We all have heard many stories of Easter and how Jesus Christ resurrected and spread love and positivity in the world by curing everybody and forgiving them for their sins. Where Christmas is celebrated by many non-christians, Easter has relatively less popularity as many do not have any clue what Easter is about and how much significance the day holds for every follower of Christianity. It is as important to Christians as Christmas, because the miracle of resurrection of their lord and savior Jesus Christ is the reason why their sins are quashed. It is believed that Jesus Christ died for our sins, he paid the price for our sins by being crucified. This idea that Jesus died for “Our sins” is called vicarious atonement. The whole idea makes us believe that Jesus took the sins of every person of the world upon himself and took the punishment which was meant to be for us. Every year churches across the world start the Easter commemoration activities from Good Friday, 2 nights before Friday is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and it is commemorated as the day when he sacrificed his life. 

When is easter? How is it celebrated?

Every year Easter is celebrated in April and the date of this occasion is different every year just like some other festivals. Easter 2021 will be celebrated on 4th April. As mentioned above, this holy day falls after Good Friday, because subsequent to his crucifixion on Good Friday, Jesus Christ resurrected on Sunday and people and the king who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ due to jealousy and fear of losing his followers was also discombobulated to know that. Every year, churches have celebrations and events on the day of this holy day. The holy day of Christ’s resurrection is marked by prayers and hymns sung in the name of Jesus Christ. Families spend time together, relatives visit each other and have a feast together to celebrate the occasion. On Easter, churches hold huge gatherings which have large crowds from not only the Christian community but also from the Non-christian community. 


What are some good Easter gifts?

Every festival calls for great times and amazing gifts to make the occasion memorable for everyone around you and yourself. Gifts not only make the occasion memorable but also strengthens the bond you have with your loved ones and gives you and them an excuse to create special moments which are imprinted on your heart with an indelible ink filled with love.

To print those moments on your hearts you must give your loved ones amazing and special gifts which will not only make them happy but will also make them feel loved. We have made a list of some good easter gifts you can give to your loved ones. 

1. Basket filled with good and flowers

Danish Butter Cookie. Orangina Drink. Organic Rice Cakes. Kerk Deluxe Cracker Original. Comes with flowers and packaging for your loved ones. Make the occasion amazing with this unique basket by Floweradvisor.

2. Sweet basket

Assorted fruits with Gerberas, Pink Roses, Lilies, Snapdragons in a basket to create a good impression on them. In these times of chocolates and cookies, why not give your loved ones something unique which will help their health and Keep them strong. 


3. Celebrations toast

Château Ordonnant Bordeaux Red French Wine. Domaine Sainte Croix 2014 French Red Wine. Saint Jean Beaulieu 2014 French Red Wine. This classy gift basket is one click away from your loved ones. Make the Easter celebrations unforgettable and pop out a bottle of red wine to commemorate the festival.


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How to make Easter eggs?

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are also known as “Paschall eggs” and are used while celebrating this special day. They are used on the occasion of Easter as gifts for the kids and adults. Usually the tradition followed using old and dried chicken eggs covered in paint used to decorate them. The relevance of Easter eggs is very interesting and makes the whole idea of this day more special and fun. The Easter eggs are said to be representing Jesus Christ emerging from the tomb he was buried in. The use of eggs goes way back to the 13th century where people used to decorate them at the time of celebrations. As the time went by, many new traditions emerged which gave a new and fun meaning to the whole Easter eggs tradition. Egg rolling and egg hunt are two traditional events connected with eggs which are done every year. Although these events are done and practiced in almost every household, they do not have any religious value connected to them and are purely made by man for fun and joy. All these interesting traditions give way to healthy and fun celebrations of the occasion and promote the culture as well. Making these decorated Easter eggs is not a tough job and you can make it along with your kids or family anytime before the occasion. To make the Easter eggs one should take eggs and hard boil them for 6-7 minutes, then take those hard boiled eggs and make sure they are solid and no cracks are there on them. Subsequent to that one can begin painting them with paint and decorating them by making unique designs. You can even add glitter to make it more attractive and Tadda!, there you have it, your own Easter eggs .


Why does the Easter bunny hide eggs?

