Christmas Hampers
Christmas Hampers


Now that the festive holiday is just around the corner, you may start planning to get some Christmas hampers. You can send the hamper to everyone on the list or bring it with you while visiting their places during the holiday season.

While it must be pretty simple to decide the recipients, you may find it hard to determine what kind of hampers to choose. Whether you want to arrange the hamper yourself or buy one, make sure to get the right one.

In some cases, you may need to personalize each hamper to suit your recipient’s taste. However, if your hamper will contain something that can be everyone’s favorite, it will save some time since you can give the same hamper for everyone.

What Do You Put in a Hamper for Christmas?

Christmas Hampers
Christmas Hampers


Christmas hampers tend to contain seasonal favorites like Christmas pudding, chocolate, cheese, spiced preserves, mince pies, and biscuits. Besides, they can be filled with other delicious foods and beverages such as tea, a bottle of wine, coffee, and others.

1. Wine

It’s no secret that a bottle of wine often becomes the centerpiece of any Christmas gift basket. Even though other beverages work well too, a nice bottle of wine is just everyone’s favorite, you can go for gin or mulled cider.

2. Chocolate

Here it is the most favorite item for kids during the Christmas holiday. While it becomes kids’ favorite, we cannot deny that Christmas hampers consisting of chocolates will excite adults too. One can go for chocolate gourmet that is infused with mint flavors.

3. Decorations

Aside from food items, you can also include some Christmas decorations in the hamper. For instance, you can add candy canes to enliven the hamper. You can also make a hamper consisting of decorations for a Christmas tree.

In addition to some of the items mentioned above, a flower bouquet will also make an ideal gift for celebrating Christmas as well. Remember that a hamper is not only about food. You can also include some lovely flowers in it to beautify your recipient’s home.

Things to Consider When Picking Hampers for Christmas

After knowing some good options to put into your Christmas hampers, it is time to learn some tips to make the most of these presents. Even though there are no certain rules for creating the hamper, these tips will surely help you.

First of all, you need to go for a hamper that is suitable for the recipient. For instance, a hamper filled with some bottles of wine will be perfect for wine-loving parents. Meanwhile, a hamper for vegetarians may include fruits and healthy foods.

Second, you should decide whether to pick a customized hamper or a pre-made one. If you prefer something more convenient, consider shopping for a pre-made hamper. However, for a more personalized gift, opt for a customized hamper.

You may like to get customized Christmas hampers for some of the most significant people in your life. Then, pick the pre-made ones for others. Next, you need to determine how much the budget is for buying the hampers.

Figuring out your budget will help set boundaries of things you can include or not in the hamper. If you have a long list of recipients, it is possible to set a different range of budgets for each person.

Finding the Best Shop that Sells Hampers

Then, where should we shop for hampers on the market? Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find hamper providers online. You need to open your browser and find the best shop that offers the best Christmas hampers for your needs.

You can start by shopping around and compare every hamper provider that offers such interesting products. Ensure that the provider is reliable and only provides you with good quality hampers to be regretful for both you and the recipients. Furthermore, it is important to take the price of the available hamper into account as well. The provider should offer the best hampers at the price that your budget can afford. Then, make sure that their hampers contain what you need.

In conclusion, gifting someone a gift basket at Christmas is perfect for showing your gratitude and appreciation. You can make the hamper yourself or get a pre-made one on the market. Just make sure that you get the Christmas hampers from a reliable provider.

Trending Gifts

What gifts are trending? Hampers have never been an old thing to be the answer to a Christmas gift idea. The one getting old is the contents inside the hampers. In this era, many people modify the basic things to be more creative and interesting.

4. Hampers of Western Food

Food businessmen were competing for their creativity in creating their food. In 2020, Instagram was full of simple creative food, especially cheesy food; there is spaghetti Brulee, lasagne, garlic cheese bread, carbonara, fried cheese, and much more cheesy food. Those foods can be the contents of the up-to-date hampers. It can be additional dishes on Christmas night to be enjoyed by the receiver and family.  

5. Scented Candles

Scented Candles
Scented Candles


Scented candles as Christmas gifts are so useful to fragrance the air on Christmas dinner. It can also give a warm atmosphere in the middle of the celebration and can enrich the intimacy of the celebration itself. A scented candle with dried flowers inside not only will give us a good smell but also aesthetic looks on some corners.

6. Perfume



The perfume will always be a good idea at any moment of the event. Christmas comes in winter; therefore, several contents would be appropriate for calming. Perfume to Christmas gift comprises wood, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, celery, and eucalyptus. The smell of those ingredients carries the calmness on cold.

