Chocolate love
Chocolate love

It has been said that the way to heart goes through the stomach. 

Whenever a happy moment occurs, the first step an individual takes is to sweeten the mouth. Chocolates are the sweetest way to cheer up your special moments and deepen your relationship.They are surely a mood Changer, Chocolates can make a person go all happy from being goofy in a few seconds.

Show me one person who does not like chocolate in some form. Be it nuts, truffle, hot cocoa, mint chocolate, milk chocolate or a dark one, in each form, it shows desire, love and affections with each bite. The Brands have associated chocolate with love and rightly so! Deep within, we all know that chocolate soothes our heart and cheers our soul. Even scientists have studied and verified that chocolate is the key to happiness. When you eat chocolate, it releases serotonin into your body, a chemical that is responsible to upraise your mood and tricks you into positive thinking.

Well, you can present someone chocolates on their special day or occasion.

Chocolate bouquets are a fantastic way to gladden your loved ones. Still, there are many people who are in a dilemma when to offer an exotic chocolate hamper. Don’t dwell on it, as we are presenting some of the special moments to offer a hamper of Chocolates.


Special moments to offer a chocolate bouquet

1. Birthdays

It is the day when your near and dear ones turn another year older. Birthdays are the most special day for an individual. Everyone wants their birthday to be the best and hope that the day will pass without any flaws. Don’t stress out over what to give as a birthday gift and whether the birthday boy/girl will like it or not. You can go for a bouquet of chocolates. It will surely melt them and swell their heart with sweetness and happiness.

2. Wedding Anniversary

Make someone’s special day a lot more special by giving them chocolates on their best day of life. Sweets will make their most special day of their life extra special. You can get the lovely couple a heart-shaped chocolate bouquet of their favourite chocolates.

3. Congratulations Day

congratulations chocolate
congratulations chocolate

If you are happy with the attainment of the peak of your loved one and want to pay your heartfelt congratulations to the person then take a box or hamper of chocolates with you and offer them. This is the best way to manifest your happiness on their success. The receiver would become very elated with the kind gesture of yours.

4. Christmas

A perfect occasion to get together with your family and loved ones. Meet your loved ones and give them a dash of sweetness by gifting a box of sweets and chocolates to them. Make your moment memorable and lovable by having conversations with the family while taking a bite of chocolate.

5. Valentine’s day

Valentines chocolate
Valentines chocolate

The day dedicated to love and means a lot for the couples out there. People celebrate it with all their heart. On this day couples tend to make their partner seize the day and capture the happy moment for the rest of their life. One can feed their bae with the sweetest chocolate bouquet and make their tummy all filled with love and happiness.

6. Get-together

You and your friends planned to have a get-together to relive the happy moments and to make new memories to cherish them forever. Create a hamper of your buddies favourite chocolates and witness the happiness on their face while you present them the hamper. Share your chit chat nights while having a crunch of the chocolate. It will level up your happiness and bonding.


Types of Chocolates

Gifting Chocolates is the finest way to convey your affection and love to your near and dear ones. There is an abundance of chocolates one can present to their beloved. 

Here are some best Chocolate varieties which are perfect for every occasion by gift delivery Singapore.

1. Cotton candy bouquet

Cotton candy
Cotton candy

What’s more tempting than the fluffier, sugary, so-much-fun-to-eat Cotton candy. Cotton candy bouquets are the best way to melt your near and dear one. These fluffy balls of sugar will surely brighten their mood and heart flutter.

2. Donut bouquet

Donuts are the best answer when sugar cravings occur. Let the tummy of your loved ones smile with satisfaction with the donut bouquet you offer them.

3. Macaron heart bouquet

They are the perfect sweet to hog on while having a party or spending time alone. You can present it to your partner or dear ones on their special day and receive a terrific smile on their face.

4. Strawberry bouquet

A treat for eyes and tummy. Strawberries are the most loved fruit across the globe. By offering a strawberry bouquet to your acquaintance on their special day will make their day extraordinary. The fresh strawberries will make their day a fresh start.

5. Cupcake bouquet


A perfect opportunity to feed your bae and your dear ones. Cupcakes are the sweetest and tenderest gift, they are the best to remind your loved ones that they are the sweetest part of your life.

6. Apple bouquet

Health is the greatest wealth one can have. There’s nothing greater than seeing your loved one all happy and healthy. You can present your loved one with a bouquet of apple and help them in being all fit and healthy.

7. Char siew bouquet

The best way to make your Non-vegetarian buddy go all delighted. You can get your loved one a bouquet of char siew on their birthdays or on any special ceremony. 

8. Nugget bouquet

It will definitely fill up the tummy with joy. If you are planning a gift for your dear one then wait and look at the nugget bouquet for once and yes! It is all you wanted to give your precious one on their most remarkable day.


