Gorgeous pink bloom
Gorgeous pink bloom

Have you ever thought that flowers are the best gift choice? Flowers are a symbol of love and romance. Apart from the beautiful shape of their petals and sweet-smell, flowers are also women’s favorite items. Start from the roses that represent you and your partner who is in love, to lilies and other kinds of romantic flowers.

Why give your partner a bloom of flowers?

In every culture, the art of giving a fresh bunch of bloom is something that has been encouraged for years. It is impressive how a flower can deliver messages on every occasion. The way the flowers are selected and arranged is a perfect way to brighten someone’s day. Moreover, flowers have many meanings besides the expression of love, and here are some reasons why giving your partner a gorgeous bloom of flowers is the ultimate idea.

1. To make your partner smile

Can you see your partner sad? One way you can make them smile again is by giving . Beautiful and fragrant flowers can cheer and lift their mood, and make them feel better.

2. To apologize

Got a mistake or got into a fight with your partner? Sending them fresh blooms can also convey regret and sincere apologies. Verbal apologies are sometimes tricky, but flowers can do the job for you.

3. To celebrate something

You should celebrate all the happy moments. One way to do it is by giving flowers. Flower bouquets have bright colors that represent positive and happy feelings. You can provide flowers for your partner to celebrate your anniversary, valentine’s day, and so on.

4. To express sympathy

There are times when life brings sadness, such as sorrow for the death of someone. When offering condolences, you can send flowers to show your sorrow and sympathy.

5. To decorate home

Giving your partner a bloom flower for decoration will brighten up and make them feel happy. Wild blooms or fresh blooms can aesthetically result in your home space. Even after the bloom has died, the drying flowers can still be a decoration.


Which flower can you give to your partner?

When giving flowers, it is a good idea to know the flower’s meaning. Thus, the message you want to deliver to your loved one has more meaning. So, you do not always keep giving them roses because other flowers also have beautiful sense and are suitable to give to a partner. Here are various flowers that you can give to your partner with their meanings:

1. Orchid


You should consider giving orchids to your partner to calm her because the orchid’s bright and subtle color brings calm to anyone’s heart. Orchid flowers represent love, grace, beauty, and luxury. This flower is included in the romantic flower category that can impress your partner. Orchids symbolize elegance and are perfect as a gift to a woman. The blooming comes in various colors, such as white, yellow, orange, and green.

2. Tulip

If you want to compliment your partner’s beauty, you can express it through tulips. The reason is it has bright colors. Tulips come in deep shades like black, purple, and maroon in pure white, cream, and pale yellow. Besides, the bloom meaning of tulips is also often associated as a symbol of loyalty, love, and life’s beauty. People think of tulips as the perfect gift when entering into a new relationship. These delicate tulips have a low amount of pollen, making them great for those with a flower allergy.

3. Sunflower

Because of the blooming time in summer, sunflowers symbolize hopes for long life, adoration, admiration, and loyalty. Because this flower is always faithful to turn towards where the sun is shining, it also has a yellow color synonymous with warmth and happiness. Give this flower to your loved ones as a sign that you want to have a strong bond and lasting satisfaction with them.

4. Camellia

Camellias are suitable for your partner if you and your partner have been in a relationship for a long time. This flower may look like a rose but is different. In China, Camellia flowers are known as ‘chahua,’ which means tea flowers. Uniquely, this type of Camellia flower is distinguished based on the petals. Besides, this flower that originates from China also symbolizes the union of lovers. You can choose this one flower as a gift for the one with whom you have have been in a long enough relationship because camellia symbolizes loyalty and long-term relationships.

5. Daisy


Daisy flowers have a small and bright color that represents purity and innocence in a person. This flower is perfect for giving to new mothers and the birth of a child. Daisy’s meanings are innocence, purity, loyalty, gentleness, and happiness. Usually, this flower is given to an angry or jealous partner to say that the partner is still loyal.

6. Lavender

Often an option for aromatherapy, Lavender flowers mean serenity. Also, the purple hue symbolizes devotion. If you want to prove your loyalty to your partner, you can gift not one but a bouquet added with a card of how much you love them, and lavender is good to give to someone who needs relaxation. Besides aromatherapy, you can also use lavender for room decoration.

You can consider a bloom box or hand bouquet of fresh blooms to your loved ones in giving the gift. Flower arrangements in flower boxes are undoubtedly different from hand bouquets. They are quite large and quite difficult to carry, while the hand bouquet, just like its name, can be held by a hand, more compact and more comfortable to carry. These two forms of flower arrangements have different meanings in terms of aesthetics. At first glance, bloom box is more mysterious because it has a “hidden meaning” compared to a hand bouquet. Your partner can see the flowers because the flower is displayed in the bouquet.


How to Make Orchid Bloom?

Blooming purple orchid
Blooming purple orchid

You can give your partner living flowers by planting them at home. The bloom where you planted does not need a big garden, and you can grow your flowers by hanging them in a pot.

Planting orchids is utterly different from planting other flowers. It takes the right technique for the orchids to bloom because one mistake in planting the orchids will cause the flower to wither or even die.

