Chrysanthemum flower is a popular flower among flower lovers. It is easy to care of the plants, they can be planted in various variations in color, size, and shape. They can be divided into two types, namely the standard type and the spray type. The standard type of chrysanthemum will produce one flower bloom on one stalk. In contrast, the spray type of chrysanthemum will produce up to 7 flower blooms on only one stem.

To be used as ornamental flowers or flower arrangements, chrysanthemums can last longer than other types of flowers. The appearance of the perfect exotic flower colors makes this flower often used as a special flower to compliment a gift or on certain formal occasions. The main thing is that the chrysanthemum has a distinctive soft aroma, so it is often used when brewing tea to make the tea more delicious and sweet- smelling. Chinese people often consume chrysanthemum tea as traditional medicine.

Chrysanthemum flower is a type of tropical plant from China. And there is the popular philosophy “If you want to be happy all your life, then plant chrysanthemums”. It seems to express how popular this type of chrysanthemum is as a symbol of happiness. Let me guess, you are interested in growing it at home, right? Before that, let’s get to know more about chrysanthemums first.

Chrysanthemum Facts

Chrysanthemum is a flower that comes from China. This flower belongs to the Asteraceae family, including several other popular flower types such as Aster, Dahlia, and Starflower. There are some interesting facts about chrysanthemums:

  • It comes from the Greek “chrysos,” which means gold, and “anthemom,” which means flower. But, now they are known as mums.
  • It is edible and are used as traditional medicine. The leaves are widely used as a stew as a vegetable dish in Chinese dishes, which is very useful for digestion. In comparison, the flowers are often used as a tea aroma, which is nutritious to increase endurance and prevent heart disease and stroke.
  • The beautiful flowers are marked as the the arrival of November.
  • It is known as Is one of the Four Gentlemen of China. Orchids for spring, bamboo for summer, chrysanthemums for fall, and plum blossoms for winter.

Chrysanthemum Color and Symbols

Due to having exotic colors and flawless blooms, the mums are often used as ornamental flowers. These flowers are in red, white, pink, yellow, orange, silver, blue and purple. But like other flowers, each color of the chrysanthemum has a different meaning and symbol. Therefore, you must get to know each color of chrysanthemum’s meaning before giving it to anyone. Because what you want to convey must be in line with chrysanthemum meaning.

1. Red Chrysanthemum

Red Chrysanthemum
Red Chrysanthemum

The red chrysanthemum is said to be expressing the feeling of love. Red chrysanthemums are perfect as Valentine’s Day gifts. They are very suitable to compliment when you plan to ask her out or to marry her.

2. Pink Chrysanthemum

Pink Chrysanthemum
Pink Chrysanthemum

The Pink chrysanthemum is a symbol of love and romance. It is often used as a surprise gift to your girlfriend anytime you want, no need to wait to give it on a special day.

3. Orange Chrysanthemum

Orange Chrysanthemum
Orange Chrysanthemum

The Orange chrysanthemum symbolizes the feeling of delicate love. You can give an orange chrysanthemum when you fight with your partner. This flower is said to melt your lover’s heart by expressing your apology.

4. White Chrysanthemum

White Chrysanthemum
White Chrysanthemum

The white chrysanthemum has the meaning of purity and innocence. It is also a symbol of honesty and loyalty. So, if you get this as a gift, it means that your boyfriend trusts you. White chrysanthemums also have a meaning as a tribute to the deceased. So, they are usually given in the form of mourning wreaths.

5. Violet Chrysanthemum

Violet Chrysanthemum
Violet Chrysanthemum

The Violet chrysanthemum means a strong passion for a healthy life. It is a perfect choice as a get-well gift to your loved ones. Because gifting get-well flowers will bring a smile to their face, it contributes to their quick recovery.

6. Yellow Chrysanthemum

Yellow Chrysanthemum
Yellow Chrysanthemum

The Yellow chrysanthemum means joy and optimism. However, some people also interpret that yellow chrysanthemum has the meaning of rejected love. It can also mean one-sided love. So, if your lover gives you yellow chrysanthemums, you need to watch out for their love. Does his/her love belong to you or someone else?