Chocolates can be gifted with which flower bouquet?

Flowers and chocolates are the deadliest and greatest combo ever  give and receive.

All they do is spread happiness all around. They bring so much positivity and good vibes with them. Flowers express a lot without uttering a single word while chocolate represents sweetness. What would be a perfect choice to present others than sweets and flowers!

It will be a treat of contentment to your near and dear ones.

There are plenty of flowers and chocolates there, but make sure you are making a suitable combination of flowers and chocolates to give it for a special occasion or day.

Here are some combination ideas presented for you:


1. Orchids and chocolates


Orchids are the manifestation of good luck, love and fortune. You can prepare a hamper of Orchids and chocolates for your loved one. By this, you will share positivity with your beloved and make them go all happy and vibing.

2. Assorted roses and chocolates

Roses symbolise love however their meaning can extend beyond that and If you are in a dilemma as to what color of rose will look good in the bouquet, you can opt for the assorted ones, this will bring an immense feeling of love and satisfaction to your buddy. You can tuck their favourite variety of chocolate in the bouquet.

3. Carnations and chocolates

There are four types of Carnations present, white, light red, dark red and pink. All the colors have something different to say, you can chose according to your feelings and the moment.

If you have to gift it on the occasion of someone’s birthday you should opt for white and light red carnations in the hamper as they represent purity, luck and admiration, you can also fill the hamper with the birthday buddy’s favourite kind of chocolate and wish a very happy birthday with your this sweet gesture.

If you are celebrating the day of love with the love of your life then you should definitely go for dark red carnations as they convey the message of deep love and affection and adding the favourite chocolate or sweet of your partner in the basket will make your partner go all head over heels with your special kind of present.

For the buddy who has helped you in any way and it’s their special day then you can choose pink carnations as they represent gratitude and add their favourite flavour of candies in the hamper or bouquet.

4. Lillies and chocolate

White lilies
White lilies

Lilies represent a fresh start. If your near and dear ones are feeling blue due to any reason and the special occasion is on the peak, then it would be best. If you make a hamper of lilies along with their preference of chocolates and give it to them. It will surely turn their grey skies into the rainbow one.

5. Gerberas and chocolate

A bouquet of gerberas and with toppings of Chocolates on it, what a delight to eyes and tummy. You can also prepare a hamper of gerberas and Donuts or cupcakes or any kind of sweet your dear one prefers. The perfect gift for any kind of occasion.

6. Heart-shaped roses

Planning to make your Valentine’s day a notable one, then you are suggested not to go for cliched gifts like rings and teddies for your boo. This time think different and present a bouquet of heart-shaped red roses and a bunch of your bae’s favourite chocolate. You can also make a hamper of red roses and cupcakes and Donuts along with a chocolate bar. This will surely make your boo heart filled with all love and happiness and make your day to remember.


While there is a saying that Chocolates are bad for health and are the root cause for tooth decay. Well, every coin has two sides in the same way everything has a negative and positive aspect, and the same goes with eating chocolates and excess of anything can cause harm. It’s up to you how much you intaking.


Benefits of Chocolates


When your mood is blue, then someone pops a bar of chocolate in front of you and there you go from all goofy to all crazy for that Chocolates. Chocolates are not only delicious but they are mood changer and healthy for you too. They are full of nutritions and are a great source of antioxidants.

  • Chocolates are great for your heart circulation: Dark chocolate can help your arteries to restore their flexibility.
  • The risk of stroke is minimised: The consumption of chocolate can lower the risk of stroke.
  • Full of minerals: Chocolates are rich in minerals such as potassium and it helps in the proper functioning of muscles and helps to maintain your sleep cycle, build up your muscles and keep a check on your fertility and elevates hair growth.
  • Chocolates reduce cholesterol: Indulgence of cocoa in your body helps in throwing out the bad cholesterol and welcoming the good cholesterol. It also helps in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Good for skin: Chocolate helps in protection against the damage that occurred due to sun rays.
  • Help in losing weight: Have chocolate before 15 minutes of your meal and it will fit down the intake of your food. 
  •  It’s good for mothers and babies: Chocolates contain chemicals that help the brain associate happiness, passed from the mother to the baby. 
  • Improve functionality of Brain: Cocoa improves the blood flow to your brain. It also accelerates verbal fluency. Chocolates are helpful to elderly people as it works for their mental impairment.


Where can you buy Chocolates in Singapore?

For any occasion, you can get your choice of chocolate bouquet and chocolate hamper from the chocolate bouquet Singapore. You can also go through the website and can buy beautiful chocolate hampers along with flowers for your near and dear ones. You can also order customized chocolate hampers and Chocolate bouquets and get it delivered on your doorstep on the very day.