Rose corsage
Rose corsage

It is either a solitary flower or a small bunch of flowers arranged to be worn by women at some form of occasions to glorify their attire. When the season of school formals and proms start to begin, the corsages and boutonnieres are there in the limelight because they expand the beauty of the person wearing them.

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. Corsages are made of blooming flowers and being worn they give a Princess feeling to all the women out there. It has captivating power and elevates one’s beauty. Whatever the event or the function is corsage and boutonniere adds a special touch to the event with their blossom and freshness all within them.

They are worn when you wanna attend a school function or prom. They can be customised and can be made matching the attire. It is very light in weight and full of ease to carry. One also wears it on their wedding day or is a bridesmaid.


Why should girls have all the accessories?

While girls wear it, there is an option for boys too, they put a buttonhole or boutonniere on their outfit. A boutonniere is a floral accessory worn on the lapel of a tux or a jacket on any special event by men. Most men wear boutonnieres on their wedding day as a wedding boutonniere which makes them look elegant and full of grace.

Boutonnieres are often presented by the girls to the men they admire and they tuck the buttonhole with their own hand.


Corsage a traditional attire

The practice of wearing a corsage dates back to the ancient Victorian era. When the Victorians had to attend a formal occasion, they tend to wear a small collection of herbs and blooming fresh flowers to keep the evil spirits away 

Victorian men also used to send small bunches of flowers to the women they admire, in the hope that their small token of love would be worn by the lady, in the event they both are attending. This gave a sense of unification to the men and women wearing it.

If you have never given a corsage to your partner then it is extremely important to know the types that are being worn by the women.


There are different vibrant  variety of corsages  for women

Pink corsage
Pink corsage


1. Wrist corsage

They are famous to be worn while going on a prom,

They give a charming look to your wrist, one can flaunt their wrist which is bewitched by the beautiful flowers being tied into a bracelet or get secured to the Wrist by being tied with colorful decorative ribbons.


2. Pinned Corsages

One of the most classical styles of carrying it. If one’s dress has a sleeve they can go for the pinned corsages. As some people are shy to wear it on the wrist so they can opt for a pinned one. Pinned corsages tucked on the straps and bodice of one’s clothes. They give a royal look and increases the beauty of the attire. It also builds a sense of confidence in the person wearing them.


3. Handbag corsage

This type is pinned on your handbag. It is an ideal choice of wearing it. One becomes a center of attraction while carrying a corsage on their handbag. One can use it if their fabric of cloth is very tender and pinning it can harm the cloth. 


4. Hair corsage

If you want to witness a princess feel, then try it on any occasion. This will glorify your inner beauty as well as outer beauty. It can be worn like a ring of flowers on your hairs and with a small bunch of flowers being pinned into the hairs.


What do you need to order a corsage in Singapore?

It is best to order it when you have decided on your whole attire for the event. It gives you a sense of good selection and you can buy one matching your dress. One can also decide what type of corsage they are gonna wear on that day. One can ask their local florist for it, but it is difficult for you to spare your time for the fleet accessory, you can go for online shopping and can get your favourite choice of corsage by ordering it in online mode through trusted sites such as Flower Advisor. It is better to order it a few hours before the event as it will help to keep the flowers fresh and blooming. You can get it delivered to your doorstep at the time you stated. One can also customise it according to their choice if they want to.


How to make a corsage?


You want to be a major statement for the upcoming event. Try making a corsage of your wonderful ideas being implemented.

Here are a few steps to modify your ordinary handmade one into the most captivating one.

Things you need to DIY a corsage:

  • 2-3 flowers of your choice
  • Plain, wide cuff or a bracelet
  • Colorful lace ribbons
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • One green floral tape. 

1. Step one

Make a group of all the flowers you have arranged for the Corsage. Cut the stems of the flowers up to 2 inches approx.

2. Step two

Secure all the flowers together with the help of the green floral tape.


3. Step three

Thread the ribbon through the flower and settle it to corsage with the green floral tape.


4. Step four

Tie the lace ribbon around the stem and turn it into a bow by leaving some slack at the end of the edges.


5. Step Five

Glue it into the bracelet.


