When you hear the word “carnation” the first thing you remember must be carnation milk. However, we won’t talk about carnation milk but a carnation flower. So, what is carnation that we will talk about?

Today we will talk about the reasons why carnation flowers are the best choice for your special day. To convey your feeling to someone you love, a flower is the best choice for a special day gift. A flower gift can be used at celebrations or sorrowful events. It has different meanings for each color of flowers. So, you have to find out first what is the right flower gift for your beloved.

A flower gift can fit any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, valentine, romance, graduation, congratulations, and condolences. You can choose carnation flowers as a gift. Please find out the right carnation flowers to convey your feelings. Then, you won’t cause any trouble because of a misunderstanding by the meaning of the flowers’ color.

Carnations and It’s Meanings

Carnation is one of the most beautiful flowers in this world. Dianthus caryophyllus is a carnation scientific name. The word “Dianthus” comes from two Latin words, “Dios” has meaning gods while “anthos” has a meaning flower. So, What does a carnation mean? Carnations are referred to as the flowers of the gods. This hardy flower is believed to originate in Europe, especially England. This gorgeous flower has been cultivated for 2000 years. The same as gerbera and roses, this flower also has a distinctive fragrance.

Carnations flowers are known initially as flowers that have striped shades of pink or peach petals. But, now, they are cultivated into various colors. Carnation consists of more than 250 species coming in several different colors. And each color has its carnation, meaning that usually symbolizes certain special days. Which one does suit you well?

1. Yellow carnation

Yellow Carnation
Yellow Carnation

Yellow Carnation embodies disdain, rejection, and disappointment. That is why you will not see yellow carnations in wedding ceremonies and receptions despite the exquisite color and shape.

2. Purple carnations

Purple Carnation
Purple Carnation

Royal families usually wear purple carnations as accessories for their clothes. In addition to denoting royalty, purple carnations also embody fickleness. These colors have meaning capriciousness, too, and usually use as condolence and apology.

3. White Carnation

White carnation is symbolized as purity and luck. When you want your beloved good luck for their new start, this carnation color is the best gift choice. A white carnation is often used as birthday, wedding, and graduation gifts.

4. Pink Carnation

Pink carnation is indicated as gratitude. Many people give their mother pink Carnation as a Mother’s Day gift. It also has meaning to appreciate someone you loved or respect, like a teacher, doctor, friend, co-worker.

5. Red Carnation

The red carnation is the way to go to convey your deep love and admiration. Don’t forget to get a red carnations bouquet when you plan to get on one knee to your girlfriend! This flower also can be used to express your admiration for your role model.

6. Striped Carnation

Striped carnations have been synonymous with a gentle refusal and regret. So, when you want to apologize to someone, you can use this flower to express your apology. And If your friend has a crush on you, but you don’t feel the same way, you can give him/her striped carnations to show that you feel sorry for rejecting him/her and tell that you can make pretty good friends.

Now you know which carnation bouquet you should give to your friends for a special friend─ on those special days. You also learn how to honor your beloved mom on Mother’s Day. Every carnation entails special meaning. But one thing for sure, all carnation is exquisite, and thus they embody allure.

Different Types of Carnations

Carnation is the flowers that have many different types. This flower was a popular flower to be cultivated in the garden. Because they have bright colors and many styles. If you want to start growing carnations, you have to know these carnations that are famous for cultivating at home. There are three types of carnation flowers that famous for growing at home, such as :

1. Large-Flowered Carnations

Large-Flowered Carnations
Large-Flowered Carnations


Large-flowered carnations are popular among the florist for having only one flower with a big bloom on each stem and can grow to be 18 to 24 inches high. They are often used as a flower bouquet and cut flower due to a big bloom and high stem.

2. Spray Carnations

Spray Carnations
Spray Carnations


This type is the smallest of carnation types. They are known as “miniature carnations” for their little character. Different from large-flowered types, these flowers can produce five to six flowers that bloom in one stem. And their height can grow just about 9 to 12 inches. It’s perfect for making your garden look gorgeous and use it as your home decoration.

3. Dry Flowered Carnations

Dry Flowered Carnations
Dry Flowered Carnations


Compared to the standard carnations, dry flowered carnations have a smaller flower and stem. They have a single flower bloom for one stem but multiples from its side branches.

These popular types of carnation flowers can be used as your home decoration and beautify your garden after knowing the popular types of carnation. You have to know the different types of carnations that are no less beautiful. There are ten other types of carnations that you should know:

1. Dianthus Barbatus – Sweet Williams

This type of carnation is a hardy plant. So, when you want to grow carnation in your home, Sweet Williams is the best choice. It will be easy to do carnation plant care because they are easy to reseed. Dianthus Barbatus can grow in any season and country. They can grow up to two feet, and the flower will bloom within 2 years from germinating the seeds. The colors are usually salmon, pink, red, or white. Sweet Williams can be used as a material for medicine, and the flower attracts butterflies and bees.

2. Dianthus Caryophyllus – Carnation

When people hear the word carnation, it is this type that they know first. This flower loves humid weather, often grows in the full sun and neutral slight of basa soil. So, they usually grow in the southern part of the country. They have the same colors as the Sweet Williams.

3. Dianthus Deltoides – Maiden Pinks

The flowers of this type will bloom either in pink or red color. Summer is the time when the flowers bloom. Maiden Pinks are usually used as groundcover and perennials plant. They have flowers that are loosely tufted and narrow leaves. It is the way to go for groundcover in your outdoor garden.

