Money Bouquet DIY
Money Bouquet DIY

Money, a word that brings an instant smile to everyone’s face, and that creation is the source behind getting your materialistic desires fulfilled. It has been truly said that money can give you lavish things, and no price of money can buy you happiness but do you know what, money can let you have the things you love and intuitively make you elated. In today’s era, the majority of things are dependent on money. How would you feel if one will give you a bouquet of money, Isn’t it extraordinary? Well, that will be the most cheerful day as money is the key to contentment. The season of festival is knocking at the door and still, you haven’t thought of any extraordinary gift to express your love to people closer to your heart. Don’t get sweat as we are here with a stupendous idea that will surely blow your mind! Any guesses? Ok, the wonderful idea we are here for is, “money bouquet”. Now let’s feed your brain about this money bouquet and why it is going to make it a noteworthy gift?

What is a money bouquet?

Money Bouquet Rose
Money Bouquet Rose

Are you running your eyes for a terrific and lavish idea for giving as a gift rather than chocolates, teddies, and other pieces of stuff then my dear pal you are at the right place as we are going to talk about the money bouquet which is also famed as banknote bouquet, which is surely going to be the perfect pick? 

Well, a money bouquet consists of banknotes set out in a way the same as the floral bouquets. How wonderful it is to have a bouquet of fresh crispy notes instead of alluring blooms. Well smelling a note is worth more than enjoying the fragrance of garden-picked blooms. This outstanding bouquet has left footprints in the hearts of individuals of many countries.

Money bouquet is the point of convergence in Indonesia too, a greater number of florists have added money bouquet to their commercial list. 

Money bouquets can clear the path of confusion, for instance- you want to give the best gift to your partner but you don’t have any clue as to what to get for the love of your life, maybe you are pondering giving an elegant dress but oh no! Asking them about the size might send them a hint that you are planning to give them a dress, which will kill all the excitement of getting spontaneously surprised. So, my dear pal money bouquet is a win-win situation for you, as you can give them a bouquet along with opening a ton of options for them by giving them the source to buy anything they admire.

How do you make a money bouquet?

How to Make Money Bouquet
How to Make Money Bouquet

Nothing in the world can compare to the love being embedded in handmade and personalized presents. You are collecting dimes and pennies for the special day, now that day is on the verge and you aren’t ready yet. Well, the banknotes could be a much-needed help, they can get transformed in the shape of a bouquet if you want them to do.

Do you have an urge to make a great gift for an event like a graduation ceremony, birthday, or wedding? Let’s learn how to prepare a bouquet of money which will turn out to be the perfect gift to give to anyone. It’s so easy to prepare and looks so sweet and alluring.

Before making anything, pieces of stuff should be present, similarly for a money bouquet the supplies you would be needing are:

  • Dollar bills- According to your preference, how many blooms and other creative shapes you are going to make, as if you are thinking of giving it a shape of a flower, then one flower uses three banknotes, and if you want to make a butterfly then it will take 2 of your bills. Keep the collection of dollar bills according to your need.
  • Scrapbook paper: Think of your design, what you are going to set out with this polychromatic paper, they are the supporting actors of your bouquet; without them, the climax will be a flop.
  • Skewer sticks:  They are the pillar of your bouquet which are going to keep your bouquet away from falling apart and will hold all the members together. Together they will look marvelous.
  • Cute bucket or pot: Everyone needs a shade to shelter, the money and skewer stick needs a foundation to build their dwelling. You can opt for a little bucket or customized pot to put the money, creativity, and sticks in it so that it can become a bouquet.
  • Floral foams: Don’t miss out on the floral foams, as you have to make them fit down into the bucket so that they can standstill.
  • Pipe cleaners: Pipe cleaners and wire will be there to tie your creativity and the money together. You can give them any shape you want as they are so easy to be with and pocket-friendly.
  • Tape or glue dots: The underrated heroes of the bouquet are these two, they are the ones whom you will be needing at every step, even while giving the shapes. Don’t forget these superheroes.
  • Designs: You can have some cute pieces of stuff which can adorn the center of the bouquet, for instance, flower shapes, heart shapes, etc.
  • Crinkle paper: For a stunning look, you must use crinkle paper and fill the bouquet.