As we know the resurrection and the whole vicarious atonement are related to the imagination and the idea of rebirth. In ancient times eggs were also known as symbols of new life. The legend is that the Easter bunny lays the eggs and hides them subsequent to decorating them as they are a symbol of new life. This tradition is supposed to make the kids interested in knowing more about the culture and traditions of the religion. These harmless traditions have no religious relation but are primarily used to create excitement in everyone’s hearts. The bunny is supposed to hide them so the kids could find them on Easter morning.


Is the Easter bunny real?

We hate to break it to you all, but the Easter bunny is not real and so is Santa Claus (Don’t tell the kids though please). These legends have been created just to make the festivals and the celebrations more interesting and exciting. Not only do these traditions add more fun to the celebrations but also inspires and attracts the children to indulge in the celebrations so they can get to know more about the culture and the religion. Santa Claus, Easter bunny and the tooth fairy all have one characteristic in common, which is that they all have been made up over time to make things easy for kids to learn and understand. Idols and entities are created in their mind so they can stay on the right path and learn things in their lives. Santa Claus has a naughty list which is for those kids who have been naughty and bad the whole year which means that they won’t get any gifts on Christmas. This myth is created just so the children can behave in a respectful manner and try their best to be a nice human being for the whole year. Although some might find this practice unconventional and bad as the expectation of a divine reward for being a nice person simply doesn’t teach you to become nicer but makes you greedy and pretentious.


What are the top 5 most popular Easter basket items? 

Easter is incomplete without Easter eggs and the exciting traditions and games which comes with them. Apart from the traditions, one of the most important things during the celebrations on the Easter basket. We have already mentioned how crucial it is to share gifts among each other and knowing what should be in a basket is also very vital when it comes to gifts on this holy day. We have made a list of 5 popular items which should be in your wishlist if you are planning to make an amazing basket.

1. Easter eggs

Who can miss this one? It is very important to have decorated Easter eggs in your basket to make it more special and unforgettable. The decorated eggs tradition has been going on since the 13th century and many people still decorate the eggs to commemorate the tradition and keep it alive.


2. Chocolates

Chocolates are requisite while making any sort of basket for your loved ones. Who can say no to chocolates? Except for diabetic people. Add chocolates to your basket and it will surely become more amazing. 


3. Stuffed bunny

Stuffed bunny
Stuffed bunny

To give it a cute look, add little stuffed bunny toys in the basket to give reference to the Easter bunny and to make the basket a treat for the kids or anyone who loves stuffed toys. The legend of the bunny is not a surprise to many, so the addition of a stuffed bunny will be very helpful for you while creating an Easter basket to help you make your loved ones feel cherished and appreciated.

4. Dry fruits

Along with Chocolates, one must not miss out on the opposite to give a kickstart for your loved ones health and giving them dry fruits to stay fit and strong. Many people nowadays are switching from sweets to dry fruits when it comes to distributing gifts on festivals. Whether it is Diwali or Eid, people nowadays tend to give their loved ones a basket of dry fruits instead of sweets.


5. Easter book

What’s better than giving someone an educational book full of information about the occasion. An Easter book will not only be helpful for your friends and family to learn more about the culture and the festival but will also make a good impression on them. 


These 5 popular are requisite for any amazing Easter basket. Do not forget to consider these 5 amazing noteworthy items next time you are preparing a basket for the occasion. 


Who crucified Jesus Christ?

It is primarily believed that the Jews were responsible for the scourging (whipping) and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This has led to anti-jewism in many countries with a majority of Christian believers. But the real story does not put the whole blame on Jews although it does not justify or spare them off their actions. It is said that scourging was not a part of capital punishment by Jews. Jews used to carry out the capital punishment through pelting stones, scourging was the method used by Romans during that time and it was believed that it was Romans who carried out the scourging and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. According to the holy book of Christians, The Bible, Jesus was whipped 39 times and then crucified after being nailed on the cross. 


Why was Jesus Christ crucified?


The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was solely based on jealousy and the fear of losing the support by the followers of the Roman governor of that time. Pontius Pilate was the governor who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is said that Jesus Christ began healing and helping the sick people of the community and this pissed off the governor and the emperor as they feared that the good works of Jesus would make their followers, his followers. 

Easter marks the holy day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the day he woke up from the dead. He died for our sins and paid the price for the wrong-doings of the world. This day is observed as a holy day and has a lot of Prominence attached to it. Celebrating every festival with your family and friends is a must and one should never refrain from indulging in the traditions and customs a religion has.