At ceremonial moments or parties usually founded a series of the flower. The Series of flowers that are usually found at the wedding ceremony are boutonniere. Boutonniere, at the first was used to support the sports team that used to competes. But these days, the boutonniere is used for a groom at the wedding ceremony.

Meaning of boutonniere

Boutonniere means little flower decoration. It was made by one until three little flowers were put on the lapel. The boutonniere is made as a sign of an honored guest (male) that comes to the ceremony or a party. However, at the wedding party usually, the boutonniere is only used by the grooms.

Groom boutonniere

Groom boutonniere
Groom boutonniere

The groom needs to use boutonniere at the wedding ceremony or party. It proves his love for the bride. Not only for that reason, but boutonnieres are also believed to ward off evil, coming of the devil and bad smell.

Those believes used to make sense because the boutonniere is made of a few fresh flowers to bring a good smell. The good scent from fresh flowers gives the grooms positive energy that wards off negative energy or things that are believed to be evil.

Side to wear a boutonniere

The groom or honored guest will wear the boutonniere on the left side of the chest or left lapel. It is done for a reason; in our body, the heart is located inside the left chest. So that, boutonniere on the left chest means that love comes from deep down his heart for everything at the wedding, especially the bride.

Side to wear a boutonniere
Side to wear a boutonniere


Corsage meaning in English

Corsage means in English
Corsage means in English


Corsages are a series of flowers that are generally worn by the brides. In the past, the brides and other women put her corsage on the left shoulder, but these days they put it on the wrist and often on the left shoulder. The corsage flower must be equated with the boutonniere, their look is matched with each other.

Flowers that can be used for making a boutonniere

1. Brunia berries

This flower is rounded like pods, it is silver-grey color, and 14 – 15.5 inches tall. It gets dried out until a week, so it is used for an event or ceremony. Order/ Buy/ get it two day prior/ before.

2. Dusty miller

This flower looks like a leaf and it is of silver-grey color. It has a the right combination of greenery.

3 . Roseum Succulent

The leaf looks like peas and has several colors, but usually, it is green. Moonstone roseum tye has a pretty purple color.

4. Astilbe

Astilbe has a red, white, pink, and purple color. This flower grows in late spring and late summer. It looks like lavender but this different fower.

5. Baby’s breath

It’s pink and white and has a tall stem. There’s no leaf.

How to make baby’s breath boutonniere

One of those flowers for boutonnieres is the baby’s breath. Here’s the way to make baby’s breath boutonniere. Stuff that is needed to make it is absolutely baby’s breath, dusty miller, fern, floral tape, lace, and pin. And this is the steps to follow:
First of all, cut a baby’s breath 3 inches tall and wrap it with floral tape.

The second is, put a dusty miller behind the baby’s breath and wrap the stem with floral tape, do the same thing to the fern.

The third covers the floral tape with lace and starts it from the bottom to the top until it is fully covered.

Last, pin the lace!
That’s an easy step to make a lovely baby’s breath boutonniere

How to make homemade boutonniere

Here’s the DIY to do a homemade boutonniere easily.

1. Astilbe and pink rose

Items needed are four astilbe, a rose, floral tape, glue, woven rope, pins. The astilbe must be in the back of the rose and wrapped the stem by floral tape, smear the glue on the floral tape and cover it with a woven rope until it is hidden, and  at last pin it. That’s a lovely pink boutonniere.

2. Astilbe and greenery

Just put the greenery right beside the astilbe and wrap half the stem. Then, rope the pink ribbon. It is a simple sweet boutonniere!

3. Succulent and lavender

A little succulent and three to four lavender would be very fresh for the groom. The tool that are needed are woven rope. It is very simple, rope the succulent and lavender that does not stand parallel each stem. Looks a little messy but still lovely.

4. Brunia berries and eucalyptus

Three brunia berries are needed and a few leaves of eucalyptus. And the tool is only floral tape. The floral tape must warp the stem of brunia berries and eucalyptus. So, yeah, as simple as that.

5. Succulent and dried wheat

The flower that is needed is a succulent, three to four dried wheat, two lavender, and the tools are floral tape and grey ribbon. Wrap half the stem of lavender and dried wheat behind, then wrap it again with the succulent in front. Tie it with a grey ribbon and make sure the ribbon hides the floral tape.

6. Orchid and dusty miller

A single moth orchid and two dusty miller, the tool is only white floral tape. So it is perfect for wrapping the stem of moth orchid and dusty miller with white floral tape. It’ll looks elegant.

7. Baby’s breath and herbs

3 inches of baby’s breath, herbs, and eucalyptus. It only needs to be wrapped by floral tape and tied by a white ribbon.

Do you wear a boutonniere to a funeral?

Even though the boutonnieres are used for a big event or ceremony; the boutonniere is not recommended for the funeral. The boutonniere is only made to wear on a good day. So please don’t wear a boutonniere to the funeral, an awful feeling might be caused by it. The grief family might not say that they are offended by the person who wears the boutonniere, but they get offended.


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