Fresh Cut Flowers Singapore
Fresh Cut Flowers Singapore

If you look for tips related to flowers, this is the best place for you. A flower can represent a meaningful message. It also captivates the eyes. That’s why flowers never go wrong to be picked up as your gift ideas. Whatever the occasion is, there are always freshly cut flowers that you can purchase. Yup, we suggest you only use fresh cut flowers since they’re easy to find in Singapore.

Why do I need to choose fresh cut flowers?

Why do we need fresh cut flowers
Why do we need fresh cut flowers

A flower is the best way to capture beauty, elegance, femininity, and many other representations. The good thing about this plant is that you can find it almost everywhere. In Singapore, you may meet a lot of florists around your town, making it quite efficient to get flowers as hand bouquets, birthday gifts, or for romantic propose. However, does any of the flower recommended to be picked up?

The answer is not always about the species themselves, but their condition. Yup, even though you find it easy to hunt for floral in your Singapore florist, make sure that you only choose flowers that are freshly cut.

Fresh cut flowers become the main priority if you want to purchase this thing. As a gift idea, do you want the gift to bring disappointment to its receiver? We bet all you don’t want it to happen because a gift is supposed to bring happiness to those who receive it.

That’s why picking fresh cut flowers are necessary because many of us happy having a fresh flower to be displayed at our home or office spaces. Send a bouquet to someone is beneficial for them to place it as home decorations so it won’t end up in the trash bin. That’s why you need to choose freshly cut flowers.

Where can I get fresh cut flowers?

Where to get fresh cut flowers
Where to get fresh cut flowers

Looking for a gift idea is not a difficult thing to do nowadays. There are plenty of inspirations you can take. However, if you don’t want to think too much about what gift brings extraordinary feeling, there’s a flower bouquet you can consider choosing.

After knowing why fresh cut flowers needed before sending them to someone you love, do you have no idea where to get them in Singapore? No worry!

Yup, Singapore is the region where you can find many places to purchase fresh cut flowers. Starts from florists, certain grocery stores, market, to roadside stands, you can get them with no difficulty. Isn’t it perfect for you who live in Singapore and are always in rush?

Tips to get fresh cut flowers

Tips to get fresh cut flowers
Tips to get fresh cut flowers

Now that you have realized that freshly cut floral is easy to find. The planning to get a bunch of it for your occasions in Singapore or home decoration might already be in your mind.

One thing to note, even though they are easy to find, but you still need to be selective because picking the right item can be quite a task. Without any further thing to do, we will explain how to get the best condition of flowers for you.

  1. Watch out for the underside of the petals

A flower that will wither soon is a big no when it comes to sending someone a bouquet. That’s why you must avoid this kind of condition. How can I notice it? You can look at the underside of the petals by using your fingers, then slide the bottom surface of the petals gently. If you feel the petals are flimsy, don’t choose it because it’s a sign of wither.

  1. Always notice its appearance

The easiest way to determine whether a flower is in the good condition or not for a beginner is by noticing its appearance. Try not to get a petal that looks pale, already faded from its original color. Further, avoid the one that turns dull and brown.

  1. Don’t choose if it shows signs of reproduction

Fresh flowers are supposed to be cut before their reproductive period. If you notice that there are seeds, loose pollen, or other reproductive structures that become swollen, don’t ever purchase it because it shows the sign of reproduction.

  1. Always choose the youngest

There’s one thing to note when it comes to purchasing flowers. Always choose the one that youngest is what we suggest you because it just bloomed. This trick is beneficial for you who want to use it as home decoration. If you pick the youngest, you can let it bloom on your vase once you’ve already purchased it. Looking for what species works well with this trick? Try considering tulips.

  1. Check the condition of the stem as well

Not only the petals, make sure to check the stems as well. Stems that look cleanest, strongest, and most firm are what we recommended. The color of them also determines the condition, so you must choose the stems that come in healthy green.

  1. Make sure the water where the flowers are sitting is clean

The final trick before purchasing fresh cut flowers is by looking at the color of the water where the flowers are sitting. Water that is murky, brown, and contains sediments floating in it is a big no because it’s a sign that the flowers themselves are already contained with bacteria. This makes them are not going to last-lasting.

FlowerAdvisor – the best place to get fresh cut flowers in Singapore

Picking up the right petals for your bouquet in Singapore could be tiresome, especially if you’re in rush to get your work done and there are other activities to do. For this, don’t worry because FlowerAdvisor as the online florist Singapore provides you with fresh cut flowers that are crafted as bouquets without making you go anywhere.

If you live in Singapore, FlowerAdvisor guarantees your purchase will arrive on the same day. Only takes a few hours until the flower bouquet arrives, FlowerAdvisor supports any address in Singapore, perfect for those who want to make sure their bouquet stays in freshly good condition