7. Blue Chrysanthemum

Blue Chrysanthemum
Blue Chrysanthemum

The blue chrysanthemum symbolizes the end of love , that their love has moved on over the pain of a breakup. This flower is suitable to symbolize that you are ready to start a new life from the adversity caused by a breakup.


Chrysanthemum Cultural Significance

Chrysanthemums don’t only hold meanings but also cultural significance. Over the years, chrysanthemum has been denoted as a cultural meaning of different kinds in several countries. The first country is a country that cultivated chrysanthemum for the first time was China. In China, the chrysanthemum is in the highest position, a symbol of nobility. They are one of the Four Gentlemen of China. So, they become Chinese culture. Chrysanthemum’s tea is used for medicinal purposes and so is used to bring life energy and vitality in China.

Chrysanthemums tea
Chrysanthemums tea

While in Japan, this flower can prolong a person’s life. Just placing a single blinks chrysanthemum in a wine glass will guarantee you healthy and long life. Besides, this flower is symbolized as the sun in the cherry country. 

In Chicago, this flower is famous as a symbol of joy. It often appear in happy events such as weddings and birthdays. However, in some European countries such as Belgium and Austria, it signifies death and are used at funerals.


How to Grow Chrysanthemum?

Growing chrysanthemums is very easy, it can be done through cutting, root division, or grown from seed. Also, this flower can grow in various soil conditions. The flowering period is also long. It would be really fun if you could plant chrysanthemums in your yard. Here are the steps.

1. Determine the Flower’s Type

The first step would be determining the type of chrysanthemum you want. What are the types? The following types of chrysanthemums are suitable for planting at home:

  • Pompom chrysanthemum is called a pompom because it has flower petals that are layered and form a ball. Generally, pom pom chrysanthemums have an identical color – yellow, purple, and white, with a diameter of up to 10 cm.
  • Spider chrysanthemum, this is a popular type grown in pots. The crown strands are dense and long. They are part of the daisy family. This type is often used as bouquets and ornamental plants.
  • Anemone chrysanthemum looks like a daisy, with just one or two rows of crowns around it.
  • Chrysanthemum carinatum, among the types of chrysanthemums, its color are the most lively. One chrysanthemum carinatum consists of at least two to three colors that form a circle. The middle part is dark, followed by a thin circle of colors and dominant colors like white, yellow, and red. These carinatum chrysanthemums are fairly fast to bloom, and only need to wait for two weeks after planting.

2. Find the Place for the Chrysanthemum

The second step would be finding a perfect place to grow the flower. These flower is very fond of sunshine. They should be exposed to the sun for 6 to 8 hours a day. However, they need shade when it rains to keep it from rotting. So, put them under indirect sunlight.

Planting Chrysanthemum
Planting Chrysanthemum

3. Plant the Seed

The third steps are planting seeds, growing plants, and the root division in the soil. For one place, a maximum of 5 chrysanthemum seeds can be planted and then plant the rest in another place. Plant one chrysanthemum seed in the middle then spread the rest around it. This is intended so that the chrysanthemum can grow well and not be hampered by each other. For growing plants and root division, it must be planted as soon as possible after buying or separating the roots. To prevent the roots from dying due to lack of water supply in the soil.

4. Fertilizing

The fourth step is to fertilize the chrysanthemum once a month. They don’t need to be fertilized too often because the natural nutrients in the soil are sufficient.

5. Watering

The fifth step would be watering the plant once a day. Water the chrysanthemum plant until the soil is moist but don’t wet it too much. Don’t water it directly on the leaves, just water it on the stems and roots. Why? Because chrysanthemum flowers can rot due to the growth of bacteria and fungi. They should be watered in the morning.

6. Remove Withered Leaves and Flowers

The sixth step of planting a chrysanthemum is getting rid of withered leaves and flowers. This is intended to not interfere with the circulation of water and nutrients that will be received by all parts of the plant.

