Flowers at workplace
Flowers at workplace


Considering scientific research has proven the positive side of having more green plants and flowers in the workspace. Humans always want to be connected with nature, which scientists call ‘biophilia’. Unfortunately, we tend to spend more time at work that needs a more natural environment.

Research has shown that adding some green plants in a room has a big positive benefit for employees and people in the workspace. Here are some of the benefits of flowers at work:

Reducing Stress

Flowers at Workplace
Flowers at Workplace


Workplaces tend to become the most stressful place in our daily life. Having flowers and plants can reduce the stress that can occur. Studies show that the addition of one interest per workspace can provide additional employee morale.

Increase Productivity

Flowers and plants are expected to increase productivity, the creativity of employees, and office workers. The study shows that men are able to generate 30% more ideas in the office with interest than when in a dull work environment.

Improve Air Quality

Green plants are always believed to improve & increase air quality. In addition, flowers and plants make the air in the room fresher.

Feel Healthier and Happier

Flowers can make someone smile. By breathing in the scent of flowers, we can feel healthier and happier.