The bell-shaped Bluebells has the Latin name Hyacinthoides. Hyacinthoides is taken from the name Prince Hyacinthus in Greek mythology. The length of the stem reaches 10-30 cm while the buds are still standing upright. But when it’s blooming, Bluebell flowers bow.

Bluebells are Britain’s most famous flower. This flower initially came from the states of the British Isles and France. No one can escape this flower’s charm; its beauty can create a forest scene that looks like a blue carpet. In England, this plant is protected so that its habitat is not extinct.

The bluebell plant has medicinal uses. This flower contains at least 15 biologically active compounds that can protect against insects and animals. Bluebell also has certain extracts, such as air-soluble alkaloids, similar to compounds that try to fix HIV and cancer. Besides, bluebells can also be used to remedy vaginal discharge, blood-retaining drugs, and the sap can be used as an adhesive. A bulb of bluebell has benefits as bluebell medicinal uses for leucorrhoea. You can use Bluebell juice to cure snake-bite.

How does the Bluebell smell? Does Bluebell Have a Fragrance?

As with other flowers, bluebells also have a distinctive fragrance on the flowers. There are 20 types of bluebell flowers with a strong sweet scent and have flower petals like white, blue, and some are pink.

Bluebells field
Bluebells field

What Colour is a Bluebell?

Unlike the name, bluebell flowers are not blue but bright purple. Therefore, it is not uncommon for everyone to think that bluebell flowers are blue if they don’t see them well. Sometimes with a genetic mutation, the flowers can be white, and some are pink. Compared to the bluebell, the flowers are white and pink. This purple bluebell is a trendy bluebell flower and is easy to find when the blooming season arrives. This flower bed that resembles a blue carpet is beautifully decorating the forest.

What are Pink Bluebells Called?

Pink bluebells
Pink bluebells

Pink bluebells are no less beautiful than the famous blue like purple bluebells. They have pink flowers that create elegance every spring. The pink bluebell has the Latin name Hyacinthoides Hispanica. This pink bluebell is commonly called the ‘Queen of Pinks.’ Suppose you have a large space to fill and decorate to create the beauty of your garden. This Pink Bluebell is the right choice to decorate and add beauty to your garden during the blooming season.

How Rare are White Bluebells?

White bluebells
White bluebells

To produce other colors in bluebell flowers, genetic mutation techniques are needed. It’s the same with white bluebells. However, in a bluebell population, the genetic mutation can only be estimated. The proportion of bluebells in blue to white flowering is 10,000 : 1.

Hence, the white bluebells are so rare. Another reason is that bluebells are rare and protected plants. That is why you cannot randomly pick wild bluebells in the forest.

Is It Bad Luck to Pick Bluebells?

Many people are very tempted to pick bluebells for planting when they cross a path in a forest where bluebells are in beautiful bloom. But did you know that picking bluebells will bring bad luck?

Picking bluebells to bring them home means inviting bad luck into your life. It is based on many fairy tales. The fairies are considered to have cast spells on bluebell flowers that will bring bad luck to anyone who dares to pick this beautiful flower.
Also, another reason not to pick them is that bluebells are poisonous. And at this point, another barrier to picking bluebells is that Bluebells are a protected species. So, why is picking bluebells illegal? It is because picking bluebells carelessly in the forest is against the law for some countries.

Therefore, if you are interested in their beauty and want to plant them in a vacant lot of your garden, officially buy them. To beautify the empty yard in your home garden, you can try planting some general types of bluebell. Bluebell Virginia is a type of bluebell that has purple petals. They will decorate your garden yard with flower beds like a purple carpet.

Bluebells Flower Symbolism

Sunflowers symbolize friendship, loyalty, good luck, and happiness. White carnation is symbolized as purity and luck. Since each flower has its meaning, bluebell flowers also have their meaning. So, what do bluebells flower mean? Bluebells have long been a symbol of humility and gratitude with those who have courage, gratitude, and eternal love. There is a folk tale; the bluebell is closely related to the fairy world. Also, the bluebell is widely known as the harebell in Scotland. Some sources claim that witches turned into rabbits to hide among the flowers.

Another name for the bluebells is the Dead Man. It is because fairies are believed to cast spells on those who dare to take or destroy the forest’s beauty. Scots are quite fond of continuing this tradition in hopes of protecting little flowers. However, the bluebell also symbolizes death in Britain. They are often planted near graves.

Where do Bluebells Grow?


Although more than 70% of bluebells can be found in forests, bluebells are widely grown as yard crops, either between trees or borders. Their ability to reproduce is asexually and can spread rapidly. The bluebell synthesizes a wide variety of chemicals with potential medicinal properties.

Most of the bluebell population is located in England. However, they can also be found in North America, Western Europe, and North Africa. Bluebell is a strong plant and can grow in grasslands, mountains, and along the seafront.
Plant bluebells need to be planted in a sunny location in the morning but shady location in the afternoon. However, they cannot be placed in direct sunlight. Bluebells need abundant water during the main growing season. It encourages flower growth when the blooming season arrives.

How Long do Bluebell Flowers Last?

When the blooming season arrives, bluebells can last several weeks. Spring is the blooming season for bluebells. Usually, the blooming bluebell first starts in the southern regions, where it tends to be warmer before it hits the whole country. The blooming season for bluebells is from April to late May or early June. Hence they are often referred to as “The Flower of May.”