Balloon Bouquet
Balloon Bouquet

Balloons are a happy space and a happy place to spend your moment with. Seeing them makes one all content and awakens the child in them. Being a child by heart is so vital and there’s a saying that never let the child in you die. Balloons create a jolly surrounding them. They are the source of why one feels euphoria. Merriment is the focal point of balloons as they are being born for that only. Balloons are so light weighted and also make one heart lighter by just jumping and pumping around them. You will see no ideal sitting when balloons are dancing and talking around them. How would you feel when not only one but a bunch of balloons will knock on your door, ecstatic is not it? Nowadays balloon bouquets are in great demand. People are loving them and carrying them for other events too. 

Balloon bouquets


Balloon bouquets make the spirit elevate and perfectly fit with every occasion. They increase the merriment of the ambience wherever they go. Balloon bouquets consist of charming balloons, chocolates, exotic blooms, and other edible items, one can personalize it in their way. Florists across the globe now keep a huge variety of balloons with them, all of them of various attractive shapes, sizes, themes, and colors. 

You would be thinking why a florist has such a thing to do? Well, they have to make the bouquet look charming and joyous as the role of a bouquet is to please the person not to make them sad. Bouquets are an exquisite way of expressing your feelings. Balloon bouquets are something unique and very special to individuals. In a balloon bouquet, balloons are being added with the arrangement of flowers or plants, or other mind refreshing items such as teddies, chocolates. But the main one can be balloons and blooms only. They are used to increase the high spirits of the event or function one is sending their warm regards with balloon bouquets. If the bouquet is adorned with various beautiful hues as in birthday balloons it sums the bounce of the celebration. And shiny mylar balloons work as the party starter and refresh the mood of every individual present at the moment. Balloons are in major demand. Their role has been increased, earlier they were used in birthdays only but now they are increasing the charm of weddings, official events, and any festive occasion. Balloon bouquets are a perfect fit to be given as gifts at parties, weddings, gifts for the retirees, get well soon messages for the sick loved one, and alluring treats for the kids and adults alike. 

Now let’s get insights on what type of balloons are used in a bouquet, as sometimes you want to share your love with all of your efforts and hard work, so it would assist you in designing the balloon bouquet of your choice. 

Types of Balloons:

Types of Balloon
Types of Balloon

Balloons are commonly available in two categories, the first one is the traditional latex balloons, which are being prepared by thin stretchy kind of rubber, and the famous mylar balloons are made up of the metalized film. Each type of balloon has its uniqueness, different attributes, comes in various sizes, and can be used in wide ways.

  • Latex balloons: Latex is a porous material, so the balloons that are made by this material, unfortunately, could not make it for longer as compared to the mylar balloons. Latex balloons can be filled with either helium or air. Because a molecule of oxygen is larger than helium balloons will, the larger molecules are not able to pass through the balloon’s surface with ease. But the air-filled balloons, obviously don’t float. The majority of florists use a special product, for instance- rubber cement, they coat the balloon with these before inflating it with the helium. Doing this helps in sealing the pores in the latex and keeps the balloon afloat a little longer. Latex balloons are the best ones for a short tenure of time.
  • Mylar balloons: These balloons are made up of a kind of reflective film, which is used to make mylar balloons and they are less porous in comparison to latex, so these balloons tend to sustain for a long time after the inflation, and as they are not that flexible, less pressure is put on the walls of mylar balloons. Mylar balloons have another plus point also, as they can be filled up a second time by either air or helium, increasing the life span. Once filled, however, mylar balloons should be kept far from harsh heat or sunlight, which can cause the gas inside to elevate and burst the balloon. Mylar balloons are perfect for every occasion.

Balloon ideas

Air-filled balloons can be secured into a floral design using special balloon picks. They can also be tied rigidly together so that they don’t get disturbed. Helium balloons can be easily stuck to the neck of the base, the handle of the basket, or a bag of candies. 

