Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

Bon appetit!

The cake is a type of sweet food made up of flour, sugar, and other ingredients and it’s usually baked. In older times, cake meant sweet pie or sweet bread but now things have changed!

As society evolved, so did the cake. Nowadays the most common cake ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil or margarine, a liquid, and a leavening agent such as baking soda or baking powder. One can also add ingredients and flavors like dried, candied & fresh fruits, and nuts, cocoa, and extracts such as vanilla with numerous substitutes for main ingredients. Cakes can also be stuffed with fruit preserves, nuts, or dessert sauces (like pastry cream), iced with buttercream or other icings, and decorated with marzipan, piped borders, or candied fruit.

Cake can go pure eggless if one wants. It can be made in as many ways as one wants to bake.


How to make someone’s birthday special?

It’s your special one’s birthday, the day which comes only once a year and you have to make it all ecstatic. You want to make the day a countable one but you do not know how, as the stuffed items and gifts are too overrated.

What about ordering a birthday cake or baking? Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Who would not be on cloud nine by getting their tummy fed by the cake, made or ordered by their beloved?  

Big bashes are not essential to make someone’s day notable and mood enjoyable.

It is the simple efforts you do, that matters.

Cakes are the happiest pie that exists.

If your schedule has a lot on your plate and you are a busy beaver and want to make your buddy’s day a remarkable one then all you need to do is to order their favorite flavored cake. This is going to work as magic your partner will become as happy as a clam. 


Well, it is not a necessity that cakes can only be ordered or be baked on a birthday.

There are plenty of occasions where you can not say no to a cake, “a happy pie”.


Occasions for ordering a cake:

As soon as you think of any happy ceremony or an occasion the first one to pop up in your mind is a CAKE!

To make a day terrific a cake plays a major part. Whether it is a birthday celebration or a date night, cake perfectly fits everywhere.


Several occasions where you can’t say no to the cake are:

1. Birthday

Whether you are in any corner of the world a birthday is not complete without a cake. Every person makes their day special by cutting a cake that adds happiness to the moment. Now it has become a ritual to cut a cake on the day of your birth.

2. Anniversary

Every way reached in love, every year completed in love calls for the celebration. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-month anniversary, a silver jubilee, or a golden jubilee. Don’t forget to bring a pie of happiness, that is a cake.

3. Valentine’s day


A day all dedicated to love. It is the day to express your deepest and sincerest love to your partner. And in this special time, one needs a sweet item to make the moment sweeter. Well, then what’s the better option than a heart-shaped bouquet along with a delicious flavored cake? Sounds romantic, well it does magic too.

4. Women’s day

For the love of your life, the person who runs all your home, and the strength and support of yours. Acknowledge her strength and thank her on the day. You can honor her by sending a cake for her and letting her know she is as sweet as the delicious cake and her heart melts as the cake melts. Make her day noteworthy and don’t forget to make her smile.

5. Men’s day

This day is not celebrated and highlighted as the other days. But you should not follow the custom. Thank the man of your life who has brought immense change in your life and for being there as a pillar and support for you. Acknowledge his day and celebrate it with all your heart, send a cake to him, raise a toast and see him grinning like a cat.

6. Mother’s day

Mothers are a walking miracle. They are the sole reason for your existence. Show your gratefulness to your mother for her immense sacrifices she had made just for the sake of you and family.  For making you her number one priority and keeping her personal issues aside. Well for this great soul, celebration is a neer. Bring her a cake of her favorite flavor. Decorate the room and you can witness the pure happiness and love for you in her eyes.

7. Father’s day

You can never repay your father for continuously working to let you live a better life and making sure that no obstacles shall come in your way. It’s your time to show a little sweet gesture for him to make him feel special. Celebrate father’s day with a special flower bouquet and do the icing on the cake with a delicious cake and express your love and honor.

8. Daughter’s day

Send your warmest wishes for the angel of your life. It doesn’t matter how old your daughter is. She will always be your little child. Make her feel all happy and celebrate her day with all enthusiasm and a beautiful flavored cake. You are not going to regret it.

9. Teacher’s day

Teachers have an important role in shaping your future with the utmost compassion.  They nurture their students in every way possible. Say thanks to your teacher with a yummy cake as it is the day when children show their honor and gratuity towards their teacher.

10. Christmas


Make your Christmas merrier by ordering a delicious and your favorite flavored cake. Enjoy your eve and cherish the moments with a piece of yummy cake into your mouth.

11. Baby shower

Childrens are the Sweetest. Welcome the child with sweetness everywhere including your tummy. Feast your tummy with a delicious cake and spread sweetness all around.

12. New Year

Walking into the new year is the greatest joy, one celebrates this day with full enthusiasm. It is rightly said that whenever you start something fresh it is a must to sweeten your mouth, if you are going to start a new chapter of life and have made some resolutions, mark the day with a sweet yummy flavored cake and seize the day.


