Chinese Valentine’s Day
Chinese Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is a day of celebration of romance of love that people around the world do. On February 14th people’s expressing their love, affection, and friendship to your loved ones. Having a Valentine date with candlelight dinner with your girlfriend and prepare a small event for her is a common thing to do. This loving day is also used to propose to their lover. Many people celebrate this day by giving their loved one a gift.

Greeting cards, a bouquet of flowers, and chocolates are always everyone’s choices. Even though you are single now, you can celebrate valentine’s day with your family and your best friend. Shopping and eating at restaurants that have never been visited with the family is also a way to spend Valentine’s Day. You can do something fun with your best friend, like goes on a trip, watching movies, and cooking together.

Different from other countries, China is known to have more than one valentine’s day a year. People say that expressing your love, affection, and friendship can be done every day. But, there is seven valentine’s day in China to celebrate. They are celebrating each of valentine’s day with the warmth of love.

What do the Chinese do on Valentine’s day?

Chinese Valentine’s day was adopted from western culture by Chinese people. They celebrating valentine’s day the same as people in other countries. But, you can try this cute way to celebrate valentine’s day with your beloved :

1. Holiday

Go on holiday on Valentine’s Day and prepare fun activities to do. You can go out with your lover, wife, and children, even your parents.

2. Exchange handwriting love letter

Giving your lover a gift can be stressful to choose what I should give to her/him. So, you can choose to write a love letter to each other.

3. Make your own as a gift

Bake a cookie or cake yourself and give it to your loved ones on valentine’s day. Decorate it cutely, and write a Valentine greeting on it. You can provide your handicrafts as a gift, such as a knit scarf or embroidered handkerchief.

4. Marathon movies

To spend valentine’s day, the homebody couple should try this at home. Choosing movies to watch first, making or buying snacks, then watch it with your wife/husband.

5. Character bouquet as a gift

Giving just a bouquet of roses is a common thing gift on Valentine’s day. So, you can try this cute gift for your lover. Animation, cartoons, and cute animal characters can make it into a bouquet flower. Making chocolate to roses shape also can be your gift to your lover.

How many Valentine’s Days are there In China?

Despite you can show your love to your special every single day. In China, there are seventh days of valentine to celebrate, such as :

1. 14th of February

The 14th of February is a valentine’s day that was adopted from western culture. This valentine’s day is popular among young people. They often had dinner with their loved ones, watching movies with friends, and giving roses with chocolates to celebrate it.

2. Shanxi Festival

Shanxi festival is one of Chinese Valentine’s day. It was a day to celebrate the Yellow Emperor’s birth on the third day of the third lunar month. Chinese people celebrate this day by hanging out or attend the event. Young people use this to go out with their beloved. It becomes a day to show and express their love for each other. But, nowadays, this festival has been forgotten by Chinese people. Only minority groups of china’s ethnics celebrate this festival.

3. Qixi festival

This Chinese valentine’s day celebrates on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. Qixi festival traditions usually come in August. This festival has nothing to do with love but this but was of great significance to women.

4. White Day

This Valentine’s day is also adopted by other countries too. The white day is usually celebrated in Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam peoples. Many people celebrated this day by giving their loved one’s chocolates on March 14th. What does a chocolate gift mean? A chocolate gift has the meaning of love, friendship, care, and passion. So, when you give someone a chocolate gift, it means the person is special to you. Why is chocolate a symbol of love? Chocolate contains Phenyl Ethylamine. It was the same substance that is produced in your brain when you are in love.

5. Wǔ-èr ling (520)

For this unique valentine’s day is entered in China on the Internet. On May 20th, people showed their love and said “I love you” to their loved ones.

6. The Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is known as the Yuanxiao Festival and Shangyuan Festival. This valentine’s day celebrated on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. Girls used to barely or not be allowed to leave the house on usual days. So, girls used this day to go out, lighting a lantern, and meet or date.

7. Single’s day

To celebrate being single, the Chinese celebrating single’s day on November 11th. So, showing your love is not only for other people but also for showing it to yourself.

How do You Celebrate Qixi Festival?

Qixi Festival related this festival to the romantic tale of “the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.” About two lovers can only come together once a year, which is why it is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

Usually, people celebrate it traditionally, but nowadays they spend this day meeting their loved ones. Going on a date and giving them chocolates or a bouquet of love shaped roses. You can also provide a gift for your friends or your family who live far away. Card greetings, chocolate hampers, or floral arrangements are good choices, too, as a gift.

Qixi Festival
Qixi Festival


What does 520 mean?

The word “520” that pronounces as “Wǔ’èr líng” has the sounds like the Chinese word for “I love you” (Wo ai ni). The Chinese love to play on names and numbers that have hidden meanings. This day is usually celebrated by young people like Valentine’s day on February 14th. So, don’t forget to express your love to your beloved on this day.

520 meaning
520 meaning


Why do We Give Candy on Valentine’s Day? What else can we gift?

Nowadays, a candy gift on valentine’s day is a common thing too. What is the most popular candy on valentine’s day? A conversation hearts candy is the most popular candy on valentine’s day. So, why do we give candy on valentine’s day? The shape of the conversation hearts candy usually heart-shaped, and it has a romantic word on it. There are also regular round candies that have romantic lines written on the wrap. It is easy to express our feelings just by giving a conversation candy to our lover.

There are a lot of choices for you to gift your lover a valentine’s gift. A gift usually has been given on valentine’s day such as flowers, a dress, chocolates, perfume, a wallet, a watch, and many more. But there is a gift that you should avoid giving, pears or umbrellas, a watch, and shoes. They have a wrong meaning to your relationship with your beloved.

The word “pears” (梨, Lí) and “umbrella” (伞, Sǎn) sounds the same as (散) “breaking up”. So, when you get pears and an umbrella on valentine’s day from your lover. That means he/she wants the relationship between you and him to split up. You should change your plan to give your lover a watch. Because giving a watch has the meaning if you want to break up too like a pear or umbrella. Likewise, with shoes, giving shoes as a gift has the meaning of letting people walk away. In case you ask your lover to provide you with 1 yen, and it becomes like he is buying it on his own, so the curse will be broken.

Celebrating valentine’s day with your lover should be the most unforgettable moment in her life. Make sure you plan it well and choose a gift that makes you remember who the person gave her. Showing your love more on valentine’s day is a great thing to do. But, you must show it every day to make them feel your sincerity. And don’t forget to show your love to yourself too.