7. Sufficient Lighting

The Seventh step is to keep the plant out of any light at night. To be able to bloom beautifully, chrysanthemums only need morning and afternoon sun. And at night they need a dark area. Therefore, you should avoid this flower from any light at night, including light bulbs.


Do Chrysanthemums Symbolize Death?

Chrysanthemums decorating funeral homes and graves
Chrysanthemums decorating funeral homes and graves

The meaning of a flower can vary in each country. Flowers usually symbolize affection; they are a wonderful and unforgettable gift from a loved one. But in some countries, the chrysanthemum symbolizes death. As you know, when you come to the funeral place, you will immediately notice the condolences wreaths in front of the funeral home. But why do chrysanthemums symbolize death in some countries?

Chrysanthemums are used at funerals for decorating funeral homes and graves in some Asian countries, America, and several European nations, including Belgium, Italy, France, and Austria. The typical color used at the funeral is the white chrysanthemum. Giving a wreath of white chrysanthemums symbolizes respect for the deceased. A mourning wreath can grant a bereaved family serenity that they can’t get with any other gift. Chrysanthemums are also a depiction for recalling beautiful memories with the deceased.


Are Chrysanthemums A Perennial?

Chrysanthemums are hardy plants. They can survive a long time in a variety of conditions and weather. The flower is known as mums, is a perennial plant. However, there are some annual chrysanthemum plants too. But, most of them are perennial. The yearly type of the flower is usually a potted plant.

If you are a lazy person and not confident that you can take care of it for a long time, then the annual chrysanthemum might be your choice. Annual chrysanthemums usually wither when the blooming season is over. So, you don’t have to bother replanting or maintaining after the blooming season is over.

But, are you able to see a beautiful chrysanthemum die just like that? Then choose a perennial chrysanthemum to be planted in your home because the eternal chrysanthemum will continue to bloom in the following seasons. But first you must learn how to take care of them after the blooming season first, which is explained below.


Do Chrysanthemum Grow Back?

As we know, the chrysanthemum is a perennial and annual flower. Annual chrysanthemum is a plant that dies immediately after the blooming season is over. On the other hand, the perennial chrysanthemum can bloom again in the next season. But if you had proper care for chrysanthemum plants after the blooming season, what kind of treatments should be done? The following treatments you should do:

1. Remove withered leaves and flowers

Many people usually just leave the withered flowers on the stem. Especially for chrysanthemums, you should immediately cut the wilted flower stalks. In this way, the next chrysanthemum plant will flower profusely.

2. Clear out weeds and pest

The biggest enemies of plants, including chrysanthemums, are weeds and pests. Therefore you must be ready at any time to clean this flower from weeds and pests.

3. Fertilize

Another important thing is plant fertilization. To remain eco friendly, you should use organic fertilizers, either manure or compost. Fertilization is useful for fertilizing plants.

4. Move the chrysanthemums to a new location

Moving your plant location to a new place every three years helps prevent pest problems and reduces disease risk.


What do Chrysanthemums Symbolize?

Each flower has a specific symbol. Although the symbolization of a flower can be seen from a person’s various points of view, most chrysanthemums symbolize friendship, energy and optimism, love, rebirth, loyalty, and eternal life.

1. Friendship

Chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship, so it would be the right choice to express your love to your best friend. The flower act as an expression of your gratitude to them for being there no matter what. 

When your family member or friend is going through a new challenge and they are on the verge of despair, giving this flower is also a perfect choice.

2. Energy and Optimism

Giving a bouquet of chrysanthemums is expected to be able to provide energy in the form of enthusiasm to rise and revive their optimism.

3. Loyalty and Love

Show your loyalty and love to your loved ones through chrysanthemums. Make them sure that you are loyal to them and it’s only them in your heart, no one else.

4. Rebirth

The symbol of rebirth from the chrysanthemum flower is taken from the stories and legends related to this flower. However, this is also due to the blooming season of the mums from late spring to summer. So, it usually symbolized as rebirth when the blooming season comes.

5. Eternal Life

Because chrysanthemums are hardy plants, they symbolize eternal life. They can survive a long time in a variety of conditions and weather.


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