Which cakes are best for the birthday?

No celebration is complete without a cake.

It comes in different flavors and sizes. Cakes can be personalised in every possible way. There are varieties of cakes available. All are yummy and delicious which is a perfect treat for your tummy.

Feast your tummy with flavored cakes and make yourself a little sweeter and a little happier.


1. Black forest gateau

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

This royal classic cake never fails to impress and it has layers of Chocolates beneath the whipped cream, which is perfect to make your mouth go all watery.

2. Pineapple cake

What’s better than a fruit?  A cake and it is a fruit flavor! What’s better than this?  It is mostly golden and yellow in color and soaked all over with whipped cream and slices of pineapple all over it. A perfect quintessential birthday cake!

3. Truffle cake

If you are a chocolate lover, this yummy, gooey, and decadent cake is made for you. It is glazed with a soft ganache and delicious chopped dark chocolate truffle, all this together makes it all yummy. This cake is worth indulging in.

4. Coffee cake with mocha crusting

If you are a coffee lover then this cake perfectly fits you. It is a deliciously moist cake infused with an intense coffee flavor and its creamy layer comprises creamy coffee dark chocolate frosting. It is a delightful coffee treat in the form of a pie, relish it with your friends and family. A perfect choice for a coffee addict.

5. Fudgy chocolate cake

This cake is a delicious dream of many. A decadent chocolate cake layered with a chocolate fudge frosting and topped with a thick chocolate ganache. If you are a true chocolate devotee then take a slice of it and teleport yourself in the heaven of Chocolates.

6. Mango cake

Who doesn’t like mangoes? And a cake with mango in it. Yummy!! A perfect feast for the tummy. This cake is adorable and kind of delicious. 


Which flavored cakes can you get on FlowerAdvisor Sg?

Make all your occasions and festivals, special days remarkable with the best cake delivery in Singapore. 

Our cakes will surely put a little smile on your face and provide the best treat to your tongue. 

Now get ready to treat yourself with:

1. Mango mousse

It is our ultimate signature special, fresh fragrance mango mousse all layered with soft vanilla sponge and topped with fresh juicy mango slices.

2. Ultimate mango supreme

You will not regret indulging in this cake. Beautifully layered with mango mousse and mango bits and topped with fresh mango slices. Glazed with fresh mango and strawberries.

3. Royal chocolate mousse

A perfect treat to the Chocolate devotee.  It is made with rich Valrhona chocolate mousse cream and layered with crispearl chocolate sponge and dark chocolate spray.

4. American cheese

A pie to never regret. It is a traditional cheesecake all decked with a delicate touch of luscious fruits.

5. Heaven and Earth

As the name suggests so is the taste. Treat yourself to this yummy cake and get a free ticket to heaven. It is a bold combination of dark and white chocolate mousse layered with chocolate and vanilla sponge and topped with chocolate glaze and Carnation flowers.

6. Black forest

Most favorite picked cake. It is made up of chocolate sponge layered with fresh cream, complete with bitter dark sweet cherries toppings and Chocolate flakes.

7. Fresh fruit gateau

Fruits make everyone happy so does the cake. And the combination of the two is like an explosion of deliciousness. It is a sponge vanilla layered cake with custard cream and fresh fruit toppings.

8. Oreo cheese

Cookies in the cake oh what a delightful treat!  It is a combination of both baked and Oreo cream cheese mousse.

9. Tiramisu cake

A simple yet most yummy cake in the town. It is being prepared with light mascarpone cheese with delicate coffee-doused sponge layers. It is an ancient favorite but making a comeback with a new look and taste.

10. Chocolate fudge

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake

What a delightful scene created in mind by reading the name only! Get your mouth treated with yummy chocolaty cake. It is made up of moist chocolate lusciously layered with bittersweet chocolate mousse.

11. Salted caramel Red velvet

This yummy cake comes with Ferrero rocher bouquets. It’s like a cherry on a cake. Indeed! What are you waiting for?

12. Macaron tart cake

It comes in biscuits or sponge base of two different flavors.

13. Unicorn cake

A dreamy reality. This cake comes in the shape of a unicorn. It has a sponge base of two different flavors. Choose your type and get ready for the delicious explosion in your mouth.


Cake delivery Singapore

One can get all varieties of cake for their special day be it any occasion or  festival and also cake can be delivered on the same day.

Cakes are pure and cent percent fresh with a beautiful fragrance. 

We have a variety of pocket-friendly cakes available at the best cheapest price. No need to take stress on the price. For us, your satisfaction and happiness matter the utmost. 

You can get your cake personalized in the way you want and will get delivered to the desired place at your desired time.  

If it is urgent you can get your cake delivered on the same day.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious and elegant birthday cake.

Grow happiness and sweetness all around you with our yummy delicate and delightful cakes.