bouquet of flowers
bouquet of flowers

The Internet has become one of the basic needs for everyone today. It helps us to search and find whatever we need easily. We can send a bouquet or other gifts to many countries in the world. Just use your Internet to open the bouquet of flowers online delivery website and complete online payments such as using a credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal, then your gift ready to meet the recipient anytime you want.

Flower bouquet online is very helpful to express our feelings. This is one of the perfect ways to express the emotions of your heart. Online flower shops such as Flower Advisor not only offers flowers but also other gifts such as cakes, dolls, baby gift hampers, and food hampers. Let’s express your feelings for those who are very valuable in your life.


How to keep a bouquet of flowers fresh overnight?

The main cause of damage and rapid wilting of flowers is bacteria. Therefore, when you have received a flower delivery, make sure you apply the following things mentioned below:

  • The first thing you should do is cut off excess leaves and greenery, which will only suck up the water and nutrients that the flowers need every day. Next, cut off the bottom of the stem in an oblique way with clean scissors so that the flowers get water and nutrients more easily. Then, put the flowers in a vase filled with clean water that is proportional to the number of flowers available.
  • Never place your flowers in an area that is too bright such as exposure to sunlight, because this can breed bacteria and can cause excess water loss. Also, keep your flowers away from the electricity, because the waves emitted by the electricity can dry out the flowers. Also, make sure you place the flowers in a cool room.
  • We need some plant food to help the flowers live longer or add a little sugar to the vase.
  • The last thing is you have to frequently replace the water in the vase to avoid bacteria that will make the flowers wilt faster. Also, make sure you use clean water and remains sterile by adding alcohol like vodka and spray water over the flowers.

Trust me. These simple following ways will help you to make your flowers fresh overnight.


How long can a bouquet of flowers last?

This kind of question is a very common question that most people always ask who choose flowers as gifts. Of course, we want these flowers to live longer so that we can always enjoy their beauty. However, we need to know that cut flowers cannot live forever, and each flower has a different life span. It all depends on the type of flowers and how we care for them.

After you know some ways to care for your flowers, we need to know some types of flowers that are often chosen as gifts and how long these flowers can last.

  • Daisies, Iris, and Tulips are kinds of flowers that can alive for one or more than one week.
  • Sunflowers, Roses, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Peonies, and Dahlia can live for one to almost two weeks.
  • Gerberas, Alstromeria, and Bird of Paradies can live for two weeks.
  • And the longest ones are Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Hypericum. They can live for more than two weeks.

All types of flowers above can last according to the time mentioned if you care for them according to the methods we discussed earlier.


How to wrap a bouquet of flowers?

I believe that this part is an interesting part for us to choose and arrange the wrapping design of the bouquet. Please note that before you start to design and wrap the bouquet, you need to match the color of the flowers to the color of the wrapping, and make sure you choose the recipient’s favorite color. The recipient will be very impressed with this effort you have made.


If you can’t arrange the wrapping, you can get help from Flower Advisor to customize the wrapping as your request.


How to preserve the bouquet of flowers?

Is it possible to save flowers for a very long time? The answer is yes.

You can preserve your flowers by using Silica Gel, Epoxy Resin, or Glycerin. All of them have substances that can preserve flowers. Of course, you have to put in the time and effort to do it.

Don’t worry. If you are too busy to do this, Flower Advisor has a wide variety of Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers suitable for various occasions.


What is a bouquet of flowers called?

Flowers are not just flowers. These gifts are often the most beautiful memories we have, and we never want to forget them.

Sending a bouquet is like an intermediary for the sender to express their feelings. In addition, flowers are also used as representatives of feelings, which are often not sufficiently expressed in words. It is how most people choose flowers as gifts.


What to do with bouquet of flowers?

You have to make sure that the flower bouquet you choose has an important meaning to convey the message you want to give to the recipient.

Therefore, you must choose the right type of flower and design wrapping according to the recipient’s occasion.


How do you order a bouquet of flowers?

You only need to give yourself a little time to open the Flower Advisor website and choose various types of flowers you want. You don’t need to bother looking at the entire Flower Advisor’s catalog because we have categorized flowers by occasions, the lowest to the highest price, best seller items, as mentioned below:

The next step is to complete the shipping details and make online payments using various local and global payment methods.


Why bouquet is given?


Too many reasons that sometimes can’t be answered for why we give a bouquet as a gift. According to most people, the very important reason is how the recipient knows that they are someone who means something to your life and shows that they are a very important part of your life.