7. Bouquet of Skincare

This one, perhaps the newest gift, causes many skincare products to appear. These days, skincare does not only affect female needs but also male needs. This is why many people use skincare to give a gift. There are several things you need to know before giving a bouquet of skincare as a gift. You need to know the skin type of the person, the person’s skin needs, and the allergies of the people.

8. 365 Jar

Christmas is side by side with a new year. Therefore we can combine the gift. 365 Jar could be a good Christmas and new year gift idea for boyfriend and girlfriend. The jar filled up with 365 sheets with four to six colors. Each color has its purpose. For example, yellow means “random”, blue means “jokes”, green means “quotes/lyrics”, pink means “reason why I love you”, purple means “memories”, black means “things to do together”. This jar is not always filled with 365 sheets, you can fill it less than 365 or even more. The gift is a DIY gift.

9. Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation
Hotel Reservation


This idea is suitable for your friend and his family who are planning a holiday. You can give them hotel reservations in their place. Thus they can spend Christmas night in the comfort of good hotel service and enjoy the night. A Hotel ticket is not only for a holiday, but it could also be a Christmas gift for a staycation perhaps based on the current situation, which is we can not go to another city or country.

Christmas Gift Idea for Family

We often celebrate Christmas with our family and exchange gifts with each other. The simple thing to give is when we know better what our family member needs, but it might be challenging to ask because this is a gift; the person shouldn’t know what is inside. Instead, there will always be simple things for Christmas gift ideas. Christmas will always be related to winter, and winter stuff is a simple tool through the winter.

It is not only simple but also winter stuff is convenient to make by yourself. There are so many DIY videos on the internet that can be imitated to make something creative and useful as a gift.

10. Scarf



The scarf is never useless for winter; it will always match any winter outfit. Because of the weather, a scarf would be needed for at least warmth. To leave a special trace, it would be better to make a DIY scarf on your own. It is not a bad idea too if you want to purchase a good quality scarf or an expensive scarf.

11. Sweater


Besides the scars, winter stuff are always needed, and perhaps people will always wear a sweater. Like the same as scarf, sweaters are never going to be useless or wrong choices for a gift in Christmas because Christmas will permanently exist in winter (and rainy in Southeast Asia). You can create the sweater on your own too, by knitting it out. But buying a special edition of Christmas sweater at the shopping canter is never a problem.

12. Macrame



For the DIY gift idea, you can make macramé, it’s maybe a little hard to make and needs a long time, but it might leave an impression. You can make macramé for home decoration in many shapes to displayed on the wall. Moreover, macramé can also be used thing like a pot hanger, decorative lamp coating, or even a mat.

Gift That Are Prohibited

Several things, perhaps, can not be a good idea for a Christmas gift. In a particular region, things are forbidden for a gift idea in any event cause it might bring bad luck. Moreover, the bad luck reason that perhaps sounds like it does not make any sense. These few things also prohibited cause it endangers.

The handkerchief is a bad idea for a Christmas gift. In Sweden, handkerchiefs are believed can bring tears for the person. Either it is because of calamity, separation, or accident.

Knife or any sharp objects. Avoid giving a knife as a gift because it would be a bad idea. It will harm the person who is both the courier or the receiver. Furthermore, sharp objects as a gift is believed could cut off the relationship between the sender and the receiver.

Fragment objects are not as safe as Christmas gifts. As a gift, you can not tell anyone what you give, but who knows if it is being thrown unless you tell them it’s a fragment. It also can harm the receiver if the fragment things are broken inside the box. For example, it is a snow globe; besides danger, it is also useless.

Payment. Do not give someone a Christmas gift any payment. If you think it’s a simple gift, well, you get wrong. It can be payment of electricity, phone payment, payment of tax, or perhaps payment of checking out at online shop. It would look like you have no effort in the holy event, mirroring bad manners.

These are a few things you should not do as a Christmas gift. Other than those things, do not give things that might invite an offensive feeling and things that could row the holy of Christmas itself.

Popular Gift for Christmas

13. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree


Christmas trees never are wrong to give as a gift. It is the most popular gift on Christmas cause it means eternal life. Christian believed a pine tree that is made into a Christmas tree symbolizes God who experiences the incarnation. This is why the Christmas tree always exists at Christmas celebrations, even in a public area. 

Christmas trees as Christmas gifts have various types. However, you don’t need to send a big tree; it can be a simple little tree because it is more in demand. You can give a whole finished Christmas tree or Christmas tree making equipment.

Christmas gift is not determined by how expensive it is; it still could be cheap but not twopenny. The impression itself could define how meaningful things are. To make it easier, you only need to give something that the receiver needs. Thus the gift can be very useful. It does not only impress them; it will impress us too.