When you want to give your loved one a gift, a cushion is the best choice for a gift. Especially during this pandemic, people you loved who stay at home will be happy to give them a new cushion to accompany their days. But make sure it fulfills your loved one needed because there are so many types of cushion with different functions. So, think carefully about what is your loved one needed for a cushion.

The Purpose of a Cushion

A cushion that we mean is not a basic makeup on your face, but a cushion made with a fabric case filled with a soft material. It can put in a position to make your body feel comfortable when you are leaning to it. One cushion is made for one function, so you can only place the cushion according to its position. For example, you can place a back support cushion at your back when you sit on the chair to relieve pressure on your back while sitting. At the same time, a seat cushion is often placed under your butt to seat on.

The Different between a Cushion and a Pillow

Any of you will think a cushion is the same as a pillow. However, if we understand the two, they have differences. A pillow is usually used by taking it under our head while sleeping or just lying down on the bed. There are two types of pillows, pillow for decoration and bed pillow. A pillow for decoration can be used to decorate the ground to make it look more beautiful and be used for decoration on the sofa. A bed pillow is a common type of pillow that we usually use for sleep.

While a cushion is usually used to put in a position, we want to make your body feel comfortable leaning to it. A cushion has a different function. There are so many types of cushions, there are :

1. Back Support Cushion

This cushion has a function to endure your back lower pain when you sit on a chair. It can relieve pressure on your back when you sit especially for those who work on computers.

2. Sofa Cushion

It is no secret that the sofa cushion that we often sit on is one type of cushion. If you look at your parent’s old sofa cushion doesn’t do its job as a sofa cushion. In other words, the foam in the cushion is deflated and uncomfortable to sit on. You can give your parents a new sofa cushion as a gift for your parents.

3. Chair Cushion

We usually feel uncomfortable when sitting on a chair with no cushion or on a chair made with challenging material. When we sit on the chair, it tends to squeeze the hips, misalign the pelvis and spine. So we need this cushion chair to relieve pain caused by the pressure on your hips. Cushion chairs can be used both indoors or outdoor. Just make sure the fabric used in the outdoor cushion chair is water-resistant to protect the cushion from getting wet.

4. Floor Cushion

When you invite guests to your house, and you are short on chairs for the guests to sit in, a floor cushion is the best choice to use. Not only cheaper to buy compared to buying a new sofa. Floor cushions also very space-saving when they are not in use, stack place them in the corner of the room.

Which Cushion Filling is Best?

When you want to give a cushion to your loved one, a cushion, make sure what material used for the cushion is the best. Because to feel optimal function, the material used must be right. We already know the types of cushions; of course, every cushion types have a different cushion filling. The material used in the back support cushion must be firm and supportive while it must feel comfortable to use too. It shouldn’t be so soft because it has to adjust the posture of the back when sitting. So the best filling for this type of cushion is memory foam.

Foam is the best cushion filing for the second type of cushion. Sofa cushion should be filled with foam because foam has two quality which is density and firmness. One type of foam that is good for filling sofa cushions is poly-foam, which has affordable and long-lasting properties.

We want to suggest a blend of cotton-linen as versatile as is it longlasting to use. It’s very suitable for filling the cushion chair and floor cushion because it’s soft, will hold its shape, and easy to wash. After a couple of washes, it will be more delicate and robust. But don’t forget to choose a water-resistant cover, so it’s not getting wet for using it outdoor.

Cushion Filling
Cushion Filling


Personalized Cushion Gift Ideas

Giving someone you love a gift is very necessary to think about what you want to convey in giving the gift. Especially when giving a cushion gift, you can personalized cushion gift ideas to your loved one. When you want to give your friends, parents, or girl/boyfriend, a Christmas gift, you can give them a printed cushion gift. You can custom the motif on the cushion cover that is printed into a Christmas tree, Santa Claus’s reindeer, snow. Make them into a set of hampers with a pillow decoration for a sofa with red and white color covers.

If you have trouble finding where to buy cushion in Singapore, you can search it online. Everything can be searched online now; there are so many websites that sell various cushion. Or you can buy a cushion gift online and embroider it into the shape you want yourself. It will show them more of your love and sincerity to them.

Customized pillow with name

A customized pillow with a name is most pillow people have. This type of pillow is always the choice of people to give gifts to their loved ones. A pillow with a name could be a birthday, wedding, graduation, give birth greeting to your loved ones. Not just a word that can be written on the pillow, A short special message that you want to convey can also be written on the pillow that you want to give to others.

For example, when you want to propose to your partner. You can have a small event with your knees showing a pillow that says, “will you marry me?” while holding out the diamond cut cushion box. A magic pillow gift with the word “yes” and “I will” on another side could be your girlfriend’s answer to your proposal by swiping it. To complete it, also give a white rose flower bouquet as a symbol of your relationship to a more severe level named marriage.

Customized pillow with name
Customized pillow with name


Birthday gift combos for friends?

A best friend is someone who loves who you are, always be there when you need them, and knows yourself more than yourself. There are many ways to express your love for your friends and that affection can also be shown anytime and anywhere. However, isn’t your friend’s birthday the right day to show your love even more?

If your friend is a girl, she would be happy if given a birthday pillow and makeup bouquet. A makeup bouquet who contains her favorite makeup and self embroidered happy birthday pillow. This will be a birthday gift combos if there is a rose in a birthday cake shape. It will make your friends feel your love for them.

Back support cushion can be the right choice for sending a birthday gift to your best friends who have stress from the deadline while work from home these days. And you can also gift them a cushion gift set of hampers with a cushioned chair and back support cushion. So, they will feel comfortable while doing their work. A bouquet of yellow roses can be a complement to his/her birthday gift combos.

A true friend always knows what your friends needed. So when your friend’s birthday is coming, you probably know what to buy for your friend’s gift. It’s still not giving a gift to express your love to your friends, but a gift can be award to your friend for always be your life diary.