Blue Rose
Blue Rose

It is not surprising that no one can beat roses when it comes to being the most desirable and prominent flower to communicate feelings. Roses have been highly preferred by people to convey their message of love and affection since ages. From Romantic movies to novels, the tales of roses have been unrivaled. Movies and novels have given a new meaning and significance to roses in our world. It is so common to fantasize about roses as a medium of affection whenever you are planning to express your feelings and emotions to someone. Apart from movies and novels, the use of roses on Valentine’s day has also made this bloom special. Whenever you are looking to make your lover’s day, feel free to buy a bouquet of roses for them and they will surely feel amazing and special. Roses come in many shapes and colours, natural or artificially. There are cases where roses are made artificially, in other words, their color is sprayed on them. 

Do Blue Roses really exist?

They are the perfect example of artificial roses. This beautiful looking flower is not grown naturally but is a result of two methods. The first being the traditional method of making this flower, which is dyeing white roses with blue color or spray painting them. The second method is genetic modification where scientists manipulate their genes to change the color of the roses. They do not grow naturally but have been in the market for a long time. Since 1990, scientists and many corporations have spent millions of dollars trying to make a real full blue colored rose. There have been great improvements throughout those years and many groundbreaking revelations have taken place. We have mentioned the timeline from 1990 till Now depicting the progress in making a full blue colored rose by scientists. 


1990 :-  Japanese company Suntory took this challenge of creating blue roses in collaboration with Australian company named Florigene. They faced many challenges and one of the most vital was extracting blue pigment from a flower and another challenge was putting it in a rose plant so it could bear blue colored flowers.

1991 : In 1991 they successfully isolated the blue pigment from a flower called Petunia. 

1994 : Till 1994 many attempts were made to insert the blue pigment and it was successfully inserted in rose’s genes in the year 1994. After this everyone thought the blue rose would be created easily now but it didn’t happen, following which many other flowers were used to extract the blue pigment from. 

1995 : In 1995 scientists also tried to insert the blue pigment in other plants as well and they successfully turned carnations blue-violet.  

1996 : In 1996 many different plants were used for the extraction of the blue pigment and during this year the roses started to turn blue. 

2002 : From 2002 to 2004 this was experimented in labs and many other plants were put to test as well.

2004 : In 2004, the first blue rose was displayed to the world and everyone saw it for the first time and it was named “Applause”. 

2009 : From 2004 a new journey in the life of the newly found blue rose began. From being recognized by the governments to entering the cut flower industry. Applause entered the cut flower industry in 2009 and began being sold for thousands of dollars. Being a genetically modified flower, Applause has been sold on extravagant rates and is not even available in a lot of countries.

From 2009 till now there has been significant progress in developing this flower and Suntory has really worked diligently to bring this beautiful imagination and piece or beauty to the flower world. It was said in 2018 by officials from the corporation that they have successfully completed their process and the blue rose has been made. It is still yet to be available to the general public in many countries but is being sold in many nations at a very high amount.


What blue roses symbolize?

Blue Rose
Blue Rose

One of the key reasons why roses are prominent in the cut flower industry is because of the emotions and feelings they symbolize. It not only makes roses more attractive and desirable but also makes them more special. Same is the case with the scientifically made blue roses. They also have a great meaning behind them and symbolize special emotions. This beautiful rose symbolizes unrequited love and mystery. They also exude attaining the impossible. 


Are Blue Roses expensive?

As mentioned above these scientifically made flowers are hard to buy as they are pretty expensive. But if you went to buy the artificial blue roses in the market which are spray painted, they will cost you a lot less. Original blue roses are hard to find and are not even available in many countries. These flowers are hard to breed and they are considered one of the rarest plants in the cut flower industry.


Where are blue roses found?

These blue flowers of the rose family do not exist in nature but you can find them at your nearest florist. Florists dye them with blue color and prepare them to be sold. These flowers have been made scientifically after 2 decades of experiments and can be mainly found in Japan. There is no native region for these flowers but you can say they originated from Japan as they were created there by scientists. 


How long do blue roses last?

Although the ones that are sprayed with blue color have the same lifespan as the white roses, the blue roses which are preserved can last up to three years if given good care. The original blue roses should last for about 1 week after being cut. Leave them in water to keep them fresh and alive for as long as they can.


Why are there no blue roses?