Generally, orchids are characterized by a long oval shape with a longleaf stem. This elongated shape is because of its functions as a water reservoir for the orchids. Then what are the details of how to make orchids bloom correctly? Below, FolwerAdvisor has summarised the information for you.

1. Prepare the orchid seeds

Good seeds will produce beautiful orchids to be used as ornamental plants. You can do two nursery methods on orchids, namely vegetative and generative propagation.

2. Prepare the planting media

Prepare a plant pot with a medium size. Then, prepare the planting medium with a mixture of soil, fermented manure, black charcoal, dry coconut skin, coconut fibers, and small pieces of red bricks or house tiles.

3. Planting and transplanting orchid flower seeds

Transplanting should be done when the orchid plants are three months old because when they reach the age of 3 months, the orchid plants have thick and solid roots so that water absorption can optimally run because they have received the right nutrients. You should move orchids in the morning before the sun is too hot, and do not forget to hang or store them on a shelf so that diseases and fungi do not attack orchids.

4. Maintain and care for orchid plants

Normally, orchids like humid conditions. However, you should not pour water directly on the flowers because it can damage the flower buds and make it difficult for the flowers to bloom. If you feel that the air is too dry and the orchids need direct watering, it’s good to spray the orchids with a spray device. The watering is carried out on the stems, leaves, and flowers. And suppose you want orchids to be more durable and protected from various kinds of disease and pest attacks. In that case, you can spray multiple types of bactericidal or fungicidal fluids that are easily found on the market.


When Do Cherry Blossoms or Sakura Bloom?

Blooming cherry tree/sakura
Blooming cherry tree/sakura

Cherry blossoms, known as Sakura, only bloom once a year and usually bloom from March to June. The blooming tree blossoms only for a week, but the blossoming or blooming can last up to two weeks under ideal conditions. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to witness the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms only grow perfectly in Japan and places in Korea. Some people have tried to plant it in other countries, but it cannot develop ultimately. So, you won’t be able to see the beauty of the cherry blossoms perfectly except in Japan.

Did you know behind the flowers that bloom beautifully in mid-April, there is a deep meaning about cherry blossoms? Local people look at this beautiful flower as a symbol of the hope of life. There are so many lessons to be learned from this pink flower, such as this flower teaches humans always to be grateful in life, that in life there is still joy and sadness, life and death.


Flowering A Blooming Rose

Blooming pink roses
Blooming pink roses

Caring for roses to make the flower bloom is not tricky. As long as you follow how to care for roses properly, you can easily see the expected results. Roses are possible to be planted anywhere. But you need to be careful, or else the roses wither quickly. Then, how can we care for a blooming rose so that it does not wither quickly?

Apart from being the primary source of the need for plant growth, the watering process also has a significant role in accelerating nutrient dissolution for rose roots and will help regulate the surrounding environment.

It is better to water roses twice a day, in the morning between 07.00-09.00 and 04.00-06.00 in the evening. The amount of water used for watering depends on soil moisture and the age of the rose.

But in the rainy season, it is better if the watering process’s intensity is reduced because the water supply has been assisted by rainwater and during the dry season, which requires additional water supply.

Do not overwater because this will block the pot and rot the roses from overwatering. Water the roses through the soil, as they are especially prone to dry out. It is better to water the petals and leaves by spraying water gently. It is done so that the leaf texture does not become damaged.


When Do Roses Bloom


After six to eight weeks of growth, you can expect your roses to bloom for the first time. Roses needs long time to form its stem and leaves and mature its flower. For everyone who loves roses, the early bloom of roses in the spring will be the most breathtaking time of the year. Throughout the season, the modern roses will keep producing flowers, and it takes six weeks or so for the development. However, roses typically have flowers with separate stages of growth.


How to Get Peace Lily to Bloom

Presenting serenity, tropical atmosphere, and beauty, Peace Lily is usually placed in the room because it makes the air fresh and increases the room’s artistic atmosphere. Practically, the peace lily can grow in a cupboard, but that does not mean it is the right place to put it. Putting this flowering plant in a dark place makes it difficult to bloom.

The ideal growing place for a peace lily is in a pot. However, it is not necessary to put them in a large pot. Peace lilies need soil that is always moist but not logged by water. So, when the top of the soil dries up, start watering it down to the bottom of the soil. Watering must be done regularly every day, especially during summer. Water it two times per day so that the soil does not get dry.

For lilies to bloom frequently, you can add fertilizer weekly. It is best if you give organic fertilizer. The use of chemical fertilizers can cause the soil to become infertile, so you need to replace it within a few months. When leaves appear pale, it indicates that the plant has been overexposed by the sun. Sunlight also cause leaves to turn brown or burn.


When does the Camellia Bloom? 

While camellia looks almost the same as roses, the former have a slightly smaller size. Camellias have fewer petals than roses. Camellias take about 3-4 months to bloom. Although the plant has bloomed, you still need to take some intensive care. When the flowers enter the blooming period, then trim flower smaller. It is essential to stimulate larger buds to grow optimally. This pruning is done to optimize the growth of the next flower.