6. Step six

Tie the remaining ends of the lace of ribbon to hold it into one place.


Now, you have made a glamorous corsage to be tied on your wrist by making you the star of the event.


Purpose of a corsage

Corsages are famous to be worn on a wedding, prom, mother’s day, formal events, semi-formal occasions, memorial, graduation day, prom or on any significant day. 

It represents a person’s belief and they show gratitude and help to honour a person. It increases the exquisiteness of the outfit. They are made up of flowers, ferns, herbs and ribbons. Whatever the event is, it always makes you feel special.

They are especially worn to honour the people. Like on a baby shower event, the mother to be is cherished and revered with a corsage. The flowers chosen for it are very important. As all the flowers have something to say, corsages and their flowers are being picked out solemnly as they are the manifestation of a message.

While going to a school event or on a prom, corsages are typically worn around the wrist, which is not a necessity, they can also be pinned on the dress and on a handbag. If one finds it awkward on the wrist and handbags, they can wear it on their hairs which will provide an elegant look and something bewitching different.

The color of the flowers is chosen in a way that complements the outfit and color of the pair. Prom couples usually tend to walk together in the event while wearing the same kind of corsage and boutonniere.

It is being carried out through the oldest time that the men give it to the women they admire and the female reverts it back by giving or pinning a boutonniere on their male partner’s shirt or jacket.


When and how do you give a girl a corsage?

White corsage
White corsage

Prom is the one night when the hearts of the youngsters beat faster than the average rate.  It is the one special night when the teenagers are all decked up and develop a feeling of being an adult. The prom has many traditions associated with it and one of the most significant one is wearing a boutonniere.

A corsage is a small bunch of flowers or a single flower being worn by a woman.

The culture of wearing a corsage goes back to ancient times when women tend to carry it for keeping the evil spirits at bay and to welcome a stroke of good luck.

As change is the universal truth, the tradition of wearing a corsage is also modified. Nowadays girls wear it as a fashion statement rather than as a protection against evil. If one is doubtful on how to present a corsage then their date is going to end on in a disaster. To be safe from anything bad here’s are some tips given on how to give a corsage to the love of your life.


How to give a corsage?

It is the most prime duty of yours to know the favourite color and the attire to be worn by the girl on a special day and then you can choose it accordingly. The perfect time to gift a corsage is when your first meeting is going on with your date. Show her the corsage and ask her to wear it, if she accepts the corsage of yours then you have to tie it on her dress or on the Wrist.

One can pin it on their partner’s dress and can also tie it on her wrist.


The best flowers for a corsage

Corsages are the best way to put a flower on the dresses. But it can be challenging as the flowers do not have the presence of a stem and they can dry out very soon which will diminish the beauty of it.

It is very crucial to choose a range of flowers that can be kept fresh for a longer time.  

To wear a flattering corsage one needs to choose a variety of blooming flowers.

Here are some tips that are given to choose a flower which will be best for it:

1. Spray roses

Spray flowers have the quality to grow with multiple flowers on a single branch. They tend to produce small blossoms rather than long-stemmed varieties of roses which make them perfectly sized for the corsage. They come in a diversity of colors, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

2. Ranunculus

These flowers are famous for their vibrant colours and their numerous layers of soft petals. They are similar to peonies in appearance. They can be found in small sizes which make them perfect for being a part of the corsage.

3. Waxflower

This flower belongs to the myrtle family and has dotted stems with flowers produced in pink colour. It has leaves that are extremely soft and have needle-like leaves which gives it a captivating power and makes it the best choice for it.

4. Button poms

They are tiny Chrysanthemums ideally sized for the smaller arrangements. They are typically around 1 to 2 inches long. They are circular or spherical in shape. They are made up of tightly formed petals and come in a diversity of colours like white, green, yellow and purple. 

5. Lisianthus

They are bell-shaped flowers that resemble roses. While they have a look of tenderness but they are very hardy in nature. This quality makes a perfect choice to be picked for making boutonniere and corsages.

6. Roses and Carnations

Roses and carnations are the best choices for it and as they come in a diversity of colors and have a sense of joyousness in them. They are sturdy and have the power of being alive for a longer time.


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