Now, let’s know in-depth how to create the bouquet,

At first, all you have to do is to start folding the dollar bills, start folding it in such a way that it starts to look like a flower, commonly it takes three banknotes to give it the shape of a flower. If you want a big one then it can require more than three notes. Start folding each of your flowers. After that to make it look vibrant, cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the banknote or dollar bill, and fold it in the same way you did it with the banknotes so that they could also go along with the blooms made up of notes.

The next step of yours would be to attach the skewer sticks with the pipe cleaner and after stick a little flower accent to the central position. You can also add different shapes such as butterflies, different floral shapes, if you are thinking of adding a butterfly look then you can utilize pipe cleaner to make the antennas of the little blooming butterflies. 

To make your bouquet look more charming you can also cut some shapes of flat flowers out of the colored paper if you want to add some more accents.

Now all of the things are set, you should start sticking the flowers and butterflies down into the bucket along with the dry floral foam in it. The next best step would be adding crinkle papers in the bottom, or else you can add it in the beginning too. It’s all up to you how you want to make your bouquet look.

Now it’s time to take a deep breath and look at your hard work, but it’s all worth it as the bouquet will look elegant and marvelously take one’s breath away! This is going to make the best gift ever, so sweet and so alluring!

You and the money bouquet is going to be cherished which will make the occasion more fun.

Money bouquet with roses:

When you hear the word,” flowers”, what’s the first bloom that pops up in your mind? Well for the plethora of people will think of the roses first. Having an ultimate beauty and fragrance, there is not any single thought that why they are considered as the epitome of beauty and queen of blooms. Roses are the manifestation of pure love. Since eternity roses have been cultivated for their fragrance, beauty, and healing properties. In other words, you can say that roses are a metaphor for life. There is a diversity of hues in roses for instance- red, white, pink, lavender, coral, yellow, orange roses, and many more.

Red roses with money: Red is the shade of love, it has captured the minds and hearts of lovers across the globe. They are the popular pick for the festival of lovers that is valentine’s day, and without uttering a single word you can shower your love. Roses wrapped up in a banknote is not less than a paradise. Your lover will surely love it. Try making a money bouquet with roses on your own, all you have to do is get a bunch of roses and cover their petals with the note. And tie them all together with the skewer sticks and colorful ribbons or in the way you adore. 

White roses with money: White color is the significance of bidding adieu. They carry the emotions of purity, peace and innocence, eternal love and loyalty. They are the perfect pick to present when you want to honor your friend in new beginnings and farewell, they are the perfect way to say you were on my mind. Do you remember your dear friend with whom you have borrowed dozens of money and he never demanded it back? Now, my dear pal, it’s the time to shower them with love and affection, get them a money bouquet combined with white roses, and see how the bonding of you is going to enlarge in a second.

There are a variety of hues present in the roses, you can make a pair of the money and the roses and it is going to make them feel marvelous. Don’t wait for the perfect occasion, pick up the moment and make it perfect with a money bouquet along with flowers by their side.

Money bouquet for birthdays:

Money Bouquet for Birthday
Money Bouquet for Birthday

Birthdays are special for each individual, as this day commemorates your birth, the day when you opened your eyes and welcomed into this world. Birthdays are the greatest days! Won’t you agree? Yes, you are! On the birthdays of loved ones, people try to make their day special by making phone calls at midnight, ordering them a cake, alluring candles, and trying to make them feel loved by giving them all the attention. But instead of simply wishing them a very happy birthday, this year try something new and cherishable. You might be wondering what’s left for doing something new, well don’t dishearten yourself as a money bouquet is there for you. This birthday gets a money bouquet for your near and dear ones and makes them feel extra loved and extra special.

Money bouquet near me: 

The perfect occasion has knocked on your door and you don’t know what to do, where to get the perfect money bouquet. Don’t stress yourself for this silly tension, as it is not worth it. Flower delivery Singapore has everything arranged for you, all you have to do is open your phone, let your fingers do their work, search for the money bouquet and tada! You will find an abundance of options there, or what else you can do is buy a fine variety of roses from gift delivery Singapore and see them knocking on your door at the time you wanted with a freshness and charm on their faces. After that, you can modify them in the way you want them to be. Or wrap them with the banknotes. Flower delivery Singapore has a majority of fresh bouquets available for you, to make your day more special. As they care for you. Now, what’s bothering you? Delivery will be the day the moment you want them to feel so light and enjoy your special occasion and cherish your loved ones.