Babies are miracles of life. A baby is a godsend boon of the almighty. Proper care is a key aspect of their happiness. When it comes to getting a gift for a newborn baby it is full of perplexity but not impractical, you need to keep the baby delighted from that present otherwise it will be of no use and will end up going in a corner of the closet. One must also keep in mind the lifestyle of the family and their needs or else your gift will end in a clutter of piles. 


What is a baby hamper?

Baby Hampers
Baby Hampers

Babies are a whole world for their parents and family. One can never pen down their love and adornment towards the baby but they can express it through a sweet gesture and that is a baby gift hamper set for the cutest bundle of joy. A hamper is a way to show your love and pamper for the baby. A baby gift hamper contains all the basic essentials which are required for the newborn such as napkins, wipes, and baby wash, to name a few.


What do you put in a baby gift basket?

Rather than going all fancy and expensive, you can put staple items that are great in their own way.

Planning and designing a baby gift hamper according to your budget and making it most captivating is a little challenging for individuals.

One need not be stressed out as we have compiled a bunch of important stuff to be included in the baby gift hamper set.


Important things for the newborns are:

1. A pack of cloth napkins for the baby

As cloth diapers are the most comforting, more breathable, and helps in getting rid of skin irritation. Cloth diapers are useful in reducing the exposure of a baby’s skin to allergens and irritants.

2. Onesies


This is the must-have for the newborn. This clothing allows your baby to have comfort while doing their gestures and permits the mama to do their chores without having fear of their baby’s diaper falling down.

3. Bibs

Infants and toddlers tend to spit and spill the things they have been fed. Bibs are a good way to save clothes by being soiled.

4. Muslins

They are the most comfortable providing cloth to a baby. It is made up of extremely soft and breathable fabric, which allows the heat of the body to escape out and let the fresh air enter into the body of the baby. Muslins have also been known for mimicking the womb. 

5. Pacifiers or dummies


They are also known as soothers, used to calm an already fed but cranky baby.  They are the key to the happiness of the baby. It is safe to use for a newborn. If the baby has a problem in breastfeeding, it makes the baby accomplished in sucking and that is beneficial to the mother as well as the baby.

6. Essential baby care

The essentials contains sterilized baby lotion, baby hair oil, baby body massager oil, face wipes, full-body wipes, diaper rashes cream, and baby napkins. All these baby care items will keep the baby well pleased.

7. Grooming items

It contains baby’s hairbrush, baby face cream, buds of cotton,  tiny nail trimmer of baby, sunscreens, baby hat, and cotton wool. 

8. Well-being items

It includes items such as the baby thermostat, baby towels, baby shusher sound machine, baby carriers.

9. Baby’s comfort garments

Baby garments
Baby garments

All a newborn needs is to get pampered and making a baby comfortable in a cloth shows genuine pampering to the baby, some garments for baby pampering are baby grows, baby socks(according to season), gloves, cardigans, and jumpsuits for the infant.

10. Fancy accessories

Bath toys, cuddly soft toys, activity toys and kinds of stuff, baby teething rings, gaming mobiles, and plush rings toys.

11. Famous books

Baby alphabet books, animated books, child care books, and baby board books.

12. Baby utensils

Infant feeding spoons, baby bowls, snack cups, and a bottle brush.

13. Baby bottle set

It is the most efficient gift for a baby and their parents as it is going to get used anyhow. It will cheer up the baby as well as the parent.


In the baby gift hamper, you can also add up some items for the incredible mother of the newborn so that she could also get some spare time to appreciate herself. 

You can get some sweet-smelling body wash and a nice pair of shampoo & conditioner.

These all will act as a little luxury for her.


If you belong to Singapore, you can get a basket gift set for the baby through the baby hamper Singapore. All these items can get ordered online on a fingertip and will get delivered safely from the websites. It will never let you down with the baby gift set hamper and the quality and quantity of the products. Through an online method, you can buy a different gift set for the newborns such as a baby hamper set for girls and a baby hamper set for boys.


What should you not buy for a baby?

Infants and toddlers require a lot of care, pampering, and constant attention. 

Every individual wants the best for their baby and there are a plethora of baby products sold in the market and it is a little overwhelming to select and buy an appropriate item. Don’t be stressed out! As we have compiled a list of non-essentials for a newborn baby. Hope you  find it helpful and can figure out what not to buy or not necessary to be bought for the infant.