Blue Rose
Blue Rose

The question “Why are there no blue roses” has been raised many times since ages. The answer lies inside the genetics of the rose species. You won’t find any blue roses naturally because they lack anthocyanin pigment delphinidin which makes plants blue. This is the only reason why there are no blue roses. In 1990, when scientists began experimenting to create blue roses, they extracted delphinidin from blue flowers and inserted it in roses. 


Are Blue Roses rare?

These flowers are extremely rare and are not even available in many countries like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. So yes, these beautiful man made flowers are pretty rare. You can only see the original blue rose in Japan where it has been made by an organization named Suntory along with Florigene. For the ones which are dyed or sprayed, you can find those anywhere at cheap rates. Even your nearest florist would have them. This flower is so rare but also extremely desirable, that is why florists spray paint them so people can complete their fantasy of having this magnificent flower. 


What does a blue rose mean spiritually?

This beautiful flower of the rose family symbolizes and exudes a number of things and emotions. It symbolizes mystery and unattainable love. This gorgeous flower feels good to the eyes and makes the receiver feel special. A blue rose, when given to someone you admire or look up to sends a great message of appreciation and affection. 


What does this flower mean in a relationship? 

When you give your partner this beautiful flower it not only depicts your admiration and love for them but also exudes that you admire how tenacious and self sufficient your partner is. It is given to a partner who does not always require love and affection and can easily survive without their partner and handle stuff alone on their own.


Blue roses can be gifted along with.

Blue Rose
Blue Rose

To understand what this flower can be given along with, we first need to know the occasions on which this flower can be given on. There are a number of occasions on which you can give someone this amazing flower to. We have listed below the number of occasions on which you can give this beautiful flower on.


1. Someone’s promotion

When someone receives success in their life, it calls for celebrations and celebrations are incomplete without gifts. Giving someone you know a blue rose upon receiving a promotion will send a strong message of support and good luck.

2. On a new job

A new job is a new beginning in life and new beginnings mean new challenges and objectives. To make your loved ones feel confident and determined about their goals, give them a bouquet of these cute flowers.

3. While wishing someone luck

This flower which exudes tenacity is the perfect medium of expressing that you wish the best for a person and want to make them feel good. Send this to someone while wishing them good luck to make their life more amazing.

These were the few occasions on which a person can hand out this splendid flower on. Giving just a flower or a bouquet to someone you love and admire is just not enough sometimes and you should compliment the flower by attaching something amazing along them. We have mentioned below the list of items which can give company to your rose perfectly. 

4. Cake

Cake with flowers? That’s any girl’s fantasy right there. Blue rose to please the eyes and cake to please the stomach, it’s a win win situation. Get a chocolate cake with a rose bouquet and you have the perfect combo right there.

5. Card

A card with words of love and admiration will not only make the receiver feel blessed but it will also look nice with your blue roses. Tag along your card with a beautiful blue rose bouquet and you will have the cutest combination.

6. Gift hamper

Complementing the blue rose with a gift hamper can be one of the most cutest ways of giving a bouquet to someone. It will display your care and efforts to the person and they will feel that you really went out of your way and did something to make them happy.


You must be wondering now after all this information where you can buy a beautiful Blue rose bouquet at an affordable price. Don’t worry as FlowerAdvisor has come to the rescue of their readers as usual. Check out our website where you can find lots of blue rose bouquets and arrangements beautifully created just for your needs. We have listed below the blue rose bouquets you can get from FlowerAdvisor. 

1. Romeo to your Juliet

A Bouquet of 12 Blue Roses, Purple Carnations And Baby Breath With Fillers. The best bouquet for the modern day Romeo and Juliet. Give this to your lucky lady and make them feel like your love story is precious and special. 

2. Waves of love

Purple roses (5 stalks), blue hydrangea, alstroemeria, accompanied with purple caspia, euphorbia formosana, dusty miller, mint fern and dried lavender in a white rectangle tray. This tray full of beautiful flowers can be your medium of love and affection between you and the person you love.

You can check out more such beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements on FlowerAdvisor Sg to make your life more efficient and beautiful.  


What does a blue rose tattoo mean?

Tattoos are used to describe a person’s personality and the way they perceive life. Tattoos are one of the nicest ways in which one can express themselves and many people get inked just to depict that.

Flower tattoos have been prominent among the tattoo industry and a lot of people root for rose tattoos whether it’s red or just black. Rose tattoos are quite famous among teenagers and adults. There are different meanings tattoos depict and rose tattoos also have great significance and meaning behind them.

Blue rose tattoo depicts that a person fascinates over someone and has an unimaginable love dream or expects new opportunities in life and has an adventurous heart.


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