Everlasting Love
Everlasting Love

Ever fell into a conundrum where you felt helpless because you didn’t know how to showcase your emotions and put your heart out for the person you love?  We have been there as well. Many people go through apprehension and emotions of fear which comes from the anticipation of fruitful results from their actions. We often shut down ourselves completely and do not utter a word. We stay quiet in the moments when being silent isn’t an option, when displaying our emotions is necessary. Sometimes sustaining relationships and friendships with the people we love requires us to go an extra mile and express our emotions immaculately. 

What is the meaning of everlasting love?

Everlasting love can be described as the feeling of constant and unending love and affection between two people who care about each other unconditionally. Everlasting love isn’t what is generally depicted through movies or emotional soap operas. It is not what is generally stated in the TV world. Everlasting love is the one that stands sturdy even on the days when you feel hopeless. It sustains you when you are at your lowest and lifts you when you are down. Defining the true emotions of love and affection isn’t a piece of cake and no amount of words can capture the true essence of love. The feeling of love is special and unique. 

Which flower represents everlasting love? 

Although French is considered to be the language of love and romance, there is one language that is used more than french to express love beautifully, that is, the language of flowers. Flowers have been used for ages to depict love and express the deepest thoughts of our hearts. Many love stories have been initiated by just a single red rose or have attained beautiful heights through the language of flowers. From Romeo-Juliet to the wizard of oz, flowers have been used frequently even by filmmakers to depict emotions and feelings through the flora. But if you are probably wondering which flower symbolizes everlasting love, it would be the iconic rose flower. Roses have been highly shared among lovers as a symbol of love for centuries. The beautiful flower has a significant image in the world and has also been used by many poets, storytellers, and writers to depict emotions. 

Beautiful facts about Roses


Although the significance and presence of this splendid flower are well known, we thought it would be absurd not to share a few amazing and beautiful facts about this flower with our readers. Let’s have a look at a few beautiful facts about Roses:

  1. National flower: This gorgeous flower is also the national flower of the United States of America. Declared as the national flower emblem of the U.S. by then, President Ronald Reagan in 1986, and he did it while standing in the white house rose garden. Apart from being the national flower of America, many species of rose are also the state flowers of the country. 
  2. Size of buds: The buds of the tiniest rose flowers are the size of a grain of rice. They are so tiny that you can’t even hold on to them with your fingers properly. 

Intrigued by these fascinating facts? Let’s have a look at more facts of this timeless gift of love. 

  1. Significance of numbers of roses: You probably have never thought about this while purchasing these beautiful flowers for your love, but the numbers of roses in a bouquet have different meanings and symbolism behind them. Giving someone 10 roses depicts that they have a special place in your heart and they are perfect in every way. Giving someone 11 roses symbolizes that the person is highly treasured by you, whereas giving someone 12 roses displays that you want them to be yours. 
  2. Rose in space: This beautiful flora is perhaps the only flower that has been to space. A miniature rose named “Overnight Scentsation” was also taken to space in 2002 to study the flora’s features in space. 
  3. Symbol of sorrow: Apart from love and romance this flower is also associated with sorrow and sympathy. 
  4. Roses and Romans: The Romans were a fan of roses. In ancient times, the Romans used to decorate their homes with roses. They also used to wear necklaces made of rose petals. According to scientists and researchers, roses are the oldest known flowers to be used as decorators.
  5. Black Rose: You may have seen it on the internet but there is no black rose. The one which you must have seen through Instagram or other social media platforms is a dark-red rose found mainly in Turkey.

These were a few beautiful and fascinating facts about this splendid flower. 

Occasions on which you can celebrate everlasting love? 

There are no specific occasions and no special days to celebrate love. The emotion and the feeling can be celebrated any day and anytime. Love doesn’t require reasons to be celebrated and when it’s an everlasting love, which means you have completely and truly accepted one another, you don’t need a shred of reason to celebrate it. When you are in a relationship where you have spent a great amount of time and have put in an immaculate amount of love and work, even a small gesture like a cute little paragraph in the morning for your partner or a warm cup of coffee right after they wake up will be everything. But still, going out of your way to appreciate the love and support your partner showers you with by doing something special and beautiful on a set of occasions will make them feel great. 

Let’s go through occasions which you can use up to your advantage to celebrate your everlasting love with your partner:

1. Valentine’s day (The most favorite) 

Whenever it comes to celebrating love on a special day, valentine’s day tops the list every time. All over the world this day is regarded as one of the most special days for love and holds a great meaning behind it. You can plan the whole valentine’s day for your partner and make it special for them. Kick-starting the day with a bouquet of beautiful flowers right next to the bed and a tasty breakfast of pancakes and a warm cup of coffee. Then for lunch, you can plan out a nice outing with your partner. Going to a momentous place with your partner which is closer to both of you will make for a great valentine’s day place. Subsequently, you can go out to the movies or get back to your home and have a nice romantic dinner with a romantic movie.

