Daisies Bouquet
Daisies Bouquet

Flowers are the epitome of good moments. They show up magnificently from the dirt, which represents their quality of being strong, or you can say they manifest the quality of being beautiful with a brain. There is an abundance of exquisite blooms on the planet which makes one full of the joys of spring. People become tickled pink when they encounter blooms. In the world of blooms today we are going to talk about one of the prettiest and charming blooms, daisies. 

Daisies are the general European species, they belong to the family of Asteraceae, and are considered as the archetypal species. They are also known as Bellis perennis and have sort of nicknames too i.e. common daisy, lawn daisy, or English daisy. 

When one perceives the word “daisies”, the first thing that pops up in the mind is the beautiful scene of tiny white blooms with bright yellow centers that we used to pluck in the middle of school while playing, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Well, daisies come in an abundance of variety, which includes full-faced gerbera daisies, brightly colored African daisies, and pom-poms like chrysanthemum daisies. 

Daisy bouquet meaning

Daisy Bouquet Meaning
Daisy Bouquet Meaning

A bouquet is a creative collection of flowers that are used to give on occasions or to welcome someone, they can be used for the decor of homes or public buildings. A bouquet always gives us an enchanting and refreshing feeling.

Daisy bouquets are the one which provides an instant smile on one’s face. Well, if someone special is mad at you for some reason, send them a daisy bouquet and see how quickly they are going to get pacified with the charm of daisies.

There are several types of daisies present, let’s know them in brief then it will be easy for you to opt for a better one according to your and your loved one’s choice.

  • African daisies: They grow in hues of pink, orange, red, or yellow, and love a lot of sunlight, and do not prefer drinking water on a regular interval.
  • Gloriosa daisy: They are also popular as black-eyed Susans, they captivate bees and butterflies.
  •  Blue Marguerite daisy: They are native to South Africa, the shade of its petals is blue with bright yellow center.
  • Shasta daisies: They are so easy to plant, and grow in dishes up to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.
  • Cape daisy: They are rich in pollen and comes in the hues of purple, yellow, and white.
  • Indian Chrysanthemum daisy: Their blossoming season from summer to early fall, and it shows up in bright yellow color.
  • Gerbera daisy: There are an abundant variety of gerbera daisies, they show up in a rainbow of hues, for instance, red, pink, orange, pink, and yellow.
  • Marguerite daisy: Their hometown is the Spanish Canary Islands and they thrive for lots of sunlight, and a warm ambience.

These were some of the examples of varieties of daisies, you can opt for all of them and a few of them for your bouquet. It will look enticing and captivating. With a daisy bouquet, you need not put your feelings into words, a daisy bouquet will smoothly do the work on your behalf.

What does a daisy bouquet symbolize?

Daisy Bouquet Symbolize
Daisy Bouquet Symbolize

Daisies come up in a bunch of shades and fit perfectly for any occasion or festival. Sending a bouquet of daisies is a benevolent way to cherish a moment or make a day special.

As there are abundant hues, so does the symbolism. Well if we speak in general, there is a diversity of meaning, which consists of fresh beginnings, hope, innocence, fun, affection, and other pleasing attributes. Daisies are also referred to as “aster flowers” or “asters” because of their blood connection to the Asteraceae family. The word “daisy” is derived from an Old English term that means “day’s eye.” The reason behind this word is, as, like lotus flowers, daisies open their 

Let’s get into briefly what they symbolize.

  • New start: Around every corner of the world, they are seen as a symbol of fresh beginnings as they bloom in early spring which prompts one of a new start, sunshine, and resumption. Owing to this nature daisy bouquets are frequently given as presents in baby showers, or weddings, it is also planted in some areas to welcome the newborn.
  • Hope: As they are the representative of fresh beginnings, daisies are also a symbol of hope. They bring us to mind that hope is one of the most effective weapons we have for creating better outcomes and a finer world. They represent the feeling that “when one door closes then the other one opens.”
  • Fertility and motherhood: Daisies are also connected with the thread of newborns and babies as it is associated with the Norse goddess Freya, who was a goddess of fertility, that’s why this bloom symbolizes motherhood and fertility.
  • Fun: Daisies are representative of fun and jolliness, they bloom in spring, it is the time when nature wakes up, and they are so easy to grow in diversified conditions. If one asks to draw an image of a flower, the first image that pops up in mind is of daisies. 
  • Affection: Daisies were the element of checking one’s love life in childhood as hardly there will be one who will say that they haven’t played the game of “loves me, loves me not”. They are easily available flowers and your most favorite pick to give someone whom you have a crush on. That is why daisy is connected with affection and love.

