Beer Bouquet
Beer Bouquet

“Keep your friends close! But your booze, closer!” We know you have never heard of this line before and probably wouldn’t again (If you can try not to give this stimulating blog another read again in future). Getting the booze on and enjoying a bit sometimes recklessly can be rewarding amid these hectic times where everybody has a lot going on in their lives. 

Everybody deserves to live a little freely and to have fun. Those who love gifts and love beer use the excuse that it removes kidney stones to drink it. They will surely love what we have up our sleeves in this blog. 

Beer, whether it is frizzy or not, is loved by almost every drinker. People who love to drink, have only one favourite gift which they need on every occasion, a bottle of alcohol. If you ever plan to give your dad a pleasant surprise and he happens to be a drinker, don’t even think twice before giving him a beer bouquet and pop the cold ones together happily. Now, you must be wondering what is a beer bouquet? Well, let’s look at the answers below. 

What is a Beer bouquet? 

What is Beer Bouquet
What is Beer Bouquet

Beer bouquets can be an exciting surprise for some and a path to a dizzy evening for some. Just like for the lovers of flowers and chocolates, there are hundreds and thousands of chocolate bouquets out there which are given on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day and sometimes without a reason, for the lover of beers, there is beer bouquet. There is always one person in your family, who loves to drink hard and when they do, the whole room lights up with ineffable joy due to their whimsical reaction to the booze. 

A beer bouquet is a bouquet filled with cans or bottles of beer along with flowers and chocolates or sometimes snacks. This bouquet is beautifully decorated with flowers and is given on several occasions. If you ever fell into a conundrum over what to give your friend or a family member and they happen to love drinking, give them a beer bouquet. 

Different types of Beer bouquet

Just like there are tons of flower bouquets out there with beautiful distinctions, there are several hampers beer bouquets available as well. Let’s go through a bunch of beer bouquets available out there to be given to your special someone. 

  • Tagged along with nutcrackers:- If you love to drink beer while munching on snacks to keep your mouth occupied and away from talking nonsense while being intoxicated, this type of beer bouquet is for you. A beer bouquet with nutcrackers filled inside can sort your friends’ evening plans. 
  • Beer and chocolates:- Just like nutcrackers, there are beer bouquets which come with chocolates too. If you love beer and chocolates both, this bouquet is for you. 
  • Beer and flowers:- To turn things up and get in the right mood, give your special person, beer and flowers bouquet to make the night full of excitement and love. 

DIY ideas for Beer bouquet

DIY Ideas for Beer Bouquet
DIY Ideas for Beer Bouquet

Planning a gift for your special person at the very last moment? Or just want to do something special for your friends and family members to make them feel loved and happy on your own, then follow these amazing DIY ideas for making a beer bouquet. 


  • Bouquet with flowers:- If you want to surprise your loved ones with flowers along with beer, don’t give them separately, instead give them together in a nice handmade beer bouquet with flowers. We recommend using rose or daffodils with this idea as they look amazing. 
  • Bouquet with origami:- If you have a good hand in origami, then you can go out and make an ineffable beer bouquet. Try it out and tag your origami creations with the beer bottles and decorate them with beautiful ribbons.
  • Snacks with beer:- As we mentioned above, if you like to munch on snacks while sipping on the beer, then this idea is for you. Try this idea and put snacks along with cans of beer to create a wholesome beer bouquet. 

These were a few DIY ideas for making the perfect beer bouquet for your loved ones. If you wish you can also combine different beers in the bouquet to make it stand out and to make it more special. 

Things you will need to make a Beer bouquet

Beer for make bouquet
Beer for Make Bouquet

To make the perfect beer bouquet, you will need the perfect things to add to it. We have made a list of items you will require to make a beer bouquet at home on your own. Following are the items which you will need:- 

  • Beer: Well, it goes without saying that you will need a bunch of beer bottles or cans to make the beer bouquet. Pick a beer brand that the recipient of your gift loves and make them happy. 
  • Decorative material: Get the material that you will be used to decorate the bouquet with and make the bouquet wholesome. 
  • Flowers: You will also be needing flowers to accompany your beer with. Add some roses or hydrangea to make the bouquet more awesome. 

You will be required to add the above items to the bouquet to make it wholesome. Go crazy!! And creative with your ideas and make something magical for your loved ones to make them feel cherished. By going out of your way, you are not only making their day but are also strengthening your bond with them. 

How to order a Beer bouquet online? 

