Father and child
Father and child

Our parents hold a special place in our hearts, so naturally, celebrating them is important to remember our beautiful bond with our parents. If you have been busy and are looking for an excuse to spend some time with your dad, here’s your chance. Singapore is set to celebrate father’s day on the 19th of June. Here’s another great thing about this occasion, it’s falling on a Sunday. This means that you and your dad can enjoy this day without worrying about any schedule. 

Now that you’ve decided to set aside this day for your father, we know what your next questions will be: How do I celebrate this day with my father? How can I make it special for my dad?

Lucky for you, we have summed up an interesting set of ideas that you can use to make this day extra special for your father. So let’s dive into this list of father’s day ideas in Singapore. 


1. Book him a grooming session


Our fathers rarely get time for themselves. They are constantly busy with work schedules, deadlines, and work trips among other things. A special grooming session at the spa can end up relieving all the stress that our dads endure daily.  

You can even convince him to try new things like a luxurious facial or a soothing pedicure. Our dads normally don’t get time to enjoy such services. This can be a fun way to spend the day with your dad and make him feel special and cared for. Plan a grooming day in a good salon or spa as a perfect father’s day gift for your father.

2. Take him on a cruise



You can bring in this year’s father’s day with a fun cruise trip. Moreover, a cruise is a perfect way to spend the day not only with your father but also with the rest of your family members. You can enjoy the mesmerizing skyline of Singapore while having a relaxing time with your family. 

Enjoy delicious snacks with the sea breeze and make this day memorable for your dad. You can even gift him a beautiful hamper with snacks, wine, or his favorite whiskey that you can enjoy together. 

3. Treat him to his favorite meal



Nothing screams happiness more than some delicious food at your dad’s favorite restaurant. A bonus on father’s day is a sea of discounts from various famous restaurants in Singapore, especially for Father’s day. So take advantage of the special father’s day discounts and take your dad to the restaurant of his choice. 

Restaurants like the Thirty Six Brewlab and Smokehouse are offering a hearty menu with desserts and beer for approximately $258. On the other hand, if your father is fond of seafood then you can take him to Moonbow for a scrumptious meal starting from $98. 

While fancy restaurants can never disappoint, a good hearty home-cooked meal is always otherworldly. You can spend the day cooking with your dad and reminiscing about the old days or surprise him with his home-cooked favorite meal. Add a delicious cake to this mix and you have a perfect father’s day gift for your dad. 


4. Plan a staycation


We know that planning an international trip can be extremely hectic and tiresome for anyone. On top of that, it is also not light on your pocket. We have a unique solution for this issue. You can plan a relaxing staycation in Singapore for your father with a limited budget. 

A family staycation is a trending way for families to enjoy some time together and strengthen their relationships. It is easier to plan and flexible to suit everyone’s daily schedule. 

This father’s day can be the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of Singapore and relax in your city with your family rather than crossing the border. It will help your dad get rid of stress and give him a break from his work responsibilities.

It is a perfect opportunity to make beautiful memories with your father that will last a lifetime. 

5. Go exploring with your dad



If you have an adventurous dad, an outdoor outing filled with fun activities can make your father’s entire day. Whether it is exploring on bikes or going on a camping trip, the possibilities are endless. Go on an island trail or take your dad for a much-needed hiking trip. A refreshing trip around your dad’s favorite travel spots is a unique way to celebrate this occasion. 

6. Take him to a concert



Who said that concerts are only for the young-blooded members of a family? Take your dad to a music concert and witness the fun side of your father’s personality. We all have memories associated with music and a concert can be a way for you to make new memories with your dad.

A musical celebration will also remind your dad of his youth and would help him relive the past. Take your father to the Lo Ta You Encore concert for a melodious night full of Mandarin music. You can spend the evening listening to soulful songs and spend a beautiful day with your dad.

No matter how you decide to surprise your father, spending the day together is important to strengthen your bond with him. On occasions like these, we are reminded of the importance of our parents and it is the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your family. 


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