Balloon bouquets and chocolates

Who doesn’t like sweets and chocolates? Chocolates are the sweet medicine to every tentative hassle. Exploring the chocolate can make one forget their problem for a while. Maybe your special day is coming and you haven’t decided on the perfect plan yet. But don’t get caught by handcuffs of stress, as technology has got your back. You can take help from chocolates and the merriest stuff is balloons. Balloons can turn one’s grey sky into a rainbow. If you are deciding on a perfect surprise for your loved one and not receiving any good suggestions from the brain, then let it be. We are here to tell you, you can opt for a mixed bouquet of chocolates and balloons, a perfect treat for spreading love and warmth. Balloon bouquets with chocolates are loved by everyone, you can give them on any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or be it any festival, they are going to be greeted and accepted with love. 

Maybe your loved one loves to hog on chocolates, get them a bouquet of balloons with chocolates and let them melt their heart for you and the anger fly away just like a balloon and make your bond grow stronger than ever.

Balloon bouquet with flowers;

Flowers are the best gift that nature has given to us, they always tend to make people feel better, merrier, and more helpful, and kind, they are the healing therapy to the soul. A balloon bouquet with flowers makes a perfect pair as they speak on behalf of your emotions. Flowers are the perfect messenger to convey your emotions and genuine feelings. 

Flowers go on every occasion. Well, flower bouquet comes with lots of perplexity such as whether the flowers would be fresh or not, the bouquet will look aesthetic or not, don’t give your brain this much pressure as flower delivery Singapore has got you covered. You can get a plethora of blooms and balloon bouquets at reasonable prices. All you need is to keep your eye on the online florist. 

Some of the ideas and options of balloon bouquet with flowers are:

  • Rose bouquet with balloons: Everyone is aware that roses are the manifestation of love. Want to make your crush happy and to make them fall in love with you even more, then don’t wait anymore, hurry up and order a bouquet full of roses along with funky balloons. 
  • Lily bouquet with balloons: Your friend is going to be a mother soon! It’s time for the baby shower but you haven’t thought of a perfect gift to express your love and warmth, but flower delivery Singapore thinks for you people, all you have to do is select a bouquet of your kind and get it delivered the same day.

You can have more diversified blooms for the bouquet such as tulips, gerberas, daisies, one you adore, it will be there for you, and will make your perfect day a noteworthy moment.

How to design a balloon bouquet

How to Design Balloon Bouquet
How to Design Balloon Bouquet

You might be thinking about how to prepare a simple balloon bouquet? Before deep-diving into it, you need to clear the fact that one of the secrets of perfect-looking centerpieces is, blow the balloons to the same size. Now go back to the pavilion,

Let’s get first insight on what are the kinds of stuff you need

  • Latex balloons (color of your choice)
  • Curling ribbons
  • Helium
  • Balloon sizer
  • Self-made balloon sand weight
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Kinds of Stuff you want to add more like teddies, pictures, etc.

The very first step you will take is to inflate the balloons with helium, keep tracking the size of the balloons as they all need to be of the same shape and size, otherwise, it will look odd. In the second step, the ribbons will play a major role, tie the knot of the balloons after that attach the ribbons to the base of the balloons. In the next third step, you might need to curl the open end of the ribbons to make it look more elegant. To curl the ribbons you need an open pair of scissors, start from where the knot is, place the ribbon between your thumb and then cut it from the scissors down the entire length of the ribbons.

Your balloons are ready, now if you want to add some more stuff such as chocolates, teddies, blooms, etc to make it abundant. You can add some flowers with the balloons and stick some chocolates to make it sweeter. This will become the needy bouquet and will be perfect for all occasions. 

How to order balloon bouquets online?

Planning an occasion during your busy schedule? Don’t worry as you can order it online by flower delivery Singapore and make your precious people happy like never before. It’s very easy peasy to select flowers online through online delivery, all you need is to go through the best flower and gift delivery websites and search for the one you are looking for. After that, select the one whom you fell in love with at first sight and then add to the cart, check for delivery time and date. Tada your day is going to be spent all around love and warmth. If you desire to get the same-day delivery, then flower advisor is the right place you scrolled, all you have to do is go for your choice of a bouquet and send flower and balloon arrangements to your loved ones with a balloon bouquet delivery.