Different hues of daisies and their symbolism:

  • White daisy: White daisies symbolize innocence and other finest traits, for instance, motherhood, babies, hope, and an esh start. White daisies become the perfect choice for the ones who become new parents and newborns.
  • Yellow daisy: Yellow daisies are tentative childish fun, hope, and good luck. They make great pairs of gifts for friends or anyone with whom you love to spend your time.

What do gerbera daisies symbolize?

Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies

The gerbera daisy is considered as the intelligent one of the daisy family. It belongs to South America, African and Asian countries. This flower comes in the shades of yellow, orange, white, pink, or red. It increases the charm of one’s garden when planted. It is the fifth most famous flower in the commercial world of blooms.

The gerbera daisy represents purity, innocence, and charm. The most significant characteristic of this bloom is its bright, radiant colors, which manifest energy and rebirth. Its shades cheer up the juvenility and ecstasy that emits the regular life of people. Gerberas are the most perfect bouquet to cheer up a dejected heart. They spread beautiful vibes and smiles thoroughly. Gerberas tend to cheer up sick people. That is why gerbera daisy bouquets are your most favorite pick for hospitals and if you are visiting your sick friend.

Daisies bouquet for wedding

Wedding is the most awaited days of one’s life and no one wants to get spend dully. If you want to make one’s wedding more special and charming then daisies are saying hi to you. They add a real charm to one’s special day. Don’t you get stressed about seasons as daisies are there for you all year round in a cut flower manner? Daisies look marvellous as the bridal bouquet. If a bride wants to captivate the ambience she must try to hold a daisy bouquet as they look good ingot carried in the hands of a beautiful bride. You can opt for a white bouquet with a touch of yellow blooms or you can select a mixed daisy bouquet with another seasonal bloom. Get your wedding daisy bouquet with flower delivery, as there are immense daisy bouquet weddings are available, with such alluring combinations, all you have to do is use your fingers and scroll flower delivery Singapore to get your favorite wedding bouquet to get delivered to your doorstep along with lots of freshness and happiness.

How much does it cost to buy daisies?

Daisies are so easy to be with and are available all year round, don’t you worry about the pricing as gift delivery Singapore will offer you the daisy bouquet at pocket-friendly prices. 

Which pair of blooms go perfect with daisies?

Perfect Daisies
Perfect Daisies

If you have a companion in your life with whom you share your moments of happiness and sadness and make memories, then why can’t the blooms have a pair?

Well, daisies have a bunch of blooms with whom they look super cool, let’s know who they are?

  • Lily and Daisy: Lily and daisy are the most bewitching blooms, lily and daisy bouquets can become a perfect choice for the person who has left a footprint in your life and you admire them the most. Go get your lilies and daisies and offer them to your comrade and make them smile.
  • Sunflower and Daisy bouquet: They make a bewitching pair which one can carry down their aisle as their wedding bouquet as it looks gorgeous. They complement the ambience of the wedding so well. If you are perplexed about your wedding bouquet then the sunflowers and daisies requesting you to not be, as they have got your back, will smile along with you on your wedding, all you need is to carry them in your hands. 

How to grow a daisy?

Daisies are cheerful blooms, and they are so easy to be with, which makes them the favorite choice of florists. They are dual; they can be annual and perennial and range in shades of bright white too, pink, purple, yellow to name a few. 

  • Soil: Daisies love fast-draining soil, and loves to drink ample amounts of water, and plenty of sunrays. You can make your soil healthy by adding organic matter such as sand, peat moss, and compost manure, they all together will be a perfect recipe for healthy soil and will provide a perfect environment for your daisies. Soil pH should be between 6.0-8.0 on the pH scale.
  • Seeds: Plant the seeds of your daisy in the season of early spring, they can be grown straightly in the garden or you can also go for covered seed containers if you are planning to grow it indoors. The seeds will start germinating in 10-20 days.
  • Water:  It will be best to water them during dry spells as they send up flower buds and during their entire blooming time. Make them drink enough water at their base to avoid mould and sun damage.
  • Pests: The tender daisies can be attacked by the invaders such as aphids, slugs, and earwigs, to keep them safe you need to plant companion plants in your garden bed. And make sure that your daisy is growing in a healthy atmosphere with adequate air conditioning.
  • Pruning: Trim the faded blooms, as it motivates the repeated flowering. Removing the deadheads can also assist you in getting rid of mould growth. Make sure that the roots should not get big and start overcrowding with each other.