1. Baby shoes

Infants can’t really walk and move much,  so buying shoes for a toddler is quite unnecessary. Shoes don’t even get stuck to the baby’s tiny feet, they constantly keep falling down. Then, why waste money? Buy smart!

2. Crib bumpers


Crib bumpers are hazardous for a baby, they elevate the risk of suffocation, entrapment, and strangulation. They are enemies disguised in the costume of a gentle friend. It is better for you to pay heed when you buy a baby product and say no to bumpers. 

3. Baby robe

Baby robes are really not that necessity of a baby, as after shower baby’s get dried out in a jiffy. It only adds a worthless expenditure to your budget.

4. Wipes warmer

In five seconds, warm wipes get back to normal again, then what is the purpose of buying it? It is totally a waste of time and money.

5. Boogie wipes


Regular wipes are as tender and as effective as boogie wipes. Think before you buy extra stuff which is not a need of the hour.

6. Baby scented detergent

Babies are softer than a cotton boll, they have a hard time adjusting to the environment, you immediately need to throw this item out of your mind as it will only bring harm and irritation to the baby.

7. Baby cologne

A baby’s natural scent is all filled with love and warmth then why disturb the naturality and genuineness of a baby’s skin, they do not need a baby cologne. This thing only gets added to a pile of clutters.

8. Baby powder

This stuff is terrible as it contains fine particles that can cause harm to the baby and can result in breathing problems in the infant. The baby can also develop irritation from the powder.

9. Diaper genie

What an unworthy item added to a baby list. The diaper genie is never really worth it. It takes space and there is no difference between a dustbin and a diaper Genie, so why spend extra money on such an unworthy item? It is better to throw the diapers in a trash can.

10. Baby bathtub

Baby bath tub
Baby bath tub

In a bathtub babies don’t usually have quality time rather they are more scared of the water and the tub they are in. They start crying out of fear. The baby bathtubs are bulky and take up a lot of space, considering it to buy is an utter waste.

11. Pacifier wipes

It is a totally useless thing to buy, and the newbie mama’s really don’t have that much extra time to keep care of these things.

12. Baby blankets

You don’t really need to buy a blanket specifically for the baby, one can use homemade covers for the little one and it will provide more comfort to the baby rather than a synthetic blanket.



5 best baby boy gift:

Welcoming a baby is a cheerful and a moment full of merry, it is the time to paint the town red for the parents and family. At this moment, wonderful gifts are always cherished and welcomed.

1. Baby hand and footprint picture frame

You can make an imprint of your baby in just a minute and it will be kept and cherished for a lifetime.

2. Jumperoo

They are most fun and joy providing gifts to be presented to a newborn, babies find it exciting. Jumperoo keeps the baby above from the ground and allows him to bounce with every movement and that encourages muscles and balanced development. Along with the baby, the parents will also surely love this playstation as it is both comfortable and safe for the apple of their eye.

3. Bibs

The most essential gift one can give as babies have a habit of spitting, spilling, and constant drooling which creates dampness around the baby’s neck and can result in drool rash. You can prevent the baby from this kind of irritation by providing them with colorful and adorable bibs.

4. Play cubes

Play cubes
Play cubes

Play cubes play an essential part in the growth of a baby’s sensory development plus it also keeps the baby busy and parents free.

5. Wooden name puzzle

This gift can be given on the occasion of a baby shower or it also plays a role of an educational toy.


5 best baby girl gift:

Well, it is a little hard to pick up a present for a baby girl, in reality, baby gifts are a helpful hand for the parents.

1. Girl crib mobile

A mobile crib will help your little angel to meet up with stars, clouds, pop pom, and maybe a unicorn too. It is a fancy gift but totally worth it. Music also plays a healing role in life.

2. Headbands

For a baby girl it is never too early and too late for hair accessories. Groom your little angel with a hairband and see how adorable it will look on her head.

3. Baby girl onesie

It is one of the most profound gifts one can give it to a sweet baby girl. You can make it personalized by printing their name or cute titles.

4. Baby nest

This is something very special for a baby girl, as it will prevent her from falling down in sleep. The nests are movable and it can be moved from one place to another. This will provide comfort to the parents too as they will be assured that their cute little angel is safe.

5. Baby doll


A doll for your little baby doll. You can get a plush baby doll that is suitable for playing and perfect for hugs. It is a great and fun soft toy for a baby girl.