Chrsitmas Tree Singapore
Chrsitmas Tree Singapore


Soon, Christmas is coming! The Christmas atmosphere will make you feel nostalgic. You are watching movies, eating Christmas cookies, exchanging gifts, and lighting candles on Christmas Eve. Who can’t wait to feel the warmth on this special day? Surely, all the Christians around the world long for Christmas.

A Christmas tree, Santa hats usually mark Christmas, and Christmas tree decorations such as the red and green lights you usually see in church, public places, and even every house.

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Singapore?

The first step to recreating this Christmas magic in your living room is to get yourself a tree. Having a Christmas tree doesn’t come cheap when you’re in Singapore. Don’t worry! We have sorted out a list of Singapore places with the lowest prices for Christmas trees in Singapore.

1. Masons Home Decor

Masons Home Decor has artificial Christmas trees colored in green, white, gold, and even pink. In 2019, they gave promo with the basic 1.5M tree will only cost you $14.90, while the fancy colors starting from $149.

Everything’s listed online, so you don’t have to spend the time and effort to come to the store. And for this year, Mansons will give you a Christmas tree Singapore sale up to 50%.

2. Henry Christmas Wholesaler

Prices start from as low as $10 for a plain 3FT tree and increase accordingly based on how fancy and tall your chosen tree is. You can choose from a silver-coated needle pine tree to an all-white spruce tree.

This wholesale center is a haven for Christmas decors. You can find baubles in various colors, glittered tree toppers, Christmas cottage decorations, and even nativity sets under $10.

3. FairPrice

Pick up a 1.5M artificial Christmas tree at just $14.90 and decorations like hanging ornaments at the same price, cute penguin socks at $4.90, or solar-powered lights at $9.90. There will also be hampers and other Christmas-themed goodies filling up their shelves.

Where to Buy Christmas Trees
Where to Buy Christmas Trees


If you prefer the smell of pine wafting through your hallways, this is a place that you can buy cheap Christmas tree Singapore real :

4. Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape

Prices range from as low as $79 for a 4-5FT fir to $689 for a massive 11-12FT one.

5. Ji Mei Flower

They are selling $108 for a 4-5FT tree and up to $168 for 6-7FT. They also have live mini Christmas trees for $10.

How Do I Dispose of My Christmas Tree in Singapore?

Dispose Christmas Tree
Dispose Christmas Tree


There is Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), WRS has adopted ongoing reusing and recycling initiatives across Singapore’s park. They provide recycling bins and e-waste recycling bins. They open donations also for live Christmas trees from anyone.

WRS team creates animal enrichment objects in-house from old and donated materials. Used live Christmas trees donated by households and commercial entities in Singapore were given to animals for scent stimulation and play.

If you want to dispose of your tree yourself, you can saw the tree in small pieces (about 1.5 feet in length) and dispose it off properly, with the ornaments, lights, and metal wiring thrown separately.

But, if your tree is more than 12 feet in height, it is recommended that you hire a professional to dispose of your tree. Most nurseries in Singapore offer a Christmas tree disposal service by professionals.

Can You Regrow Your Christmas Tree?

By the time you purchase a tree, it has already been cut for weeks, or maybe even months. However, even a freshly cut tree has been separated from its roots, and replanting a Christmas tree without roots simply isn’t possible.

If you’re determined to plant your Christmas tree, purchase a tree with a healthy root ball that has been securely wrapped in burlap. This is an expensive alternative, but the tree will beautify the landscape for many years with proper care.

What to Consider When Buying a Christmas Tree in Singapore?

Buying a Christmas Tree
Buying a Christmas Tree


  1. Consider where you are going to place the tree and how much space do you have? Measure your ceiling height and width space before going down to get your Christmas tree.

2. Consider the fact that a live Christmas tree involves a lot more work and maintenance than an artificial one. For a live Xmas tree, you have poured cold water immediately into the stand when the tree reaches your home and the water should be topped up every day or every two days, depending on how thirsty your tree is. Check the water levels daily. So ask yourself if you have the time to upkeep your tree.

3. Another thing to consider is your Christmas tree stand. If you’re a regular buyer of real Christmas trees and already have one from last year, check to make sure what size tree it holds and make sure it fits the Christmas tree you’re planning to buy.

What Do You Do With Your Real Christmas Tree After Christmas?

It goes without saying that a Christmas without the tree would feel pretty odd, but we also have to face the facts that something has to be done with all of these trees after the holiday is over.

Sending them to the landfill is a terrible option because our dumps are already overfilled, and the tree is organic matter, able to feed the earth rather than contribute to damaging it. Some areas still allow burning although it’s less common due to pollution concerns.

Throwing trees in landfills or burning unused Christmas trees is not a way to dispose of our Christmas trees responsibly. This actually supports and exacerbates the environmental damage that has already occurred. We, as humans, certainly have some intelligence that can be used, one of which is to use our old Christmas tree creatively.

So, can we use our old tree creatively? Of course, we can! After the holiday season, there are a lot of Xmas trees being tossed out and that’s a lot of useful wood, either for basic gardening or countless craft and decor projects.

Here are several better ways you can recycle your live Xmas tree and put it to good use in the garden or home :

1. Turn it into mulch

Mulching has some benefits; it can help treat compaction and prevent soil erosion that often happens after heavy rain.

2. Use as an animal habitat

Make a good shelter in the corner of the garden that is not too exposed

3. Create a bird feeder

Your old tree is a fantastic way to provide much-needed food for birds

What President Banned Christmas Trees?

Christmas Trees Banned
Christmas Trees Banned


There was a time when the Christmas tree was not used in the White House to mark the start of Christmas. The President responsible for the ban was Theodore Roosevelt who occupied the house from 1901 to 1908. His environment conservation policies made him avoid using the Christmas tree as a way of leading by example.