Birthday Gift

Everyone looks forward to their birthday. With an extra year added to our age, most of us also get gifts from close family and friends. Gift-giving is a tradition that has been followed for over two thousand years. However, with each passing year, you aren’t the only one finding it difficult to come up with gifts.

You can opt for a birthday gift delivery Singapore or any other country. But are you finding it difficult to come up with unique gift ideas? Read through this article to find gift recommendations and ideas for people who have everything!

How to make a birthday special?

Throwing a surprise party is one of the best ways to make anyone’s day special. If you live in Singapore, you can order all the things required for the party beforehand. There are excellent services in Singapore that provide everything from gift delivery to flower delivery to chocolate delivery (for a pull-apart cake, of course!) and party streamers.

So, with a few phone calls, you can plan an entire surprise party and it will be set up exactly according to your taste. There is no need for party planners or event planners. You’ll only need to coordinate the delivery time with the contractors who provide flower, chocolate, and birthday gift delivery. But after the tedious year we’ve had, party planning can be difficult.

Virtual Party
Virtual Party

The solution? Virtual Parties!

Now, that you’ve found an excellent solution to an issue, we’ll address the question most people are asking:

How to throw a surprise party in 2021?

The first thing to decide when planning a surprise party is whether you want to celebrate it virtually or physically. Virtual parties have become a rave in 2020, and there’s a good reason for that! You can enjoy just as much in a virtual party without actually having to travel to the location. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about risking infection!

Drive-through parties, Zoom parties, and even Google Hangouts have become popular platforms. For gifts, most people opt for a surprise birthday gift delivery service to give the person of the hour. But, the question remains, how do you start planning a virtual surprise party?

1. Pick a platform:

As mentioned earlier, you can hold a party on almost any platform. From Zoom to Microsoft Teams to Google Hangouts, there are unlimited options. So, the first thing to do is decide which platform you’d like to use. Each platform has its unique features so do a deep dive before selecting any!

2. Make a guest list:

You can’t have a surprise party without deciding who’s going to come! Recruit friends, family members, and spouses to help you create a list of the near & dear ones. You can create a small, intimate event or you can have a virtual party with over 50 people – it’s all your decision.

3. Find a gift:

For virtual parties in the city let’s say like Singapore, gift delivery is an excellent choice. You can opt for gift hampers that include everything from food to make-up. You can also opt for individual gifts or flower delivery Singapore. Once you’ve found the perfect gift, talk with the vendor to evaluate your options. Finding it difficult to find the perfect gift? Scroll down to find a list of excellent gift ideas!

4. Select a party theme:

Virtual parties are all the more fun with a theme. You can choose mainstream themes like sports or movie characters, or you can go all out and plan quirky themes. For example, you can make a Middle Ages theme or a Carnival theme party! Various platforms also allow you to set backgrounds. So, find one that matches your theme and dazzle everyone!

5. Send invites:

You’ll probably have to coordinate with a few people to decide which time is the best for the party. But, the biggest advantage of a virtual party is the digital invitation. You can send an e-invite directly to each person. This also makes it easy to communicate details and manage RSVPs.

6. Set a delivery time:

Various vendors in Singapore provide on-time delivery. What does this mean? You can also ask whether they will complete the unique birthday gift delivery Singapore at a specific time. If you can arrange the event appropriately, you can watch the birthday boy/girl receive and open the gift!

7. Virtual guest books:

Decide who’s coming to your party? Collected all the RSVPs? Now for the fun part: ask each person to contribute a photo and a message for a virtual photo album. Using The Guest App you can collect and share photos in full resolution. With this, you can make and gift a virtual photo album!

8. Line up your entertainment:

The guest of the hour receiving their surprise gift delivery is only part of the entertainment. Ask for volunteers from the guest list. Does anyone have any talents they want to share? Some platforms also provide virtual services that you can book. For example, Bash has a tarot card reading service along with 300 other options. Line up the entertainment for your party.

9. Make a splash:

Devise a plan to get the birthday boy/girl on the call. Will you tell them it’s an official group meeting? Or will you tell them you want a quick five-minute chat? Either way, devise a plan that’ll surprise them. Use the record feature on the platform to cement the memory!

By following these steps, you can easily plan a virtual party. But, now comes the more difficult part: gift selection. Even if you opt for gift delivery Singapore, you will have to choose a gift. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Go through the list given below to find the perfect gift for everyone.


Unique birthday gift ideas for someone who has everything 

Birthday Gift
Birthday Gift

Shopping for someone who has virtually everything is difficult. So, to help you out, here are our top ideas for unique gift delivery in Singapore.