If you are unable to create the beer bouquet by yourself and need to get it online at the very last moment, then don’t worry and let us handle it for you. You can order a wholesome beer bouquet easily from FlowerAdvisor, where your satisfaction is our priority. This is why we deliver gifts around Singapore and overseas with our superfast and efficient delivery services. We have shared a list of beer bouquet options from which you can pick your favourite one to give to your favourite person. 

  • Bubbly beer: This amazing Beer hamper has the amazing Archipelago Brewery tropical pale ale craft beer 330ml, Kona Hanalei Hawaiian session IPA with Passion Fruit, orange & guava 335ml, Burts Guinness potato chips rich chilli and delicious Nature wonder fruits & nuts along with Rold gold pretzel. Give this amazing beer hamper to your loved ones and make their day awesome. 
  • Delightful beer: Remember, that having a snack makes your beer more special, right? Well, this beer gift hamper hits the mark immaculately. With Archipelago Brewery tropical pale ale craft beer,  Guinness potato chips rich chilli, the sweet Nature wonder fruits & nuts with Gold pretzel, this hamper is surely a must-have. 
  • French drink: This unique hamper  Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc beer bottles, a packet of Spicy potato chip along with California Creamery tortilla chips which you can surely enjoy with Nacho cheese sauce. A wholesome beer hampers for you to give to your loved ones and make them happy. Give this classic hamper and be the best friend to your friends or an amazing lover to your special person. 
  • Malt & Caramel: This special hamper has all that you need for a perfect evening.  2 cans of Hite Beer, A bottle of Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc beer along Garrett Popcorn Caramelcrisp petite tin. This hamper can make any drinker jump with joy. Give it to your father or brother to make them happy.

These were a few amazing options that we have on our website. You can also check out more such gifts available only on FlowerAdvisor

Occasions on which you can pop the cold ones together

Beer Bouquet Occasion
Beer Bouquet Occasion

If you are wondering when to give a beer bouquet to your friends or family members, we have created a list of occasions for you to clear your conundrum. There are several occasions on which you can give the amazing beer bouquet to your family members or friends, and we have listed them down below after complete research. 

  • Birthday: Among all the occasions on which you can give a beet bouquet, Birthdays top the list. Giving the beer bouquet to your friends or family members on their birthday will make them feel very special. If they love to drink on occasions then giving the beer bouquet would be the perfect thing to do. 
  • Anniversary: If your dad loves to drink at parties, then there can be nothing better than giving a beer bouquet to him on your parents’ anniversary. Anniversaries are special and special days require special celebrations. Without a beer, celebrations are incomplete, so pop the cold ones out on anniversaries, to make them more memorable. 
  • Promotion: If your spouse has received a long-awaited promotion at work, then opening a bottle of wine is a requisite to celebrate in style, but if you both are old school and young at heart then beer is the go-to drink for both of you. 
  • New Year: To welcome the new year in style, there’s nothing better than having a bottle of beer together with your closest friends. Bring a beer bouquet to the party and have a great time with your buddies.  
  • Farewell: Farewell is a time of celebration. It marks the end of a road and the beginning of a new journey with infinite opportunities. Celebrate the advent of a new journey with beer and snacks and remember the moments you have spent with your classmates together. 
  • Bachelor party: If you want to wish your buddy a happy married life and want to give him a good send-off from bachelor life to married life, have tons of beers together and celebrate to the fullest.  Remember all the moments you have spent together while having cold ones together. 
  • Bachelorette: Why should boys have all the fun, right? Gather up your gal pals! And have a blast. Live your bachelor life’s moment one last time with your friends before tying the knot. 
  • Family reunion: Amid these times where everybody has a lot going on in their professional and personal lives, reuniting and having a good time together only happens once in a blue moon. Gather up your family members together and open the bottles to celebrate the love you share among your family. Order a bunch of pizzas and open the bottles of beer to make the night memorable. 
  • Dinner: Never be afraid to open the can or the bottle of beer at a dinner with your loved ones. The booze brings out the best side of yourself (when drank in a healthy amount), so bring out the bottles and have a great dinner together. 
  • Movie night: Whether you are watching a horror movie with your friends or watching The Notebook with your special person, there’s always room for a beer. Open the bottle and drink while watching a movie together. 

These are a few occasions on which you can celebrate with a bottle of beer and make memories to be cherished for a lifetime. 

Occasion or not, it’s never too late to celebrate your bond and love with someone you cherish and hold close in your heart. Beer or not, making memories is inevitable when you get together with the people you love. The moments you share with your loved ones are the only thing that makes you complete from the inside by filling your heart with joy and affection.