Calla lily Flower
Calla lily Flower

While flowers symbolize different emotions and meanings, Calla lilies are known for purity and elegance. As strange as it may seem, these flowers are not lilies but belong to the family of Araceae. These mesmerizing flowers have been around for centuries and are great to add a classic touch to your garden or your window sill. 

In this article, we will talk about:

  1. What is Calla lily?
  2. Do calla lilies need sun or shade?
  3. How do you take care of Calla lilies?
  4. What do Calla lilies symbolize?
  5. Are Calla lily bouquets expensive?
  6. How do you make a Calla lily bouquet?

What is Calla lily?

What is Calla Lily
What is Calla Lily

Calla lilies are grown with the help of rhizomes and can be grown in pots and containers. Although white is always a classic color, these flowers also come in a wide color palette ranging from maroon, lavender, pink, orange, and yellow. 

The official name of this plant is Zantedeschia aethiopica and they are native to regions like Africa. These flowers flourish in areas with good rainfall and warm temperatures. You can easily consider them as a common sight in ponds, riverbanks, and lakes especially around tropical zones. 

One of its most unique traits is its shape which resembles a chalice or a small pocket. True to its nature, Calla lily has derived its name from the Greek word ‘calla’ which translates to beauty. 

With time, different cultures have bestowed different meanings to this flower ranging from sexuality, fertility to purity. The plant also has a connection with the Greek mythology goddess Hera.

Do Calla lilies need sun or shade?

An adequate amount of sunlight and limited shade are great for growing Calla lilies. If you live in areas with softer levels of sunshine, you can avoid shades. These flowers like to grow in moist as well as well-drained soils and need to be watered regularly like any other plant.

Typically, these flowers are planted in the spring season when the soil temperatures are suitable at around 18 degrees celsius. Make sure to plant them at least 4 inches deep in the ground or the container. Some fertilizer and sandy soil are ideal for the growth of this plant, while clay soils can be difficult to deal with. Make sure to choose a fertilizer that has lower levels of nitrogen as that can harm plant growth.

Calla lilies can also be grown with the help of seeds, although it usually takes three years for the plant to grow fully. 

One area that needs to be taken care of while planting these flowers in a pot or container is its roots. Avoid overcrowding of roots and plant them in suitably sized pots preferably porous pots. 

How do you take care of Calla lilies?

Take Care of Calla Flower
Take Care of Calla Flower

Calla lilies are great plants to grow for beginners. Nevertheless, there are certain after-care points that you should keep in mind while growing Calla lilies.

  • Rotting and fungal diseases can create a nuisance for your garden, avoid excessive watering of these plants and ensure proper air ventilation to avoid such problems. 
  • If you face issues with pests or insects use a mild antibacterial oil like neem oil or a solution of insecticidal soap.
  • Do not remove the foliage after a blooming season ends and ensure proper nourishment to the plant.
  • Understand the health of your Calla lilies with the help of their appearance. Brown edges indicate excessive nitrogen in your fertilizer, yellow leaves can indicate insufficient watering, and bent stems or leaves are caused due to overwatering. 

What do Calla lilies symbolize?

Calla Lily Symbolize
Calla Lily Symbolize

Calla lilies come in various colors, each symbolizing a different meaning.

White: Holiness, purity.

Pink: Attraction

Purple: Passion and royalty

Yellow: Gratitude

Red: beauty and determination

Black: mystery

Did you know that it became a trend to send Calla lilies on different occasions during the Victorian era? Different colours of the flower were used to depicts different emotions that are still followed today.

Classic whites are a favorite for weddings since it signifies innocence and purity. If you know a couple who are celebrating their sixth anniversary, send them some Calla lilies. They are also termed as religious symbols and can be used on Easter, Funerals as well as birthday parties. If you want to express gratitude for someone’s retirement, you can send some yellow flowers. Choose the colour of the flower depending on the occasion and your relationship with the person that you are sending flowers to. 

Are Calla lily bouquets expensive?

Since Calla lilies are easily available throughout most of the year, they are a popular bouquet option for weddings. They typically lie within the price range of $40-$70, whereas bigger bouquets can cost more than $100. 

How do you make a Calla lily bouquet?

Due to its crisp shape and structure, you can design your bouquet in many ways using Calla lilies.

  • You can opt for longer stemmed flowers which can be carried easily adding a classy and modern touch to your look. These flowers can be arranged in a variety of designs and offbeat shapes to go for an exotic look.
  • If you are going for a fall wedding, opt for slightly darker shades of Calla lilies. Colours like burgundy and orange are excellent to create a divine aura around your attire. 
  • Owing to its wide colour palette, you can match your flowers with the colour of your dress for a contemporary look.  
  • A slightly smaller nosegay is great to add a minimal touch to your wedding which can also be carried by bridesmaids. Due to their shape, calla lilies can be arranged in a neat and hassle-free way.
  • If you are opting for a rustic celebration, go for overgrown Calla lilies paired with tuberoses, eucalyptus and some wildflowers to create a statement piece. 
  • Create a cascading bouquet with the help of some grass and ribbons for a sleek and classic look.
  • If you are a person who cannot choose a single flower, you can pair your Calla lilies with different flowers to create an elegant mix. They pair well with flowers like Orchids, Chrysanthemums and  Roses.