Symbolic Meaning of Different Bridal Bouquet. Which One Should You Carry?

Bridal Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet


Marriage is one of the most valuable events for a person. It is also possible that it is one of the sacred events in one’s life. A celebration that should be held with joy, feelings of happiness, and sincerity with your beloved spouse and closest relatives, and animated by several attributes to support the event. Many features and decorations support a wedding event, such as stage and layout, makeup and clothes for the two married couples, jewelry, decorations, catering for food and drinks, and not forgetting flower decorations. One of the flower decorations at weddings, not only a variety of flowers that are selected and arranged neatly at the event or wedding venue but also a bridal bouquet.

A bridal bouquet is also important to pay attention to at weddings. This needs to be given special attention to the wedding decoration support team to beautify the married couple. The bridal bouquet itself is several types of flowers and mixed with leaves tied with ribbons and cloth in an elongated shape so that it can be draped over the wife’s arm when holding her husband during the wedding ceremony. Flowers chosen to be used as bridal bouquets or wedding flowers are Orchids, Calla Lilies, and other long-stemmed flowers. This article will discuss the bridal bouquet more fully as hand bouquet and the meaning of each flower chosen, and what kind of flower to choose.

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Meet the Best Singapore Florist for Your Memorable Wedding

Wedding Flower
Wedding Flower


Choosing the best Singapore florist for your wedding is as crucial as selecting other things on this special day. A reliable and experienced florist will help your wedding ceremony even more special and memorable for you as well as the guests.

Flowers have been a beautiful part of any wedding party. It completes the bride’s look, adorns the venue decoration, and even makes the wedding cake even more pretty. Thus, selecting the right florist should be an important part of your wedding planning.

Having the right flowers won’t be perfect without the right florist. Even the most limited flower options can appear so much beautiful when they are arranged by the best florist. That’s why this article will show you some tips to find the perfect Singapore florist. Continue reading “Meet the Best Singapore Florist for Your Memorable Wedding”

Best Personalized Wedding Gifts Ideas For You

Marriage is a sacral thing. It happens only once in a lifetime. Since marriage is precious, we need to give some gifts to newlywed couples as a memorable thing for them. But, what we can give to them? Personalized wedding gifts might be a good idea. Here are some ideas that you might lookup:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Photo Frame

photo frame
Mr. and Mrs. Photo Frame

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