4. Dianthus Grataniapolitensis – Cheddar Pinks

Cheddar Pinks have the same characteristics as Maiden Pinks. The time for flowers to bloom is in summer, from May to June. They grow well in full sun and can’t tolerate wet or cold soil. The flowers will bloom in a lovely rose-pink color.

5. Dianthus Chinensis – Chinese Pinks

This carnation is native to China; that’s why it’s called Chinese Pinks. The colors will bloom in white, red, or pink. Chinese Pinks can’t grow well in hot and humid weather, and the flowers will bloom in spring to fall season. They can grow best in soil that contains alkaline.

6. Dianthus Plumarius

This type is popular with carnations lovers due to having a beautiful primary pink color and unique petals. Dianthus Plumarius usually have five petals that tufted edges.

7. Dianthus Armeria – Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink is a flowering plant that grows wild. So, you can choose this type for your outdoor garden decoration too because it’s often used as an ornamental plant to highlight other flowers. These flowers that bloom in the early to late summer have grassy-pink colors and five petals with red colors on the center near the stems.

8. Dianthus Pavonius

This flower type is one of the shortest types of carnations that only grow up less than ten inches. They have flowered in purple-pink color with either blue or brown at the center, and it will bloom from April to May.

9. Dianthus Superbus

A unique look can be seen at the flower shape that has fringed flowers. Usually, the colors of the flowers are white, red, or purple. It is used as a tea due to a strong scent.

10. Dianthus Pinkball Wizard

This carnation type also has unique flower colors. The color of the flower is pink and has darker pink stripes and dots on each petal. Also, it can attract bees and butterflies.

Carnations for Different Occasions

White Carnations
White Carnations


You can give a carnation flower gift on any different occasion. You should know the meaning of the flowers first before you provide it to someone because every flower has its meaning or symbol. Carnation flowers can be a gift on any different occasion, such as :

1. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the Day on which motherhood is honored. The date of it varies depending on which country you are referring to. But they all share the same purpose ─ to honor all mothers for giving birth, taking care of their children, and some other amazing stuff. Mother’s Day is most celebrated in Japan and the United States.

Carnations have been unique gifts given on Mother’s Day since Miss Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, gave carnations to her mother. Pink carnations denote a mother’s love for her child. Thus, a pink carnation flower is an excellent choice on this special day.

2. Graduation Day

Graduating is not the end of a story. It is just the beginning of the real story. You need to struggle for your life and get a good job. It is such a challenge that often makes many people get worked up.

For this reason, white carnations are the best choice. White carnations are the embodiment of purity and good fortune. By giving white carnations to your friends on their graduation day, you wish them good luck for the next step after graduation.

3. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day on which you show your affection to the one you love. This particular Day is always celebrated on February 14 by giving special gifts such as chocolates and flowers. You can personalize the bouquet with a mix of chocolates and flowers.

Red or pink carnations are the best choice. Red carnations are a symbol of admiration and affection. Giving red carnations to the one you love represents your feelings toward her. You can use this day to tie the knot with your girlfriend romantically. Ensure it will be the best day of her life and don’t forget to bring the diamond ring.

4. St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the special days of Christians in Ireland. It is celebrated on March 17 as the commemoration of Saint Patrick and Christianity’s arrival in Ireland.

On St. Patrick’s Day, people usually wear green outfits and accessories. Thus, green carnation is the best choice for this particular moment. The green color found in incarnations is not their natural color. They are white carnations that are dyed green.

5. Weddings

Carnation is the most popular flower bouquet in China. It’s used at wedding ceremonies as a bouquet, flower or even decorations. You can also give a carnation congratulations floral arrangements to your friends or family wedding.
At the wedding, white carnation is used as the bouquet that will be thrown to the attendance. It has the meaning of wishing good luck for their new life as a wife and husband. And for the people who receive the throne flower, it means they will get married after this.

6. Funeral

When your close ones pass away, you can give a carnation condolence greeting floral arrangement to the funeral home. A purple carnation is often used in France as condolence greeting floral arrangement. So, are carnations the flower of death? No, because it depends on the meaning of each color.

Don’t give your beloved nonchalantly. Nowadays, everything can be found online easily. So, you can search for what is the best carnation to convey your purpose. Seeing someone you love looks happy about your gift is the best thing. Especially when you see how happy they are when they receive it, seeing their smiles ear to ear is the best compliment to your gift.

Do All Carnations Smell Alike?

Most carnation flowers have fragrance. But, do all carnations smell alike? Yes, they have a sweet scent. So, that’s why this flower is so popular as a gift and among carnation flower cultivation. The difference between each type comes from the most aromatic scent. The carnation flowers that have the strongest fragrance are Cheddar Pink, Dianthus Superbus, and Maiden Pink.

The scent of carnations can be used as medicine, tea, and perfume. So it can be your choice as your friend’s birthday gift. A set of smells with carnations fragrance and a white carnation flowers bouquet to make her happy. A flower can be made into various types of gifts, such as a carnation bouquet, a personalized bouquet with chocolates, a character flower bouquet, a flower cushion, a floral arrangement, and a flower bouquet shaped into a birthday cake. So, choose your gift for your loved ones. Or personalize your carnation flower gift to make it different from other gifts.