1. Subscriptions: 

Regardless of which part of the world your birthday boy/girl is living in, streaming service subscriptions are a good idea. Everyone has at least one show that they want to watch but can’t. Why? Because that requires a subscription. And if you happen to have Netflix and Disney, you may not be able to fit Hulu in your budget. So, gifting membership or subscriptions to streaming services is the perfect gift for him or her.

2. Birthday gift hampers: 

We know they sound like a generic gift. But they’re not! Birthday gift hampers can include everything. From chocolate bouquet Singapore to top-of-the-line caviar. Your gift hamper can include anything unique and creative. Our recommendations are make-up products, beauty & bath, electronics, gag gifts, homemade food items, and even stationary. 

3. Babysitting service: 

Now, this might sound like an unconventional gift but it’s perfect for new parents. You can opt to do the babysitting yourself or hire a babysitter. This is a perfect example of a ‘birthday gift for her’. New mothers are known to be more stressed and with a one-night getaway ticket, you can help them a lot! You can also provide them with baby gifts.

4. Photo socks: 

We’ve all seen those giant blankets with someone’s face on them. But why not make them into socks? Print your face onto the sock and enjoy everyone’s reaction as the gift is opened. You can also personalize other items of clothing and jewelry similarly.

5. Airline tickets: 

If you have a sizeable budget, airline tickets are the perfect choice of birthday gift for him and her. These can be excellent gifts to give couples or to your spouse. This way, you get a free vacation with them!

6. Flowers and bouquets: 

One of the most beautiful gift ideas, flower bouquets are memorable. Each flower has a different meaning. For example, red roses signify romantic love, while white roses signify purity. You can look through a flower and gift guide to find the perfect flower for their birthday. 

These are our ideas for a unique gift delivery in Singapore. We’ve also sorted a list of birthday ideas according to relations. Look through these to find the perfect one for you.

Birthday gift ideas according to the relation

What to give a newborn baby and a new mother?

Most new parents wish to have a professional photoshoot. Unfortunately, this requires time and money and is commonly skipped by parents. But, this can make an excellent gift idea. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to give this gift.

One of the best gifts for newborn babies and new mothers is a professional photoshoot. Babies grow fast and in no time, the newborn baby is not going to look like he/she was used to. But with a professional photo shoot, the memory can be preserved forever.

What birthday gift to give siblings?

You can give your siblings any number of personalized items. From gift box delivery to scratchable traveler’s map, there are unlimited options. Our top recommendations for gifts for siblings include:

  1. Customized clothing, mugs, etc.
  2. Black Truffles
  3. Customized watches
  4. Smart photo managers
  5. A virtual assistant (like Alexa)

What birthday gift to give parents?

Gift for Parents
Gift for Parents

There are unlimited options for birthday gift delivery Singapore. And the best part is they can all be customized! Our top recommendations for gifts for parents include:

  1. Neck and back massagers
  2. Personalized Christmas ornament
  3. Custom painted house portrait
  4. Custom family portrait
  5. His & her watches

What birthday gift to give spouses?

The best part about birthday gifts is that you can keep the whole thing a secret. Gifts to spouses have to be excellently customized. Therefore, here are our top recommendations for gifts for your spouse. These can be customized according to their likes and dislikes.

  1. Video games centered around your spouse
  2. A trip to their favorite city/country
  3. Customized jewelry
  4. Naming a star after them
  5. Calligraphed wedding vows

What birthday gift to give friends?

The gift you give to your friend is defined by your relationship with them. But finding a gift can get harrowing if you don’t know where to look. We recommend customizing one of the following gifts for your best friends:

  1. A local or international road trip
  2. Weekend getaways (spas, beaches, or even Disneyland!)
  3. Customized matching jewelry set
  4. A ticket to cooking class from famous chef
  5. Customized gift hampers

Take a look back: Flowers

Flowers Bouquet
Flowers Bouquet

As we mentioned earlier, flowers are a timeless gift. They can be given to virtually anyone, anywhere. Regardless of whether you’re buying a gift or not, you should opt to give birthday flowers.

The key to gifting a birthday gift bouquet Singapore is knowing how to find the right bouquet. While you can make a flower bouquet yourself and gift it, hiring a professional to make the bouquet will give it a beautiful finish.

You can take advantage of the same-day delivery service provided by many flower vendors in Singapore. This will ensure they get fresh flowers on their birthday. Common flowers for birthdays include:

  1. Lily bouquet
  2. Tulips
  3. Daffodils
  4. Roses
  5. Sunflowers

Birthdays are a once-in-a-year opportunity for most people. Making this day special for your close friends and family is a very crucial task. With this detailed article, we hope you’ve found the right gift. Customize a beautiful bouquet to go along with your gift. Don’t underestimate the value of giving fresh, sweet-smelling flowers on birthdays.