2. His/her birthday

Planning out a nice date or a surprise which will be just the two of you, will be great for your relationship. Birthdays are a special day for everyone and celebrating your love along with your love’s birthday will be perfect. We expect to spend the most special day of our lives every year with the people we love, and celebrating your birthday on a nice and splendid date with your special someone will make your birthday more precious. 

3. Christmas


Imagine it’s a cold winter night with frost outside, you are sitting right next to your favorite person and sipping on a warm cup of coffee with a Christ tree next to you, sounds beautiful right? You can do the same thing with your partner. Have a beautiful Christmas Eve planned out with her and mark the day of Christmas at midnight with your favorite person. 

(Pro tip:- You can watch “Love Actually” with her on Christmas eve, which is a beautiful movie that depicts love and Christmas amazingly)

4. New year’s

The advent of a New year is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated wholeheartedly in a lovely manner with the person you love. New year’s eve is usually spent by everybody in the world by going out on a date or a nice family dinner. If you want this special day to become more special and want to start the new year together with your significant other, you can spend the new year’s eve with your partner and embrace them when the new year ball drops and leave the past behind with a beautiful welcome of the new year. 

These are some beautiful and special occasions on which you can celebrate your everlasting love.  

 7 ways to celebrate your everlasting love. 

Now that we have gone through the occasions which you can use as excuses to celebrate your unconditional love, let’s go over a few ideas which you can implement that will help you make your partner happy. 

1. A rom-com night 

Every couple has that one movie that has great relevance to their relationship and means the world to them. You must have a movie like “17 Again” or “10 things I hate about you” which is special to both of you. Plan a movie night and watch the most special movie on your watchlist and have the best time with your partner. 

2. Drive date

If you and your partner are a fan of long drives which do not end until the sun sets, going on a drive with interesting stops in between will make both of you happy. Long drives are an amazing way of spending quality time together, you can stop at food outlets and eat together in your bubble of privacy and listen to soothing and romantic music as well. 

3. Visit your most special places

As we have mentioned above, there is always one place which is special to both partners in a relationship. You can revisit your lovely memories by going to such places. It can be a cafe where you had your first date or a spot near the college where both of you went to study together. Visiting the most special and momentous places reminds us of the love and affection we carry in our hearts for each other. Do try this out! Your partner will love it. 

Now, these are a few date ideas you can use to create precious memories with your favorite person. Let’s go over the little things now, because it’s always the little things that matter the most. 

4. Doing something special every day

Going on expensive or under budget dates is not the only resort you can opt for if you want to celebrate your everlasting love. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, true love is not what is generally talked about in movies and television shows. The little things such as, doing their chores for them, cooking food together, or just having a nice conversation while walking at night can simply make your partner feel overwhelmed. 

5. Vent to each other every night

Workload at the office or the usual commuting stress, Vent out to each other every night whether it is a rant on your new boss who is an eyesore or just the good news of your unexpected high incentive at work. Share your experiences every day because communicating with each other and not having any secrets is what keeps two people close. 

6. Chocolates and Flowers

Who doesn’t love chocolates and flowers? If your partner has a sweet tooth or enjoys the occasional bouquet for no reason, opt for giving them a nice little box of chocolates or a beautiful hamper filled with love tabbed with a mesmerizing bouquet. We have shared a list of cute little chocolate hamper options and flowers that are available through our special gift delivery in Singapore and overseas.  

  • Perfect Love: Milk chocolate by Swiss 125g, Nestle: After Eight mint chocolate Thing 170g, Lindt: Excellence Dark chocolate 100g, The Belgian: Seashell Milk chocolate 250g, Vodka Cruiser: Refreshing ice 275ml, Cutie Bear wrapped beautifully for your lovely significant other. 
  • One Love: This beautiful hand bouquet decked with a single Red Rose with green foliage says it all. It further has been enhanced with some white fillers and altogether covered with black wrapping paper for your only love. Bring this charming bouquet to your loved one on your date night to say “You are the Only One for Me”.
  • Pristine Affection: It is often said that lilies are also associated with everlasting love and affection. Giving your partner this beautiful Lily bouquet will make your partner feel cherished. 

These were a few amazing and unique gift options that you can get for your special person and make them feel happy to have you in their life. 

7. Support each other

Supporting each other for the right things can be a great way of sustaining your love and creating a healthy and happy bond. Support your partner (Only for the right things) and make them feel that you are standing right next to them as they make profound decisions. Doing this will not only make both of you happy but it will also increase the self-confidence of your partner as well. 


These were 7 ways through which you can celebrate and sustain your everlasting beautiful love.