Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers

Dried flowers come in a variety of forms presented by a florist, hand bouquet, or box. However, most people prefer hand bouquets to serve as flower gifts.

Because the shape is simple but does not eliminate the element of meaning from flowers, some people who get gifts of flowers want to keep the flowers for a long time or, if possible, for life. In otherwise, flowers have a bloom time limit of approximately one week, after which the flowers will wither or dry up.

Therefore, some people prefer to buy dry flowers that are durable, and the price is also more affordable. Dried flowers will mean many to those who receive these flowers because they can keep the flowers longer, especially if loved ones give the flowers.


Where to Buy Dried Blue Pea Flower in Singapore?

A blue, edible dye is extracted from the flowers of the Blue Pea (Clitoria ternatea). There are other names that this flower goes by. For example, the butterfly pea, blue pea, and some may also call it Clitoria flower because it resembles the feminine.

Blue pea flowers are plants that are commonly found in yards or forest edges. Some people prefer dried-blue pea flowers because they have many health benefits or food coloring.

It is the place where you can get dried blue pea flowers in Singapore.

1. Datwee

Lots of stores sell these blue pea dried flowers online. One of them is Datwee, which sells dried flowers through an online marketplace. The shop provides 15gr – 50gr dried blue pea flowers. Prices start at $ 4.50

2. Lao Ban Niang

You can also find dried blue pea flowers in this shop. You can easily order dried-blue pea flowers via their website www.laobanniang.com.sg, or you can also search it through online marketplaces such as Qoo10, Shopee, and Lazada. For 100gr dried blue pea flower, you only need to pay $ 5.50

Dried-Blue Pea
Dried-Blue Pea

3. Raw Essentials

This store provides dried blue pea flowers ranging in size from 30gr to 1 kilogram. Prices are offered in the range of $ 7.90 – $ 60.00. They offer local free delivery for orders above $ 40, and you can also take orders yourself to the shop. Order via the website, wait for email confirmation when the product is available. After you get the order number, you can pick yours on weekdays only.


Where to Buy Dried Osmanthus Flower in Singapore?

This flower has a variety of colors: orange, white, and yellow. Osmanthus flowers usually bloom in autumn (October – December). This osmanthus flower symbolizes the truth and nobility of humans. In ancient times, Chinese people recognized it as a medical flower for medicinal ingredients or cooking spices. Today, most of these flowers are used as natural air fresheners and herbal teas.

Tea made from dried osmanthus flower has several benefits. Those are good for skin health, detox, rich in antioxidants, solve your stomach problem, and for weight loss. You can also give dried osmanthus flowers to someone as a gift, such as dried flower bouquets and dried flower arrangements as home decorations and natural room fragrances.

Here are stores that sell dried osmanthus flowers in Singapore at an affordable price.

1. Happifudo

If you want to buy dried flowers in Singapore, Happifudo sells various dried flowers at affordable prices. One of them is the dried osmanthus flower. You only need to pay $ 9.50 for a 50gr dried osmanthus flower. If you need dried flowers right away, it is advisable to buy them online, such as via Quoo10, because Happifudo is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 7.45 am – 12.00 pm.


2. Herbal Sense

Herbal Sense provides offline and online services on weekdays (9.30 am to 5.30 pm) and Saturday (10.00 am to 2.00 pm). For 60gr dried osmanthus flower, you can get it for $ 12.00

3. A.muse Projects

Prices for dried osmanthus flowers vary greatly, depending on the package’s size and the quality of the flower. For 30gr, they charge $ 20.00, 50gr at $ 35, and for 100 grams of dried osmanthus flower around $ 60. From this price range, you can choose according to your needs.

Where to Buy Dried Butterfly Pea Flower in Singapore?

As I told you at the beginning of this article, the Blue Pea flower is also known as the Butterfly Pea. It is a natural blue coloring in foods such as Pulut Tai Tai, a traditional Malay pastry.

So, where I can buy dried butterfly pea flower in Singapore. The answer is an online shop. Many online shops in Singapore sell dried butterfly pea, and I’ve discussed it in the “Where to buy dried blue flower in Singapore?”

Maybe now, I will give an easy way to dry butterfly pea flowers. You can dry the flowers using the oven or direct sunlight. The first thing is to pick flowers after that wash them under running water. If you dry using the oven, it will take approximately two hours with a 50 degrees Celsius temperature. Meanwhile, it takes four hours to dry flowers under direct sunlight (8.00 am – 12.00 am).


Where Can I Buy Real Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers have been a trend for a long time because of their vintage color and always look attractive every time. Many flower shops are selling dried flowers. These days, it is easy to find a flower shop that suits our needs. The price is affordable and is far more durable than living flowers.

Real Dried Flowers
Real Dried Flowers

Here are some flower shops that sell real dried flowers in Singapore.

1. Dawn Q. Flower Design

The recommended place for you to buy real dried flowers in Singapore is Dawn Q. Flower Design. Prices are also affordable, ranging from $ 39.90 – $ 160.00. The price depends on the design, interest offered, and the flower wrapping.

2. Well Live Florist

You can buy real dried flowers at the Well Live Florist for $ 45 – $ 420.00. This flower shop sells dried flower bouquets and dried flower arrangements, one of which can be used to beautify the table, can be placed on the work table or the living room table. Not only that, but there are also dried flower baskets that can be combined with dolls and wine to make a gift.

3. J Hash Florist

If you have more money, then you can buy real dried flowers at the J Hash Florist. The price range offered is around $ 58.00 – $ 248.00. The quality of the design provided, of course, is not in doubt.


What are Dried Flowers Called?

Dried flowers have advantages over live flowers because they cannot wither and do not need water. Therefore, this flower is often used as a dried flower arrangement to beautify and make home decorations more aesthetic, and you can even make a dried flower bouquet to give to others. Also, the relatively high price of real flowers makes many people prefer dried flowers because they are more affordable.

Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers

As the name implies, dried flowers are flowers that have gone through natural drying or dehydrating so that the flowers will dry completely. Meanwhile, the coloring still has to go through one more process to make it look fresher.

One of the advantages of dried flowers as decoration is effortless to care for. The weakness of dried flowers when compared to preserved flowers is the stalks are easily broken, the petals are easy to fall off, and the color fades so quickly.

Do dried flowers last forever? Of course not. It is different from preserved flowers. Although both will give dry results, preserved flowers have to go through a different and much longer process. However, preserved flowers can last for months or even years.


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