed with the gift you send.

And actually, these kinds of gifts are matched for anyone as a gift for their birthday. They can enjoy this birthday delivery gift in Singapore any time after being delivered to their place.

Birthday Delivery Gift
Birthday Delivery Gift


What is the No. 1 Chocolate?

There are many types of chocolate available in Singapore. Sometimes it is hard to say which one is the best chocolate. As to decide that, we judge from many aspects, such as taste, natural ingredients, variants, design of the packaging, etc. Most people judge that the types of chocolate they have eaten have their own characteristic flavor, and most of them serve a sweet taste that gives a good impression when eaten.

From those aspects, the No. 1 chocolate that Flower Advisor’s suggest to you is Choco Craving item, which consists of Beryl’s Almond coated with milk Chocolates 70g. Brown & Haley Almond Roca 140g. Beryl’s Tiramisu Almond White Chocolates 65g. Beryl’s Mint & bitter Chocolate 34g. W: 42cm H: 47cm.

This item is a best seller because its gift box consists of some different types of chocolates. So, the recipient can enjoy many types of chocolate in a single box. Isn’t it great?

Chocolate Gift Box
Chocolate Gift Box

Which Chocolate is Good for Health?

Most people never realize that many ingredients in it are good for the body and health. Among the many types of chocolate, dark chocolate contains the most nutrients that are good for health. Chocolate nutrition comes from cocoa beans, which are rich in flavonoids. These flavonoids are high in antioxidants that can reduce the risk of heart disease. So, dark chocolate is the best chocolate for health because it contains little sugar and milk.

Also, another positive effect is stress relief. Sweet foods are often used as an escape for many people when they are stressed. Occasionally try to replace these sweet foods and drinks with dark chocolate.

So, if the recipient is in a condition that demands them to take care of their food’s health, then dark chocolate is the right choice to give to them.


How Do You Pack Chocolate as a Gift?

There are various kinds of interesting ways and designs that we should try in giving chocolate gifts. Before deciding which design to choose, you have to match it to the recipient’s occasion.

For example, if this chocolate gift is for valentine, a box of chocolate with a ribbon and a bouquet is the best choice for you. Flower Advisor always has a new catalog for valentine’s chocolate delivery in Singapore.

Some types of chocolate in a basket is another design of chocolate that can be sent for birthdays, graduation, and a condition when the recipient is sad and needs someone’s entertainment. This basket of chocolate will be a cure for them.

Chocolate Gift Package
Chocolate Gift Package


Why is Chocolate a Good Gift?

Most people in this world often use chocolate as a gift or companion to flower gift. The sweet taste that brings out the good mood makes chocolate perfect as a gift for many occasions, such as birthday, valentine, graduation, mother’s day, father’s day, and anniversary.

Have you ever thought of another food that you can give as a gift besides chocolate? Then, have you ever asked yourself why you always send chocolate as a gift? The simple answer to this is maybe because it’s delicious and simple, right? But actually, this is not as simple as you think.

Chocolate can be categorized as a luxurious gift. Soft, smooth, and sweet are chocolate attributes that speak of luxury. A box of beautifully decorated handmade chocolates is delicious and classy, which adds value to the gift. With this gift, you are showing that you are well prepared for something they will enjoy, which will make the gift much more meaningful.

So, there are some ways to give chocolate as a gift to your loved one. Firstly, you can try to learn how to make a chocolate truffle, cake, cookies, or pudding, then pack it in a beautiful box with a ribbon and a card message. This handmade will impress them with the effort and time you put into creating this gift. Secondly, suppose you don’t have too much time and ability to make handmade chocolate. In that case, I suggest you to check our flower and chocolate delivery catalog and deliver it to them. Happy spread happiness, everyone!

Spreading Happiness
Spreading Happiness